CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK : Day 1 and Day 2 Itineraries ( Part 2 )

We directly headed to Terminal 21 after paying a visit to Erawan Shrine.

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Again, we took BTS to reach. Not to say, BTS is a simply awesome public transport system in Bangkok City. Did I mention that it's self service to buy your journey ticket? Self service ticketing machines are ready to serve passengers with only coins accepted. However, passengers could also go to the information counter for coins changers.

We departed from Chit Lom Station ( In front of Amarin Plaza and also 2 minutes walking from Erawan Shrine ) to Asok Station ( Terminal 21 is just located right in front of it ). The single journey ticket fare is 34 Baht each passenger.

Once you reach Asok Station, panic no more, just head towards the exit lane and search the signboard that showing the direction to Terminal 21. You would see the building once you get out from the skytrain, it's on the left hand side.

The business hour for most of the shopping malls is 11a.m. at the local time. We were there earlier and so we wandered the streets nearby and bought some cold beverages to kill the time. As usual, handbags or any hand carry baggages are required to check by the security officers at all the main entrances.

This is the photo taken inside the mall. You could see that the building outside is BTS Asok Station.
So you would easily spot Terminal 21 once you reach Asok Station. 

Terminal 21 is not just a shopping mall, I suppose! It's well known for the different theme of city set up in each floor of the mall.

My mind even went crazy when stepping into the mall and amazed by all the fabulous decorations inside.

This is the cinema in Terminal 21, themed and inspired by The Oscars.

Even the cinema rooms look like the hotel lobby with the associate of the lighting.

 The below floor is Rome-themed.
Latterns set up in conjunction with Chinese New Year.
Spot the big gold fish hanging in the air?

Oops, it should be flower fish instead of gold fish, LOL

Terminal 21 is a shopping destination for all the high-end-brands-shoppers, so normally tourists would just do window shopping and mainly go for taking nice photos.
Also, the restrooms in every floor also set up relevantly that suit to the theme. We didn't explore every each of them, just some.

 The restroom here is Tokyo-themed. The strong sense of Cosplay is shown. 
Even the basin also so much creative that I couldn't find it at the first glance.
The automatic taps are hidden behind this big mirror.

Spot the Cosplay poster beside?

As for this, this is what you would see on the way entering restroom at London-themed floor.

Yes you get it right, even a bakery shop.

Spotted this huge Maneki (招财猫)at the Tokyo Street. The foreign child acted spontaneously to get into the photo despite her mum kept asking him not.
It's okay anyway, at least Maneki is not alone at that moment =)


Another shooting spot goes to double decker

Smile while you have teeth =)
Proud of myself for taking this photo nicely, simply perfect.
Pier 21 is the food court set up at the ground floor with Caribbean-themed.

The mascot of Tob corn is spotted at Pier 21.
It is a shop lot that collaborates with Tao Kae Noi, a famous Thai snack that sells fried seaweed.
Thought of getting myself some snacks from there, but the price is just fairly standard, so why not I buy at Big C or 7-11 which is more convenient for me to take back hotel.

We then took BTS back to Chit Lom Station, single journey fare from Asok to Chit Lom is 34 Baht per passenger. Our next destination was Central World and Big C. Instead of heading to exit lane of Chit Lom station that we would pass through Erawan Shrine and crossing the busy road, we chose an alternative route.

We reached Central World side entrance through the pedestrian bridge that connects from Chit Lom Station to Siam Station. Pedestrian bridges are easily spotted in Bangkok city, they are built up conveniently and most important, strategically for the citizen. Siam Station is mostly the tourists stop at for Siam Paragon, Siam Square, Siam One and the restaurants nearby like the famous one, Som Tam Nua.

Central World is also another shopping mall that assembling all the international brands, high end ones. But, I dare to say that most tourists would patronize NaRaYa, a local brand of fabric bags and accessories that is well known internationally, with its unique design and affordable price. It's also known as 曼谷包. 

There are few outlets of NaRaYa can be seen in major tourists' destination in Bangkok. For example, Siam Paragon, Central World and Asiatique.  Not to forget, also available in Don Mueang Airport, both international and domestic departure halls

NaRaYa outlet in Central World is located on the first floor, near to the main entrance that facing Big C. Believe it or not, it's expected to see the shop is busily crowded by the tourists but most surprising one would be tourists from China occupied the most in the shop. It come to my surprise frankly. Perhaps like what my mum said, travelling is the trend during Chinese New Year in this era as mostly all the family members are ONLY available to make it in this festive season. Agree?

Anyway, we headed to Big C that is located right opposite of Central World to pamper our stomach after finished shopping at NaRaYa. Getting your meal at the food court in malls or supermarkets in Bangkok is a must! Strongly recommend the food court at the top floor of Big C supermarket. We even went there twice in our trip this time!

Stay tuned for upcoming post, assignments are chasing behind !

BTS : Bangkok Mass Transit System ( as known as SkyTrain)

Bangkok Airport Rail Link System ( as known as Airport Train )

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