How I remove makeup on my hypoallergenic/sensitive skin

So, I think it would be better to have you watch a video to calm you before I show you those horrible pictures of acne nightmare. It is a simply guide on how I usually remove make up on my face since I mentioned earlier that I do put on some make up occasionally.

I hope you enjoy watching and get to learn some non-professional tips from me


stay tuned for those horrible photos! lol wth

The product used as shown in the video is my personal pick with no any collaborations with the brand at all. Results may vary from everyone but I would say it is quite suitable for those whose skins are allergic to alcohol.

Why I never shared beauty topic?

Hi all my readers!
As stated from the title of this post, I am sure some of you would be curious and even popped out such similar question on your visits to my blog.
And I even had a feedback from my supportive friend asking me why my blog mainly consists on humble review series on food and itinerary sharing as he is not interested on food hunting actually LOL

Tell me,who do not like to stay beautiful and look good right? Even the men nowadays are also particular in maintaining their image and outlook too!

Sadly, things are not always going through as we wish.
Alright, to be honest, the main reason why I never published beauty-related posts on my blog before is due to my skin problem.

I'm not just literally hypoallergenic or normally called 'sensitive skin' patient as you would think of. Plus, hormone imbalance occurs throughout these yearssssss (no joke, it's since puberty)

The last serious breakout I suffered was earlier this year where my life was like totally dull and I had to wear on medical face mask whenever I was out from home or hostel. I wore it to lecture class daily and even to Bangkok (no choice, I couldn't afford to burn the flight ticket).
I was even asked to take down the face mask by the immigration officer at the airport, oh no, I nearly shed tears at the public place!

I cried a lot a lot whenever I was alone and also on everytime I applied the treatment cream on my face, what I viewed from the mirror was simply scary.

I am diagnosed to have a slight symptoms of rosacea, a skin disease that normally the patient's skin looks rosy and blush on either cheeks, nose area or chin area. This is a common disease in western countries where the fair skin people own the higher probability to be diagnosed. Hence, my cheeks would sometimes look blush or rosy or worse, super serious rosy that would scare anyone.
That is why I really don't like to see people simply claim themselves to have sensitive skin. Hey, please have a proper consultation with the doctor and go for some treatment whereby my condition is that there is no permanent solution to cure it.

Majority of the rosacea patients are allergic to alcohol, heat, spiciness, fragrance and more. So, I'm super particular in putting the cream on my face, checking ingredients on the label is my first task to do. I even ask doctor a lot of questions and look thoroughly on the skin care he prescribe for me. I might sound fussy to you, but I couldn't afford and don't want to get things goes wrong on my face anymore.

Suffering from skin problems simply means less or even zero make up. Thus, I don't practise that, but I'm still a lady after all, I do, occasionally put on simple make up, nothing more than eyeliner and eyebrow, that's all. Face part? No way.

My current skin condition is already stable ( at least no ultimate serious breakout), just that staying away from heat and avoid spicy food are my all time responsibility in order to have my cheeks calm and soothed. My current skin care routine are all prescribed from doctor and to be frank, I just want to take good care on my food intake and daily activities for the sake of leaving my face healthy.

More posts regarding this will be up, stay tuned.

PS: Dare to see some ugly picture of it? HAHA


Please don't give me a face palm over the innocent trend of this toxifying song, haha!
I was, at first, doubted and even puzzled at the song, the lyric does not make sense though.

However, a great imitating performing continues after the release of the song from Piko Taro, a senior Japanese artist. His face expression is simply cool, I can't even imitate so much close to his, to be honest.

Alright, I'm in the train to make a cover of this song, too.

Being barefaced and pyjamas on, it's going to a hostel-look version of #PPAP.

I hope you enjoy watching it, thank you!

心情日记:纯粹抒发 2.0





突然间,来了很神速的想法: 我觉得自己很渺小,什么都不是







真的舒服些了,明天就完成作业去。睡醒来又继续 慢慢前进吧。

Hello Senior Welcome Junior 2016

It's a new semester to enroll!

New intake occurs each semester including my course, too! There are a number of new intake (Chinese) for Business Mathematics course programme and we continue the tradition of making a dinner gathering with the juniors, at least to 'showcase' the old and new faces to each others.

To be honest, this is my second time (out of four) in attending this. Dropping out the two in between total four times are not on-purpose as I ( as well my coursemates) had own schedule to run that hardly to adjust for the gathering, so sorry anyway. Anyhow, it always feels good to meet the juniors, chit chat and had a great dinner time with them.

I appreciate to have one of the handmade bookmarks that the juniors prepared for us, each of them is labelled with our names. It's the heart that counts, thank you very much for the effort!!!

Here's a short video to summarize the gathering last Thursday, enjoy!

VLOG 03 - What super seniors do on the add-drop week

Time flies, being the final year students, we are now the so called SUPER SENIORS in the campus!
Add-drop week is the first week of lecture that occurs in every semester, which most of the students see it as a bonus week, I suppose! It is the only lecture week that is rather stress-free, as the adjustment for timetable are available to make it throughout the week.

In other words, add-drop week simply means ice-breaking time with less lecture session in the class. The lecturer and students get to know each other and also engaged on some class rules. This is the last add-drop week for us so we these super seniors wouldn't want to miss it out, hence bonding time!

The vlog as attached following simply sums up our activities on that week and the most exciting part would be karaoke session! I never knew most of them are karaoke junkies, haha!
Enjoy the video and feel free to leave your comments or suggestions for any improvements, too!

Showing off can never be annoying anymore.

As the saying goes, the better you feel about yourself, the less you need to show off. To me, showing off/bragging is one's psychological desire to be recognized or even looked up by friends and the community. Name a significant one, photo sharing. However, time is money. Everything goes quick and efficient, internet savvy users are now commonly updating photos instantly via smart phones. But occasionally we would be annoyed to see our feed are spammed by photos, photos, endless thread of photos! It is indeed easy to share the happiness with friends online but there are still certainly some people who prefer to have hard copies that we are able to view it even when WIFI is out of service, like me.

Sharing the memorable times of your life journey is absolutely great and now you could show them off in a rather new way than on social media platforms, plus, annoying no more to your friends!

Beside updating my photos via social media platforms, I could also do it in another way to be kept by myself, be it A7 size photo or button badge.
From left to right (and bottom):
(i)  My first visit to i-City Shah Alam
(ii)  My first hair dying experience of ash matte blonde with a touch of green
(iii) My first visit to Anjung Indah at Balik Pulau, Penang
(iv)  The moment I'd overcame my fear to carry a furkid

Give 60 seconds to finish and you are ready to show off!

These are parts of my significant memories I've gained and I really love that it is in hard-copied as I could keep inside my purse and able to see it at anytime, anywhere.
Curious where do I get it? Aha, make sure you read till the end as discount code will be given!

Introducing WePrint Machine, the first WeChat instant printing machine in Malaysia. Yes, you see it correct, it is connected to WeChat app where instant photo printing could be done with just 5 simple steps!

Wonder how to have hard copied photos from smart phone? 
Step 1: Open WeChat app on your smartphone
Step 2: Scan the QR code shown on the printing machine and follow WePrint.
Step 3: Upload your favourite photo from your phone.
Step 4: Crop the photo and insert the ID code shown on the printing machine.
Step 5: A high quality hard copy will be printed in just 60 seconds!

What about a tutorial video to guide you?

WePrint is also a new business opportunity in Malaysia as instant printing machine could be placed (rented/ leasing service) for any corporate events or functions to have guests to bring home some customised gift. It is the latest trend now as everyone could turn selfie images on the phone into hard copies! In fact, WePrint has been gaining popularity in exhibitions and roadshows since it was brought into Malaysia in 2015.

This printing machine is simply amazing that it could transform the guests's happiness in another way, too! Guests are able to print their favourite photos onto different material, including photo paper and magnetic paper
make it a button badge and phone casing

For business opportunites

Besides direct selling to consumers, WePrint also serves as powerful marketing tools catering to the needs of different business as business people see how it is able to attract the crowd. For instance, there are a number of recognized brands across different industries such as One Utama, Neway, Celcom, GSC, Acson, Revlon have engaged with WePrint for their events in Klang valley and other states, some even committed on a long term basis.

Since entering Malaysia in 2015, there is much awareness created among hundreds of roadshows and exhibitions, having thousands of followers on Wechat app, printing over than thousands copies of photos. From these events and the database collected, WePrint is proving itself to be a business tool with great profit potential.

A win-win situation

Apart of maximizing the company income, WePrint is also a great marketing tool for any business. It is designed to help advertisers recruit WeChat followers through on-ground events and activities. Businesses will not only be able to advertise on screen but also incorporate brand or product in a pre-designed photo template. The public will be exposed to the advertisement while waiting for their photos to be printed as well as bring a copy of the printed photo with brand message or product information home with them.

If you are keen to have one for your business purpose or simply as a consumer purchase for your beloved one as gift/souvenirs,  simply click here to place your order. And here I have a great kangtau for you!
Key in "MS1001" upon your checkout on the website to be entitled for 10% off on total bill, promotion valid till 30th November 2016

WePrint machine is exclusively imported, managed and distributed by Liberty Printing since 2015 and apparently they are looking for distributors as well.
So if you or your friends are planning for some business, why not consider to be distributors of WePrint, be it Northern region of Malaysia, maybe? Penang Lang act quick now, haha! Spread the words!

And do not hesitate to make business inquiries, details are as followed:

Liberty Printing Sdn. Bhd. (1080784-T)
Address: 6, 6A & 6B, Jalan Harmoni 1A/KU3, Kristal Klang Commercial Centre, 42100 Klang, Selangor.

Contact number: 019-985 8151 (Elaine)

Business hours: Monday to Saturday (9am to 6pm)
Facebook: WePrint Machine

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you.

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话说我在槟城土生土长,但是这却是我的第一次乘坐缆车上升旗山去。大马公民的缆车来回票价为每位10令吉而四至六岁的小孩票价则是3令吉。值得让我开心一提的是,乐龄人士及学生票价则是每人5令吉 (记得出示大马卡还有学生证!)







这家咖啡馆名为 Kopi Hutan 我想指的应该就是丛林中叹一杯咖啡吧,我想它也是槟城位于最高处的咖啡馆吧,海拔高达730米呢!


Hungry Mable is angry Mable,我的肚子在半途中已经咕咕作响了,唯有忍耐直到抵达目的地。由于我们没先前开始计算步行了多少所以要不是Kopi Hutan 的员工看我们傻傻一直向前走去,告诉我们这里已经是尽头,Kopi Hutan就是这边的话,我的天,我想我会崩溃!


Kopi Hutan 是 Monkey Cup 的 一份子
想要看猪笼草或接触蝎子的话,不妨到 Monkey Cup去探险吧。

我坚持要拍张照留念因为这样才不枉费及辜负我咕咕作响的肚子 呵呵









他还说,也会有小鸟会飞下来和你共享咖啡 (晕)




RM 8 (一人份)
这古董的咖啡壶还蛮吸睛的 呵呵

 还有一杯就是热可可 (RM 8)

在员工的极力推荐之下,我们也点了Chocolate Mousse Cake (巧克力慕斯口味蛋糕)
RM 12 一片

场内唯一大家都会欣赏的就是 木薯片啦 (RM 2 一份)

Kopi Hutan 有提供免费载送服务于Kopi Hutan 的顾客到爱情锁热景区