Unity Spirit Towards Spring 2014 Photo session : Bureau of Programme

There is a Students' Representative Councils or to be known as Majlis Perwakilan Pelajar ( MPP ) in every university. The committee is from different races to represent the students for voicing up to the head or chancellery  for a better study and living environment here.

Besides helping students to voice our our dissatisfaction ,they also organize event from time to time. Just like what I join in this semester, Unity Spirit Towards Spring (USTS ). What would you think of when u see the word USTS ? Spring event ? Yes, exactly. this event is to be held in conjunction with the spring season Chinese recognize. And people would think of celebration of Chinese New Year for sure, ya, it's a spring event with the sense of Chinese New Year. It can't be fully held just like Chinese New Year Gala Show because this event will be held on 9th May 2014, which is far from the real CNY

Beholding the mindset of gaining experience and to make more friends, I went for the interview at the end of the last semester and I was selected to be the committee of Bureau of Programme. The task for this bureau is rather heavier than any others as we are the one who arrange flow of the event throughout the night including dealing with the outsource performers, arranging the timeline , handling the apparels for the emcee, ' tackling' with the spot light on the stage. Everything on stage is our responsibility !  That's why I posted a photo of ours and saying that, our wide bright smiles are meant for the backstage.

The photo of formal posing is not yet uploaded so pardon me upon it, but free style ones look more relaxable ya ?
Our crazy-posing session was started right after formal ones have done
Here goes all the wild members!!

We are so much pattern-ful that the director and two vice-presidents joined us as well, yeah we've triggered the virus to them successfully !

Proceeded to the field !

Wait no more, time to take revenge to our leaders !!

Because this yeas is horse year, so we posed Gangnam-style.

Justice Pao ? LOL

We are not recognised as young people if we don't do so XD

Okay, I shall stop for this innocent photos haha. since it was nearly lunch time, so we proceeded to Yasmeen Nasi Kandar to fill up our stomach.

And...Bureau meeting after that

My assistant leader is always so much funny that to joke and fool around all the time.

L.O.P : There's still roughly two months to go and our preparation is almost done, leaving some miscellaneous to be settled. It's quite tiring actually to have meeting 3 times per week, for my part which I handle the informal emcees. But there'll be fruitful outcomes I'd get , yes, like  enlarging my friends' circle and to be exposed more the routine of behind then stage of an event. We were told that we will be getting busier as the event is around the corner, because we are the one who set up the flow of the event night. And so much hurdles to overcome too. But it's okay, I look forward, I will gain more experience and to develop myself within.. Last but not least, I'm very anticipate for this event, why ? You will know when it's time for me to tell,  see ya !

北缘迎新日 Dharma Class Orientation Night 2014

The first activity I joined in this semester was the orientation night of dharma class which was held on 25 February 2014, 8pm

In common, people may think that getting into religion society isn't that right for them as they have other things to deal which they think that they're are more important.
I'd been to the orientation night for dharma class last semester, with just a normal mood, not intended to join at first,frankly. Personally,I'm not that religious, what I believe is, YOU DO GOOD AND GOOD THINGS WILL COME IN RETURN ( ya, sometimes things don't come back as you wish, but this is life ya ?)
Then when I saw the strong and nice bond between the committees and the existing members , I told myself that time, ya, this is my second home, I can really have the strong feeling of HOME SWEET HOME at here. Everyone is really very nice and then I told myself, being a part of them is also an advantage for myself to purify within myself besides 'surviving' in campus life. I mean, when you get tired , this will be the ideal place for a good rest in order to move forward.

Ya, we never forget to pose some in group photo session ! Feel the true happiness from us? =)

The event started with speeches given by our seniors and presidents

Xin Hui, the president and Wei Quan senior !

Teamed up with new members !

Welcome back,everyone !

Then, we were put into groups and one senior will be our guide for each group for this semester , junior called 小草 whereas the senior are 大树. It means that juniors are the grass who need to be nurtured by the trees ( seniors )

And ice-breaking session proceeded next !

Whoever get hit by the balls thrown by the host, the group will be penalized and be given some punnishment.
So, everyone was like very rush to avoid from the ball ! Very sampat  ( ridiculous )somehow ! LOL

And my friend and I were hit by the balls and so we were given little punishment

Guess what ? We need to do some weird posing

Ok, let's smile widely before starting our punishment ! =D

Here goes..

HAHAHA, what say you ? I laugh whenever I see these...cute punishment, I suppose?

Then, we backed into indoor and continued the next game, everyone made a big circle throughout the lecture class and one will be charged to act and everyone followed, and three people stood at the center and pointed out the one !

The 3 members were guessing and everyone kept following the in charged one !
It's so much funny that the 3 were confused and kept looking at someone suspicious , and if he/she was the real one, then it was hard for he/she to change posing !! XD

Pei Cheng, my tree !
Acting like a monkey ?

Confused !!! =D

Seniors/ advisors featuring 文源师兄,陈爱华师兄,伟权师兄

And there were also songs sharing as well as dancing , song from 花儿乐队,《加油歌》, that was the most exciting part of the night, everyone was very enjoying dancing and we repeated for three times
The photographer was also joining us in dancing too !!

The event ended at 10.20pm and everyone left with a happy mood except suffering from heat since the air-cond was misfunctional that night, but you could see that we were still very enjoying the night despite the heat.
There are weekly meeting on every tuesday, 8pm
All of us gather and the seniors will approach us the dharma stuff
It's always good to know some, be kind and be good within one self.

L.O.P : I believe that good moral values are taught in every religion, I accept every kind of religion over it.
            I know it's hard to always take this with us whenever you see unfairness or something bad keep
            happening at you. What I'm trying to say is, you do good then only good things come in return, they              may be very unfair return for those who don't . Just like Angelica Lee李心洁, she is also believe in                 buddha yet she is still the hot star now. Religion has nothing to do with your carrier, it doesn't mean              you get into a religion then you can succeed like those successful one. And same to 刘子贤, former
           ntv7 news' speaker, he admitted that he came into religion after he has been diagnosed with cancer
           few years back, he has fought against the disease and now he's a successful entrepreneur.
           So let's start our good future by being good, from one self first !