Why I never shared beauty topic?

Hi all my readers!
As stated from the title of this post, I am sure some of you would be curious and even popped out such similar question on your visits to my blog.
And I even had a feedback from my supportive friend asking me why my blog mainly consists on humble review series on food and itinerary sharing as he is not interested on food hunting actually LOL

Tell me,who do not like to stay beautiful and look good right? Even the men nowadays are also particular in maintaining their image and outlook too!

Sadly, things are not always going through as we wish.
Alright, to be honest, the main reason why I never published beauty-related posts on my blog before is due to my skin problem.

I'm not just literally hypoallergenic or normally called 'sensitive skin' patient as you would think of. Plus, hormone imbalance occurs throughout these yearssssss (no joke, it's since puberty)

The last serious breakout I suffered was earlier this year where my life was like totally dull and I had to wear on medical face mask whenever I was out from home or hostel. I wore it to lecture class daily and even to Bangkok (no choice, I couldn't afford to burn the flight ticket).
I was even asked to take down the face mask by the immigration officer at the airport, oh no, I nearly shed tears at the public place!

I cried a lot a lot whenever I was alone and also on everytime I applied the treatment cream on my face, what I viewed from the mirror was simply scary.

I am diagnosed to have a slight symptoms of rosacea, a skin disease that normally the patient's skin looks rosy and blush on either cheeks, nose area or chin area. This is a common disease in western countries where the fair skin people own the higher probability to be diagnosed. Hence, my cheeks would sometimes look blush or rosy or worse, super serious rosy that would scare anyone.
That is why I really don't like to see people simply claim themselves to have sensitive skin. Hey, please have a proper consultation with the doctor and go for some treatment whereby my condition is that there is no permanent solution to cure it.

Majority of the rosacea patients are allergic to alcohol, heat, spiciness, fragrance and more. So, I'm super particular in putting the cream on my face, checking ingredients on the label is my first task to do. I even ask doctor a lot of questions and look thoroughly on the skin care he prescribe for me. I might sound fussy to you, but I couldn't afford and don't want to get things goes wrong on my face anymore.

Suffering from skin problems simply means less or even zero make up. Thus, I don't practise that, but I'm still a lady after all, I do, occasionally put on simple make up, nothing more than eyeliner and eyebrow, that's all. Face part? No way.

My current skin condition is already stable ( at least no ultimate serious breakout), just that staying away from heat and avoid spicy food are my all time responsibility in order to have my cheeks calm and soothed. My current skin care routine are all prescribed from doctor and to be frank, I just want to take good care on my food intake and daily activities for the sake of leaving my face healthy.

More posts regarding this will be up, stay tuned.

PS: Dare to see some ugly picture of it? HAHA