Humble Review:One Garage @ M Mall O2O, Penang Times Square, Penang

One Garage? Terminal One? One Steamboat? Slappy Cakes?
Hey bro, which one is the exact one?

This is what I find it confusing before my visit to One Garage Restaurant (One Garage).

To make it clear for you, One Garage houses for the other three. The word 'garage' simply means a building/shed for Terminal One (wine and dine or private function), One Steamboat (set steamboat) and Slappy Cakes ( D.I.Y pancakes and made-to-order pancakes ). One Garage is also one of the big shop lots in M Mall by the way.

Terminal One
Let's start with the first one. Terminal One is located at the (extension) upper floor of One Garage. It is a great place for both corporate events and private functions. Check out the photos as shown following.

Terminal One is an extension upper floor that is right behind the big signboard of 'One Garage', right above Slappy Cakes Restaurant. Food Catering would be provided as well, hence, don't worry for not giving the guests a great dining moment in the events too.

Oops, an Instragram-worthy spot favourited by the ladies (especially) is there, I suppose!

 There is a spacious corner that is conveniently suit the functions, for example, it can be utilised as stage corner, VIP corner or even live band performance.

 Private bar specially provides the best service to the guests of the functions/events. Besides, the management would love to customise their service upon your requests and preferences.

 It's not hard to falling in love with such interior design including its theme, furniture setting and not to forget, the lighting effect! Dim light always plays the best role to make the guests have a relaxing moment throughout the functions.

 For your information, it is the outlet manager, Mr Kent and his partner's ideas and effort in the interior design of Terminal One to make it a home-feeling environment to every guest that come over. The sofas are one of the good evidence apparently. Haha!

Quoted by Lord Byron, an English poet, 'Wine cheers the sad, revives the old, inspires the young, makes weariness forgot his toil'. So, what is your excuse now for not letting wine to be an important role to bustle up the functions of the evening?

Both red and white wines are available to pick. If you are wine lover or your friends are, make sure to let them know that Terminal One do have a numbers of wine choices to sip and get indulged within. Being the wine lovers, Mr Kent and his partners would love to share the happiness and interest with the guest, too.

Frankly speaking, I don't have much interest in wine hence I couldn't suggest any.
I'll name it out the wine selections here for your reading conveniene. You may know if you have the habit of sipping wine.
This is YERING Station Village Pinot Noir.


(i)Peter LEHMANN Barossa 2011 Layers
(ii)Shiraz Mourvedre Tempranillo Grenache Barossa Red Blend

 Tempus Two Silver Series Pinot Gris 2015

  Brown Brothers The Windmill Chardonnay

  Magic Decanter, Deluxe Aerator Set

LUIS FELIPE EDWARDS Cabernet Sauvignon 2015

From left to right: 
Brown Brother The Windmill Chardonnay
Peter LEHMANN Art 'n' Soul Riesling 2014
Tempus Two Silver Series Pinot Gris 2014
Peter LEHMANN wildcard cabernet merlot 2012
Brown Brother The Windmill Shiraz ( 2 bottles )


 Little YERING 2013 Pinot Noir

OS: Wow, I've got little ideas about wine now!

Here's also the menu for Terminal One customers, check it out.

 The housemade lemonade is the bomb!
We had Slappy Lemonade and Ginger Lemonade, oh my, it taste so much real that the ginger juice is simply zesty and pungent to consume! Housemade Lemonade series are all made of 100% natural ingredients by the way which is one of the signature of One Garage, too.
Slappy Lemonade (RM 8)
A very refreshing drinks to go, it's indeed a perfect match to pan cakes.

Ginger Lemonade (RM 8)
Don't judge the books by its cover, have one for yourself today and ready to be impressed!

Various selections of tea and juices are up to be served as well

 What about have the beverages served in mini barrel? That's gonna be a little attraction to the guest.
mocktails maybe?
Do not hesitate to ring them for further information if you are keen to know more.
Talk to the outlet manager, Mr Kent @ 04-296 9580 today.

Slappy Cakes
Being a family and even kids-friendly restaurant, One Garage always welcome families with children and even the aged to have a great dining moment . Adults may enjoy steamboat meal (One steamboat) whereas the children can be a little pancakes chefs. To have some fun-learning times outside school, D.I.Y Pancakes (Slappy Cakes) is apparently a very good opportunity in exposing them to the food preparation practically as they are easy and quick to be cooked/served.

Slappy Cakes is a common meal in Portland, especially breakfast hour. They are now greatly welcomed by the people in Singapore, Manila, Maui and Tokyo.

Look at the satisfaction and joyful moments the kids spent over there. Indeed, there are pretty much parents love to take their kids to Slappy Cakes for some 'slappy arts' on the weekends.
 It is not too late for parents to discover their art potential too. Just a simple art on the built-in griddles and I'm sure your children would be very happy to see your art piece (You are the hero/heroin to them all the time). Not to mention, this is also a bonding time of them to be treasured.

You see, the poster at the menu already makes you feel excited to do your own slappy cakes later!

Don't get the menu confused, besides D.I.Y pan cakes, there are also all-day breakfast meal provided as well

 Some food to be shared, perhaps?
What about egg benedicts?

To add some greens in your diet, you may consider salads as well.
And not to forget, get yourself a drinks to complete your meal

Here's the most interesting part on the menu which is placing your order for D.I.Y pan cakes!

Step1: Choose your favourite batter, each with different flavour and prices.
 There are four flavours including Buttermilk, Chocolate, Peanut Butter and Pandan

Step 2: Pick some fixins and topping to have a better mouthful taste of pan cakes,
each item costs RM 3.50
Currently the on-going deal is Buy 4 Free 1, you pay for only RM 14 for any 5 items
 in the fixins and toppings column.
Not sure what to pick? Kids will give you the solution!

Step 3?
Sit back and let your creativity goes wild to be performed on the griddles later!
So there are the toppings served in Aladdin lamp liked containers.
We have Lemon Curd, Pineapples and Chicken Sausage ( RM 3.50 each )

 Despite the spatula is made of plastic, you need not worry much as you could see from the photo above, it is able to stand the heat up to 220 degree Celsius. In fact, the best temperature for making the slappy cakes requires only 180 degree Celsius.

Let your creativity slaps on the griddle! It takes up to five minutes for the pan cakes to be served and ready to 'eat up' your own effort! Once you see the bubbles is foamed, then flip over to the other side and it is about to serve within two minutes.
Here's an 'art piece' on my visit, stating Mable @ Slappy Cakes 
No worries, the starch is safely eatable and they are freshly prepared daily.
One more thing, no oil needed to prepare the pan cakes.

However, if you are not into slappy cake yet would just like to have pan cakes prepared by the chef, Slappy Cakes Restaurant hear you actually! They consider about such requests from customers and hence, made-to-order pan cakes are available as well.

There three choices up to choose, price ranging from RM 18 to RM 23

We have Strawberries Short Cake ( RM 23 ) to try on.
Surprisingly, I love it very much in terms of the texture and taste!
(I'm not really a big fans of pan cakes, to be honest)

The pan cakes itself is soft and lightweight, housemade whipped cream is not too sweet to have unstoppable tasting too, that's already a great signal to the ladies, I suppose.

 Hence, having one to share among your friends after meal is not a bad option seriously! 
You wouldn't feel too full even after you had eaten it.

Apart from D.I.Y pan cakes, if you concern about what to have before the made-to-order pan cakes, personally, I would suggest egg benedict. Oh my, the signature egg benedict is another must-have in the house, no jokes!
Slappy Benedict (RM 26 )
Sauteed spinach, mushrooms and turkey bacon with pureed roasted garlic and sundried tomatoes topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce on housemade English muffin,
served with potatoes.

My sight were all hooked on the egg benedict since its serving on the table, let me have you a closer view of the egg benedict.

It looks so much tantalizing, ain't it?

This scene could easily make egg yolk lovers go mad *Scream it loud*
The taste is pretty delicious in a whole, sauteed spinach brings a slightly strong flavour that is still under my own liking. The amount of mushroom is generous, well-seasoned, too.

Another highlight goes to the potatoes, I thought of some sort of fritters (bean curd) over its appearance ( pardon me ). However, a big kudos to the chef as I like it very much to be honest.
After I had a taste of it and also clarified from the chef, I'm acknowledged that they don't peel off the skin whereas they have cut fried potatoes to be served along. 
The photo above taken is when I was about to finish eating the potatoes, therefore the portion of it is absolutely much larger than photo shown as above.

One Steamboat
As the name goes, One steamboat provides set meal steamboat for diners to be indulged.

Six types of broth (comes with steamboat set ) up to select, as low as RM 39.
Teow Chew Yam Fish Base Soup is already on my list, gonna have it on my next visit.

 If you are especially balls or meat or even seafood lovers, you might really consider to add in this into your steamboat meal. They come in a 3-in-1 tray set and fulfill your craving at a time!

 A La Carte items, dessert and beverages are also provided, just in case you wish to add something more to complete a satisfying meal of yours.

 Aha! The concept is similar to 一人一锅 (One pot each person that was kinda
 a fame once ago in Penang.
Here, One Steamboat serve in rather larger portion and have you and your beloved ones to share the great taste together. There are two choices including Herbal Chicken Noodle Pot (RM 33) and Seafood Noodle Pot (rm 36) up for grab at the moment. Perfect for 2-3 pax!

Another lunch hour on-going promotion in the house would be steam fish served in Siamese flavour or Sze Chuan Spicy flavour. Instead of RM 88, you can save RM 20 and pay for only RM 68 for a scrumptious fish meal with your family and friends. It is suitable for up to 5 pax.
My mum seems interested to go for it after she knew it, okay, already jotted down!

 The lighting is pretty good and all in black and white themed with a touch of
minimalism set up in a whole.

 Some of the A Larte Carte items

A good news to diners who always prefer rich and strong flavour in eating!
There are various types of seasonings sauces and toppings are freshly prepared in leading you to a more exciting dining experience.

 You could also host your little private functions at One steamboat, or, to spice up a little for the functions, talk to the Mr Kent to arrange a little live band performance to make your guests be indulged in both food and music.

Hurry, save the location for your own convenience!

Summary: (Scaling Point: 0 - lowest; 5 - highest)
Price: 3/5 (Reasonable pricing for a tenant shop lot in a mall)
Taste: 3/5 (Solely for egg benedict, pan cake and lemonade *MUST TRY*)
Dining Ambience: 3.5/5 (The spaces between tables is conveniently suit your activity)
Vehicle Parking: 4/5 (Multi level parking lots)
Business Hour: 10.00am - 10.00pm. Opens everyday.
Address: G Floor, MMall O2O Penang Times Square, Jalan Dato Keramat, 10150 George Town, Malaysia.
Contact: 04-296 9580 (Reservations are welcomed)
Facebook Page: One Garage

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you.

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Many Thanks to Mr Kent, the outlet manager, Miss Chloe, the marketing executive and also the chef as well as service crews for the great food and  hospitality, thank you once again.