Humble Review: Toastea Coffee @ Summerton, Bayan Indah, Penang

'Walao eh, the weather is freaking hot these days. I even sweat a lot while enjoying my kopi.'
'Aiya, what to worry, go chill yourself with a cuppa at StarB or CoffeeB la, easy.'
'Bo lui la, one cup from there equals to a meal for two at hawker stalls liao you know'
'True pun la.'
'Aiya, those aneh modern eh kopi, I drink liao also beh satisfy, old style kopi suit me more lo.'
'Aneh kuan ah... ehh, I know there's a coffee shop nearby Queensbay, the kopi quite reasonable one, ngam you'
'Really bo? Don't say lie leh. How much?'
'Lie to you zomik? Got air cond somemore. RM 2.50 for a cup of kopi, beh pai ma hor?'
'Ok wor. Open till what time?'
'Midnight ahh, don't play play, business beh pai also.'
'Kia la, what time you free? Ki lim kopi!'

I hope you get to learn a little about Toastea Coffee based on the frictional Hokkien language conversation of typical Penang Lang (Penangites) before further readings on my humble review as followed.

Precisely sloganed as Prepare to Get The New Taste of Old Memory? , Toastea Coffee opens the door for patrons to dine in from as early as 7 in the morning till 12am. The handcrafted old-school coffee is the signature in the house where coffee lovers could have agreeably sipping of theirs in the air-conditioning coffee place. To have some food to fix your cravings, there are also a number of them readily to be served upon your order.

Being one of the popular food from the pork-free menu in the coffee shop,
Toastea Coffee would fix your cravings on curry chicken at anytime.

As one of the tenants at Summeton, Toastea Coffee owns an unit of shop lot ideally for a place to have quick meal or meetings or even to spend a high tea time (Muslims-friendly)
The aroma of coffee is expectedly excites our nostrils right on our first step into the coffee shop.
The menu is embedded on the cabinet of roughly a foot below the ceiling. Toastea Coffee runs self-service on taking order whereas food servings are on them.

The men in black on the left is one of the shop owners who is also the barista.

 Let's see the order for two for a quick lunch break.
Hot Coffee (RM2.50-ala carte)

This is apparently the popular and signature cup in the house. 
Being an average coffer addict, it tastes mild where texture is light and thin.
(So you woundn't get muak or jelak on it)
  In overall, it is well-balanced in terms of the harmony of texture and flavour.

Curry Chicken with toast ( RM 8.90)
We chose toast instead of rice to have a lighter intake. 
3 pieces of average-size cut of curry chicken are served along an exceptionally large curry gravy.
The gravy itself tastes generally rich, I think it could be better if it comes with a stronger aroma.
However, it's simply nice just to have unstoppable spoons of the gravy, just slightly mild spicy that everyone could have it anyway.

Nissin Soup Noodles with Ham & Fried Egg
 (RM 6.90 - ala carte / RM 8.90 - combo with selected drinks)
It is doubtless a big bowl of instant noodles with the add-ons of ham, egg and cut pieces of greens. 
The soup based is excellent on my dining experience.
It is not salty as I thought most of the kitchen would prepare that way whereas it's delightfully sweet to consume. I guess most of the children would love this very much.

We had French Toast (RM 4.50) to complete our meal.
The toast itself is well prepared and we enjoyed every soft bite of it.
Perhaps they could top a scoop of ice cream and makes it similar as everyone's favourite french toast from After You Dessert Cafe, Bangkok.

I will make sure for my second visit as three local delight of my all-time favourite were already sold out by the time I was there (around 1.45pm)
Porridge and Chee Cheong Fun are so much high in demand!
And according to the service crew, outsourced Nasi Lemak that arrived in the morning of 50 packs were also sold out and the second batch of 30 packs would only reach at around 2.30pm daily. Therefore, plan your visiting time just right to have yours.

Another landmark is the famous Uncle Testu Cheese Cake. Toastea Coffee is located right next to it.

Save the location for your own convenience!

(Scaling Point: 0 - lowest; 5 - highest)
Price: 3/5 (Reasonable pricing with no GST or service charges)
Taste: 3.5/5 (Contributed more by curry chicken and coffee)
Dining Ambience: 4/5 (Air-ventilation is pretty good despite the boiling water corner for coffee)
Vehicle Parking: 3/5 (Indoor parking lots are available)
Business Hour: 7am till 12am. Opens daily.
 Address: 110-1-3A, Summerton, Persiaran Bayan Indah, 11900, Penang, Malaysia
Contact: 012-3416678
Facebook Page:Toastea Coffee

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you.