CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK: Day 3 Itinerary

Our first destination hit up early in the morning of third day being there was China Town. It is located at Yaowarat. Transportation is needed for sure in order to get there.  After finished stock up our stomach with buffet breakfast at the lobby, we asked for direction at the receptionist. A female lady which is able to speak fluent English really helped us a lot by giving guide on a piece of paper with some Thai word stated, just in case we can ask people around.

We hopped on public bus at the bus station opposite Indra Square. It is nearby the pedestrian bridge, in front of a convenient store called Family Mart.

Spot Indra Regent Hotel? The bus stop is opposite of the hotel, near to Makkasan Color Lab. You may zoom in the map for have a clearer view. There is the bus stop where we hopped on bus no. 73, super cooling air conditioned bus, I suppose. It is clean inside even though the age of the bus is rather old but the maintenance performance is still simply awesome. 15 baht charged per passenger. Take note that you should not take the first seat near the front entering door, it is reserved for the monks in Thailand. Also, the front seats are usually prioritized to women with children and pregnant ladies. Just in case they are on the bus, make sure you make a way for them.

We were kind of afraid and blank, didn't know which stop we should get down. The ticket seller would call out the bus stop's name or street name when it is almost reach. It takes around 20-30 minutes from Pratunam to reach China Town, depends on traffic flow as well. If you wish to go to China Town, I would recommend to depart at around 8 to 9 a.m. in the local time. The traffic flow at morning session still consider fair. Avoid stuck in the massive traffic jam which would occur from 11 a.m. onwards.

There's an alternative to reach China Town if you depart at Pratunam area. You can always try on the boat service at the Pratunam Pier and then take a cab to reach Yaowarat. If you wish to go to Chinatown at noon time, then taking boat service would be a better alternative than taking road transportation.

No photos were taken during our visit to Chinatown (what the heck?), partly because we didn't find any much interest to explore due to the weather and we were already full, not in the mission to hunt for food although there are a variety of well known delicious food and snacks available there.
There is a Tesco Lotus store at China Town and we really went into the store purely for the sake of air-cond 
Let me get some images from Google which are similar to what I saw when I was there.

There are lots of accessories sold, ranging from CNY decoration items to ladies' accessories.
Hardly saw apparel sold there anyway.

We were there for around 2 hours by just walking around and buying some snacks and then we took the same bus, bus no. 73 back. This time we chose to stop at Central World and got ourselves in air-conditioned malls for some rest. Shortly after, we headed for lunch. The famous SABX2 Wan Tan Mee ! Yes, it's like finally!

SABX2 shop is located nearby Glow Hotel, Shibuya 19 Shopping Mall. We walked through the pedestrian bridge in front of the Platinum Fashion Mall and then keep walking until you see Shibuya then turn right into the street. You would soon spot a long queue in front of a shop, that's SABX2.

We queued up for nearly 30 minutes outside the shop and yes, underneath the hot sun.

The service attendants are able to speak fluent Mandarin. And all in speedy way, I suppose.
This specialty of this so-called famous wan tan mee is the sauce used. In Malaysia, Wan Tan Mee is served in dark brown sauce but this one rather transparent. It tastes fairly, slightly similar like what we can get in Malaysia. It looks drier than the ones in Malaysian's serving yet it tastes rather moisture with the taste of soy sauce oil or whatever.  Awesome though for different sauce used but come out with the taste that most Malaysian ans Singaporean visitors like.
The barbecued pork ( 叉烧 )is a bonus for pork lover like me.
50 Baht per serving.
Some eaters even look it as boat noodles, this portion is seriously much bigger than that of boat noodles, salute them anyway.

You would definitely hook up with the braised pork leg rice while you are waiting for your seats.
The huge hot pot that keep on braising the pork leg looks simply tantalizing and the way the person in charge chop the meat in seconds would lure your taste buds, guaranteed!

It was 1 p.m. by the time we managed to settle our lunch. My mum and I went for a walk at the shops nearby and also Platinum Fashion Mall while my dad and siblings took Tuk-tuk back to hotel for rest. Price charged on Tuk-tuk service is reasonable, 20 Baht for adult whereas 10 Baht for child. Tuk-tuk in Bangkok is different than in Hatyai ones! I didn't manage to grab a chance to try though, it's okay anyhow because I believe that I will pay another visit to Bangkok.

Out of surprise,I spotted this machine foot massage at the ground floor of Platinum Fashion Mall.
10 Baht for 10 minutes service.
Make sure you have enough coins to accumulate into 10 Baht
It started with mild vibration followed by a vigorous one for few minutes which you would feel numb on your feet .
The service ended with warm air released onto your feet just to let them feel comfortable.
I saw 8 machines there so there's a high chance to get yourself one when you are seeking for it.

We then backed to hotel and took a nap. Our last dinner for this trip was settled at Big C food court, again. Super love Big C food court for its dining environment, ambiance and the food served. Not really into photography addict because I care more about my stomach when it comes to food. But I could share some comments of the food, Tomyam seafood soup with omelette and fragrant rice is my favourite! It served at 60 baht in a big portion of tomyam soup with a lots of meat and mushroom and instant-cooked omelette. I'd never missed to get myself a plate of chicken rice, 45 Baht if I'm not mistaken, or lesser. Put aside calories stuff and enjoy it, of course, the clear soup is kind of refreshing after you've mouthful of chicken meat and rice, it's apparently no MSG added, suitable for children especially. After meal, try to taste the dessert if possible, there is one stall who selling hot and cool desserts. Since we'd been there twice for our meals, we had tried Leng Chi Kang, Durian with glutinous rice and hot dessert. Price range between 30-45 Baht but I could still remember the hot dessert is just 20 Baht only. There are a 3-4 variety to choose from, we pick banana. So mainly the our hot dessert served is the banana in warm sweet and slightly thick-textured soup.

On the way back from Big C, we would pass through Pratunam Pier.
Boat service at the pier and the passengers all act dangerously to get into the boat just before the boat stops moving.
As far I know, taking boat service is an alternative to China Town. But you have to transfer to take cab to reach exactly at China Town.
Tall buildings are not hardly seen yet the traditional things still move on.
It's somehow a little bit mesmerized with the traditional transportation exist in the bustling city, awesome anyway. 

So, we just mainly walking around Pratunam area in our last night in this trip and patronized 7-11 again for supper and whatsoever we feel like we shouldn't miss from getting. The next day, my mum and I woke up early and visit Pratunam morning market for the second time and lucky me for getting myself shorts which sold at 90 Baht per piece. We then packed our luggage and off to Don Mueang Airport shortly after we've got our breakfast.

Getting off to Don Mueang Airport is easy as just like how we did where we landed on our first day of the trip, just in another way round.
We walked to Airport Rail Link Ratchaprarop Station, only 0.3km from hotel , 4 minutes walking distance. 15 Baht charged for each passenger from Ratchaprarop Station to Phaya Thai Station.

Airport Rail Link at Ratchaprarop Station.

BTS Phaya Thai Station.

It's only one station to reach and Phaya Thai station is also the terminal station. Then we walked along the pedestrian bridge to BTS Phaya Thai Station. Self-service paying machine was in a busy queuing flow at the peak hour of 9 in the morning. Single journey fare at 34 Baht per person which we would get down at the terminal station of BTS, Mo Chit. Then, walk down to the bus station and wait for A1 bus which you could reach airport. Instead, we didn't see A1 bus by the time we reached the bus stop. There are an alternative which we used. Van service charged only 20 Baht per person ( The fare of A1 bus is 30 Baht ). There are various ferry service where you can ask the person in charge who would keep naming the stops that the van service provides. These vans are parked at around the entrance of MRT Chatuchak Station. MRT Chatuchak station is also a short walking distance from the bus stop.

We landed safely at Penang Airport at nearly 4p.m.
There comes to the end of my sharing about the itinerary on my family trip during CNY 2015.
No doubt, Bangkok is a shopping heaven for ladies and food paradise for all. The convenience of the transportation is an added reason for more visiting in future as well.
In short, we did enjoy the trip and there are still a lot of amazing places to be discovered because Amazing Thailand is just simply AMAZING !

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Bangkok Airport Rail Link System ( as known as Airport Train )

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CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK : Day 1 and Day 2 Itineraries ( Part 3 )

We settled our lunch at Big C food court, top floor in the building. As usual, we need to get a transaction card with the value of money we pay. There are two counters set up separately at the food court. I prefer to eat at food court because I get to try the local delight. There are other franchise restaurant available as well, for instance, KFC, McDonald's, Oishii Shabu-shabu buffet restaurant and MK steamboat restaurant.

There are three section including International Food section which is more to western and korean cuisine
Noodle section
Rice section
Beverages and Dessert section
 The price is set up fairly and reasonably. One more thing to confess about, it's even more worth than in Hatyai! 

We did some grocery shopping at Big C after that. If you are a fruit lover like me, then I would strongly recommend you to get yourself some fruits at Big C. My favourite goes to the local fruits like jackfruit and pineapples. They are sold at super low prices with great taste guaranteed! Then, we headed back to hotel for a short nap and somehow the weather and crowd plus lack of sleeping hour made us feel some exhausted.

Try out the chicken rice is a must-do whenever you visit to Bangkok. It's well known for its fragant rice and of course the soft tender chicken meat. FYI, all chicken rice in Thailand are served boneless! Yes, super convenient for eaters, I suppose. The famous one in Pratunam would be Kuang Heng and Kaiton.  One more, Midnight Kaiton.

All these three chicken rice shops are located along the shop lots opposite Palladium Walking Street. If you are coming all the way from Central World or Big C, then consider Big C on your right hand side, walk towards north where you would pass by the Pratunam Pier. Then the corner shop lot is just located not longer after it ( don't cross over traffic light )

We chose Midnight Kaiton after we were guided by the hotel staff. I'd read through some info from Thailand fans forum , Midnight Kaiton has no much difference than Kaiton. It's actually another branch of Kaiton chicken rice shop. It starts its business from 7pm to 4am at the local time. Well, it didn't disappoint my taste buds once again.

The night at the first day of CNY in Bangkok was bustling and crowded with people everywhere. We didn't explore much after dinner. Just wandered around the Pratunam Pier and The Palladium Walking Street ( decent and fashionable blouse sold at 100 Baht only ! ). Lastly, we did some tidbits shopping at 7-11 and got on bed and all prepared for Chinatown ( Yaowarat ) for the next morning.

That's all for the first and second day my family and I spent in Bangkok.
Again, keep an eye for the following updates about my third day itinerary in Bangkok which including Chinatown, Famous Wan Ton Mee in Pratunam and more.

Amazing Thailand is simply AMAZING !

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CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK : Day 1 and Day 2 Itineraries ( Part 2 )

We directly headed to Terminal 21 after paying a visit to Erawan Shrine.

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Again, we took BTS to reach. Not to say, BTS is a simply awesome public transport system in Bangkok City. Did I mention that it's self service to buy your journey ticket? Self service ticketing machines are ready to serve passengers with only coins accepted. However, passengers could also go to the information counter for coins changers.

We departed from Chit Lom Station ( In front of Amarin Plaza and also 2 minutes walking from Erawan Shrine ) to Asok Station ( Terminal 21 is just located right in front of it ). The single journey ticket fare is 34 Baht each passenger.

Once you reach Asok Station, panic no more, just head towards the exit lane and search the signboard that showing the direction to Terminal 21. You would see the building once you get out from the skytrain, it's on the left hand side.

The business hour for most of the shopping malls is 11a.m. at the local time. We were there earlier and so we wandered the streets nearby and bought some cold beverages to kill the time. As usual, handbags or any hand carry baggages are required to check by the security officers at all the main entrances.

This is the photo taken inside the mall. You could see that the building outside is BTS Asok Station.
So you would easily spot Terminal 21 once you reach Asok Station. 

Terminal 21 is not just a shopping mall, I suppose! It's well known for the different theme of city set up in each floor of the mall.

My mind even went crazy when stepping into the mall and amazed by all the fabulous decorations inside.

This is the cinema in Terminal 21, themed and inspired by The Oscars.

Even the cinema rooms look like the hotel lobby with the associate of the lighting.

 The below floor is Rome-themed.
Latterns set up in conjunction with Chinese New Year.
Spot the big gold fish hanging in the air?

Oops, it should be flower fish instead of gold fish, LOL

Terminal 21 is a shopping destination for all the high-end-brands-shoppers, so normally tourists would just do window shopping and mainly go for taking nice photos.
Also, the restrooms in every floor also set up relevantly that suit to the theme. We didn't explore every each of them, just some.

 The restroom here is Tokyo-themed. The strong sense of Cosplay is shown. 
Even the basin also so much creative that I couldn't find it at the first glance.
The automatic taps are hidden behind this big mirror.

Spot the Cosplay poster beside?

As for this, this is what you would see on the way entering restroom at London-themed floor.

Yes you get it right, even a bakery shop.

Spotted this huge Maneki (招财猫)at the Tokyo Street. The foreign child acted spontaneously to get into the photo despite her mum kept asking him not.
It's okay anyway, at least Maneki is not alone at that moment =)


Another shooting spot goes to double decker

Smile while you have teeth =)
Proud of myself for taking this photo nicely, simply perfect.
Pier 21 is the food court set up at the ground floor with Caribbean-themed.

The mascot of Tob corn is spotted at Pier 21.
It is a shop lot that collaborates with Tao Kae Noi, a famous Thai snack that sells fried seaweed.
Thought of getting myself some snacks from there, but the price is just fairly standard, so why not I buy at Big C or 7-11 which is more convenient for me to take back hotel.

We then took BTS back to Chit Lom Station, single journey fare from Asok to Chit Lom is 34 Baht per passenger. Our next destination was Central World and Big C. Instead of heading to exit lane of Chit Lom station that we would pass through Erawan Shrine and crossing the busy road, we chose an alternative route.

We reached Central World side entrance through the pedestrian bridge that connects from Chit Lom Station to Siam Station. Pedestrian bridges are easily spotted in Bangkok city, they are built up conveniently and most important, strategically for the citizen. Siam Station is mostly the tourists stop at for Siam Paragon, Siam Square, Siam One and the restaurants nearby like the famous one, Som Tam Nua.

Central World is also another shopping mall that assembling all the international brands, high end ones. But, I dare to say that most tourists would patronize NaRaYa, a local brand of fabric bags and accessories that is well known internationally, with its unique design and affordable price. It's also known as 曼谷包. 

There are few outlets of NaRaYa can be seen in major tourists' destination in Bangkok. For example, Siam Paragon, Central World and Asiatique.  Not to forget, also available in Don Mueang Airport, both international and domestic departure halls

NaRaYa outlet in Central World is located on the first floor, near to the main entrance that facing Big C. Believe it or not, it's expected to see the shop is busily crowded by the tourists but most surprising one would be tourists from China occupied the most in the shop. It come to my surprise frankly. Perhaps like what my mum said, travelling is the trend during Chinese New Year in this era as mostly all the family members are ONLY available to make it in this festive season. Agree?

Anyway, we headed to Big C that is located right opposite of Central World to pamper our stomach after finished shopping at NaRaYa. Getting your meal at the food court in malls or supermarkets in Bangkok is a must! Strongly recommend the food court at the top floor of Big C supermarket. We even went there twice in our trip this time!

Stay tuned for upcoming post, assignments are chasing behind !

BTS : Bangkok Mass Transit System ( as known as SkyTrain)

Bangkok Airport Rail Link System ( as known as Airport Train )

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CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK : Day 1 and Day 2 itineraries ( Part 1 )

It took us around 1 hour From Don Muaeng International Airport to Bangkok City , specifically our hotel at Pratunam area.
Pratunam in Thailand means Watergate. 'Pratu' means gate whereas 'nam' means water.

Check-in settled and we headed to Platinum Fashion Mall Level 6 Food Court to have our dinner.
The way to Platinum Fashion Mall is just so crowded with locals and the tourists walking, stalls set up along the street.
Platinum Fashion Mall is a biggest wholesale fashion mall in Bangkok City or rather, the indoor version of Pratunam Morning Market with a slightly higher wholesale price.
Okay, back to the food court. I'd been reading a lot of good reviews about the food at this food court, but then it turns me down with my own dining experience.
I ordered Yellow Egg Noodle with Gravy Pork ( 45 Baht ) and it was not served in hot or warm but rather room temperature one! So I didn't enjoy my food like this, and same goes to my family members who ordered other food like chicken rice, bee hoon soup and 'koay chiap'. All of them said it tastes just purely fair.

We hanging around inside the mall after dinner and also the temporary mini China Town set up outside the mall in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration. With only two minutes across the pedestrain bridge, we also payed a visit at The Palladium Walking Street, it's basically a night market selling mostly fashion apparels and some food stalls.
Here's a simple map taken from

The Palladium Walking Street is just located outside the Palladium Mall which is nearby Amari Water Gate. There are less people knowing this mall as it has lower publicity compared to other malls.

We got on bed shortly after that as we'd spent a day at outside and it ends our Day 1 in Bangkok.

I started my second day in Bangkok ( also CNY Day 1 ) to Pratunam Morning Market with my mum, as early as 4 a.m. in the local time. With only three minutes walking distance, we could see the people flow is getting saturated gradually. The landmark is the Baiyoke Tower, it's a 85-storey skyscraper tower set up in the Pratunam area.

Pratunam Morning Market is basically an assemble point for all fashion apparels wholesalers and the wholesale price is the lowest in Bangkok City, according to many people who had been there. The stalls set up as early as 4 in the morning at the local time and closed at 11a.m. The market area is simply wide located ranging along in front of Baiyoke Tower, Indra Square, Indra Regent Hotel, B. Gallery Mall and also some hidden alleys.

Wholesale price would be given if you buy 3 items and above for a same model of apparels, different colour. So it's not hard to see many retailers go there early in the morning with a trolley bag walking from one stall to another. And they make deals within minutes! Just simply look at the apparels you like and you get the new one (packed) and deal is done.

However, tourists like us wouldn't go same way as them and a mix of other apparels is offered, with only a bit higher price of 10 to 20 Baht each.
For instance, a blouse is sold at 150 Baht each and we got 120 Baht each as we mix up with 2 other design of blouses.
Long trousers set up at 150 Baht each and we get 100 Baht each for a minimun of 3 items.
(Photos will be uploaded soon)

We spent only 2 hours there and backed to hotel while my dad and siblings had gone to have their buffet breakfast. Frankly, the weather in Bangkok is windy and even much better than in Malaysia. We feel kind of relaxing walking there.
So we walked along Ratchaprarop Road, passing through the Pratunam Pier and reached Central World.
Photo taken at the pedestrain bridge between Central World and Gaysorn Plaza.
You could see that Central World is at the left hand side and Big C Supermarket is just right opposite.
Spot the skyscraper tower? Yes, it's Baiyoke Tower and Pratunam Morning Market is there!
Also, Platinum Fashion Mall is easily reached by walking north from Central World.

 Standing outside of the Cental World.

Since it was not yet 11a.m. in the local time, so the malls are all closed, but it's okay because Erawan Shrine is nearby. Erawan Shrine is at the opposite street of Gaysorn Plaza.

It was still early by the time we visited so there are less people do praying as you can see.
It is a gated compound where everyone is welcomed to enter and pay a visit. 

Erawan means four-faced buddha.
So there are four sides where the prayers respect and they go clockwise when praying.
The praying kit are available for selling there.

At the other side, you could see there is a team of Siamese wearing the traditional costumes chanting, singing and dancing along with the instruments played beside them.
It's a votive offerings from the religious prayer to the four-faced buddha. 
The people sitting in front are those who wish to do the votive offerings.

Part 2 is coming up soon, stay tuned.

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Bangkok Airport Rail Link System ( as known as Airport Train )

Personal pick : Complete guide to public transport in Bangkok
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