Review: Fairy Trip Spa Hydrotherapy Mask - Chamomile 霏尔尼甘菊面膜套装

So I'm already on the board of regular facial service ever since last year I was exposed further into the line. It has become something I enjoy for better complexion and a short period of relaxation.

I was introduced by my friend, Fu Wei for a brand new spa-concept peeling mask. Being allergic to any alcohol ingredients skin care, I actually raised this concern and glad to know that they are alcohol free. For the time being, my expectations for new skin care products are always simply: hydration/ moisturizing (Dry skin sufferers must know me well! 😩)

Skin Concern: Hydration (Dry, sensitive)
Product: Chamomile Peeling Mask (Spa Hydrotherapy concept)
Brand: Fairy Trip 霏尔尼
Country of Origin: China
Ingredients: Solum Diatomae, Zea Mays(Corn), Starch, Silica, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Pectin, Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate
Usual Price: RM 138

Fairy Trip Mask - Chamomile
Really like this outcome of little shooting, macam advertisement je 😎




欲哭无泪的场景,我总算真正体验到了。我猜是因为力气消耗到不值得把所剩无几的给了泪珠。谈了整个傍晚,我一五一十把我的想法说了出来。比如我的next move等等。我家人很棒因为他们都不曾大大反对或阻扰我做的决定(虽然时不时念一下我是免不了的)

Friday's Flavours of 7 Continents @ Royale Chulan Penang

It's been a while for a buffet dinner. I really have the love-hate relationship on it because the desire to eat is always against with my diet limit. I tend to fall for the former, usually, all because of YOLO concept in my soul😝 A competitive caterer must be innovative in order to win people's attention first and foremost, thus, under the concept of global taste, I have "7 Continents Buffet Dinner" by Royale Chulan Penang.

7 Continents Buffet Dinner every Friday @ Sri Tanjung Cafe, Royale Chulan Penang

Activities: Seven Continents Buffet Dinner
Venue: Sri Tanjung Cafe, Royale Chulan Penang (Ground Floor)
Available: Every Friday, 6.30pm till 10pm
Price: RM 75 nett (Adult), RM 50 (6-12 y/o & 60 years and above)
Promo - Buy 3 Free 1 (Adult only)
Limited time - 20% off on total bill (adult and child price included) via promo code "RCPMABLE7C"

& DOLCE 🍰 Solaria Square, Bayan Lepas (2-minute Drive From Penang Airport)

Weekend meet-up is always an exciting activity to me, but occasionally...
I'm in dilemma because it seems like most of the great food are only available in downtown (In Penang, I'm referring to Georgetown).
Admittedly, I'd get turned off for driving long in the weekend (because I want to nua more).
Anyway, I'm so glad that Bayan Lepas region keep flourishing these days with the residential development which then F&B as well as regional office also come up after.
It means there might be more good food choices and I may not need to travel so far!
I got to discover about Solaria Square not long ago and searched out there're few dining spots that seems luring. And that was how I manage to drive short for meet up last weekend! 😝 We visited & DOLCE (AND DOLCE) for a sweet pamper, the confectionery is simply attempting!

Business Hour: 12pm - 7pm (Sunday - Thursday) / 12pm - 11pm (Friday, Saturday)
Best for: Sweet tooth / Ji mui gathering 姐妹下午茶聚会
Average Spending: RM 20 per pax

& DOLCE @ Solaria Square

Vivid presentation from the confectionary kills the ladies' heart


Get Right with Neubodi Malaysia For Perfect Bra Fitting 👙 @ Gurney Plaza

This would be an educational and informative post among the recents ones, hoping you all would spend about ten minutes to go thru, especially the ladies. Meanwhile, I'm reminding myself once more as I'm working out for this post, so it's about breast care with the correct way to put on bra(I was doing the INAPPROPRIATE way all these while damn)

Beep Beep, here'a a quick info to share, your attention needed!!

Just like some clothes, you must have some bras which you no longer find it fit on your needs, be it old or damaged or bra cup not fit, collect them and leave it to Neubodi to do the recycle work. Neubodi Bra Drive is highly demanding second-hand bras from you all ladies, happening nationwide till 4th November 2018 with the aim of eliminating wastage.
Neubodi Bra Drive happening now till 4th Nov 2018
I dropped mine at Neubodi store at Gurney Plaza, second floor.