Jom Ke Kuantan: Non-stop eating!

Semester break is equivalent to a great hiatus for students. My friends and I had actually planned this while ago and we decided to officially end our fourth semester with a weekend getaway!

The main reason we selected Kuantan as our destination is because one of us is from there and to be honest, it's kind of rare for anyone to step into Kuantan for a short escape. So why not we appreciate and grab this chance to explore?

Kuantan is one of the cities in Malaysia. It's the state capital of Pahang, Kuantan near the mouth of Kuantan River and faces South China Sea.

Straight to the point, let me share with you some awesome food you ought to try it in Kuantan.

1. Nasi Lemak 

It is definitely not strange to get yourself Nasi Lemak in the morning. This stall of Nasi Lemak is owned by a Chinese lady, it means Chinese style Nasi Lemak. There are a wide variety of side dished to add on such as curry chicken, salted-fish curry (咸鱼咖喱) and fish curry with ikan kembung.
Personally, I don't really eat salted-fish curry but this one is an exception. I fell in love at first taste LOL perhaps it just simply favoured to my taste buds.
RM 19 for 3 pax for the servings as above.
The stall is closing as early as 10 due to good respond from people there.

If you are looking for a normal servings, here it is.
RM 2.50 per serving inclusive of rice, peanuts, sliced cucumbers, choices of poached or hard-boiled egg and sambal cili.
The rice here is not prepared with coconut milk (santan)

You can find it at Kedai Kopi Ah Soon as it is one of the hawker stalls inside.

The landmark would be Hospital KPJ Kuantan.
Kedai Kopi Ah Soon is located right beside of it.
There are other foods ready to kick start your day as well, for example, Curry Mee, Pan Mee (板面/面粉糕) and a variety of kuih-muih (糕点)

It opens its door for breakfast and brunch hour only. (早市)

TriviaName: Nasi Lemak @ Kedai Kopi Ah Soon
Rating: 3.5/5
Business hour: Breakfast and early brunch time
Nearest landmark: KPJ Kuantan

2.Beijing Noodle (北京面)
 The shop owner is a Chinese from China and he accommodates with local flavour in serving Beijing Noodle. The texture of the noodle tastes similarly like the Pan Mee in Penang. The highlight would be 麻辣汤, simply superb as it will make your tongue numb gradually (at the end you finished eating) with its fair spiciness.
There are few choices to choose from, all of them are served generously, just right enough for a big eater like us.

麻辣汤面 (Spicy noodle soup)
RM 5.50

紫菜汤面 (Seaweed soup noodle)
RM 5.50

水饺汤面 (Clear soup noodle with dumplings)
RM 5.00

干捞面 (Dried noodle with soup)
RM 5.50
You are welcomed choose either 麻辣汤 (Spicy soup) or 清汤 (Clear soup)

A closer view of Beijing noodle, it looks similarly as Pan Mee we can get in Penang, ain't it?

It's definitely the highlight of Dumpling soup noodle!
The meat inside is chewy and simply compatible with 汤包, really ho chiak, damn worth.

Spot the tauke at the counter!

 I'm not sure about its business hour but I guess it would be around brunch time till late afternoon because we dined in at 2p.m.

Beijing Mee Restaurant is located opposite of Ambank branch at Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz.

Name: Beijing Mee Restaurant
Rating: 4.5/5
Business Hour: Brunch time
Nearest landmark: Ambank branch at Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz

3.Pan Mee (板面/面粉糕)
Located same row of shop lots as Bejing Mee Restaurant, we get ourselves the signature Pan Mee at
Y&L (妙计面粉糕)

Look at the clear surface of the Pan Mee! How could you resist towards it...
RM 5.00 (Small)

Standard price at RM 5 for small and RM 6 for large serving

Friendly reminder, Y&L serves mainly during breakfast hour and the latest closing time is around 1 or 2pm, make sure you plan yout schedule well to avoid disappointment!
It's at the same row of shop lot as Beijing Mee Restaurant, also opposite of AmBank branch at Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz.

Name: Pan Mee @ Restoran Y&L
Rating: 4.5/5
Business Hour: Morning onwards ( usually closed by 2pm )
Nearest landmark: Ambank branch at Jalan Haji Abdul Aziz

4. Curry Noodle

Hoi Yin (海燕) Curry Noodle is a must to try out whenever you are in Kuantan. Unfortunately, Hoi Yin didn't open business throughout our 3D2N getaway. So, we are introduced to this curry noodle at Singrena kopitiam. PS: Singrena kopitiam and Satay Zul share the same row of shop lot!

You have to pick some add-ons and pass it to the auntie. Then, tell her your choice of noodle either bihun or Lembing Noodle (林明面) or both

OS: Huh? What kind of noodle is that?
No worries, you would be know it soon on my following post

RM 5.80 inclusive of  noodle and 3 add-ons.
PS: Considered pricey due to its portion served.

The major difference would be the curry soup.
In Northern region of Malaysia, or precisely, Penang, the soup served is rather diluted with the mixture of herbs and chilli paste associated with coconut milk.
The texture here is rich and more to the curry broth from typical curry chicken. To my personal favour, I could just get it to mix with rice for a meal.

Name: Curry Noodle @ Kedai Kopi Singrena
Rating: 3/5
Business hour: Breakfast and lunch hour
Nearest landmark: Terminal Satay Zul

5.Cendol & Temosa

I regard it as the best remedy in these hot days. The famous and most favourited by the locals would be Ibrahim Cendol at Jalan Air Putih.

 The business hour for Bulan Ramadan (Fasting Month) is 3pm to 6pm daily.
Usual business hour is from 12noon till evening.

 Cendol with red beans RM 2.00
PS: I prefer this to Penang Famous Teo Chew Cendol, the cendol here serve more generously and the red bean is right in size to chew. One downside is the lack of the amount of shaved ice. I demand for more! hehe

If you happen to have yourself cendol here, then Temosa is another add-on you shouldn't be missed.
It looks exactly like curry puff we can have in any mamak stall but it differs somehow that the ingredients are the minced fish where it looks slightly like anchovy (ikan bilis)
RM 0.50 per piece, not a bad option to try.

Ibrahim Cendol, Jalan Air Putih, 25300, Kuantan, Pahang, Malaysia.

Name: Cendul @ Ibrahim Cendul
Rating: 4/5
Business hour: 12 noon onwards
Nearest landmark: Rozel Kuantan

6. Terminal Satay Zul

Make sure you make it a point to try this out if you happen to swing by to Kuantan! I'm not regret to leave Kuantan with a delight taste of satay at Terminal Satay Zul. Satay Zul opens its door to customers at 6pm onwards daily.

The satay here is served with full meat, unlike what we usually get a skewer consists of a mix of meat and fats.

The seasoned meat is tender and flavourful, perfectly goes well with the peanut sauce!
RM 0.80 per skewer for chicken meat

The air ventilation is medium although the grilling is done outdoor.

There are two floors of seating to accommodate the large volume flow of customers from time to time.  Other signature including Nasi Impit, Nasi Dagang, Nasi Lemak and Bakso.

Name: Satay@Terminal Satay Zul
Rating: 4.5/5
Business hour: 6pm onwards daily
*Located along the main road to Teluk Cempedak

Second post coming up next! Stay tuned.