7 Wonders of Food in Sungai Petani, Kedah.

Requires nearly an hour of driving distance from Penang, Sungai Petani (commonly known as SP from its abbreviation) is the second biggest city in Kedah state where I'm based in to do my tertiary studies. I get to know that there are a number of tasty local food there. All thanks to my food companions, finally, my wish to make a food trip to SP had been realized at my last semester.

Here to list out what we had on one-day food trip in SP.

There are some food which prices are not tag along, sorry about it and price stated might be only accurate at the time of this post published, kindly take note. 

#1 Toast and kopi + butter

This is not the common cafe as in Penang where egg benedict and a variety of coffee are served. If you come across to Lollipop Ropitiam located at Campbell Street, Penang. Aha, that is actually the branch from SP main outlet. However, Lollipop Cafe is slightly different in the operation mode in SP as it is none other than the usual kopitiam where we can just order Kopi O and perhaps one Hokkien Mee for breakfast. The specialty here is the toast served and also kopi o + butter. 

From left to right:
 Kopi O + Butter and Honey Lemon Tea

Do you feel shocked to that slice of butter floating at the kopi o like me did?
But it's one of the signature at the kopitiam!
So this is the result after we stirred that kopi.
And it tastes surprisingly good which is a totally new thing to us! The butter would trigger its fragrances as coffee flow through the molar that gives you a new satisfactory experience on your sipping.

Here comes four different kind of toast we ordered.

Polo Bakwa
RM 5.50

Tuna Cheese
RM 3.30

Classical one, kaya butter toast.
RM 3.30

Gong Ji Xia Dan ("Cock" lays egg)
RM 4.40

Name: Lollipop Cafe
Address: C1, Jalan Permatang Gedong, Taman Sejati Indah, 08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Business Hour: 7am - 11pm. Closed on Mondays
Rate: 3/5

#2 Wan Tan Mee  云吞面

This shop lot has only one food stall which serves the famous and all time favourite Wan Tan Mee. It is usually packed with diners on weekends and holidays hence we were quite lucky during our patronage on a typical Friday morning.

RM 3.20 for a regular one.

Name: Sri Wang Wan Tan Mee 老字号云吞面
Address: 6, Jalan 1, Taman Cengal Jaya, 08000, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia 
Business Hour: 6.30am - 3.30pm (Closed on alternate Tuesdays) 
Rate: 4/5

#3  Pet Rice “狗饭”

This is one of the restaurant that was interviewed by local food tv show namely Ho Chiak 好吃. The owner initially started his business by the roadside and now the customers able to enjoy their meal at indoor restaurant due to the business expansion.

This is the so called "狗饭", the signature dish in the restaurant
Not any typical pet rice that you think of. It's just a derivative name from the name of restaurant 细九, the word "九" is homophonous with "狗" in Hokkien
The mixed rice is a combination of barbequed pork, roasted pork and scrambled eggs with rice. RM 6 per pax.

Sweet and sour egg (around RM 15)
A new dish to us as we've been having sweet and sour chicken/pork

Name: Sai Kow Restaurant 细九饭店
Address: Bakar Arang, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia
Business Hour: 10.30am - 3pm
Rate: 3/5

#4 Yoshiya Japanese Restaurant 吉屋

We were so much full and unable to have the super worth set meal in the house, end up we ordered some light ones.

Fried Salmon Sushi


Address: No. 18, Lorong 24, Taman Petani Jaya, 08000 Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia 
Business Hour: 11.30am - 10.30pm
Rate: 4/5 (Bonus: Excellent service!)

#5 Laksa 叻沙

Another one that accepted the interview by 8tv Ho Chiak before, this is one of a few laksa stalls that still serve small pieces of fish today. Just my two cents, this is fairly delicious in overall, compatible with the ones we have in Penang.

Laksa (RM 3.50/Regular)

Address: 70, Jalan Seruling 2/1, Taman Seruling, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia 
Business Hour: 12pm - 6.30pm
Rate: 3.5/5

#6 Coconut Shake

Not only Klebang in Melaka or Esplanade Food Court in Penang serve the refreshing coconut shake, we do have one in Sungai Petani too! This corner lot of terrace house is utilised as mamak stall where you could also have a plate of maggi/mee goreng or pasembur. However, we had only coconut shake since we just managed to settle the earlier one.

I like the combination of refreshing coconut juice at the bottom and that scoop of vanilla + chocolate chip flavoured ice cream, to be honest, this was considered dinner of the day, haha!
RM 2.50 for one.

Address: 393 Taman Bandar Bahru, Lorong Bandar Baru 4, Jalan Kelab Cinta Sayang, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia 
Business Hour: 11.30am - 10.30pm
Rate: 4/5

#7 Waffles

Operating till late, you could enjoy your supper and relaxable conversation with your friends at a peaceful dining ambience. There are a variety of food to pick from the menu, however, we had only waffles and cheesy chicken balls. I suppose that cheesy chicken balls are simply common frozen food that we can purchase it at supermarket, not a big highlight anyway.
Let's look at the waffles.

It was our supper as we were kind of exhausted after spending a day of food trip plus a movie date, hence pardon me for not able to jot down the details of the food, I could feel my tired eyes at that time, too.

So this is sort of fruits-toppings waffles, mainly slices of bananas and strawberries, shimmered with some almond flakes.
It is different from what I usually have in Penang, less flavourful and taste healthier, definitely not to my own liking.

This is just plain one served together with three scoops of different flavours of ice cream, nothing much to shout out to be honest. A little similar to Belgium waffles or perhaps it's just me who don't know to appreciate it.

In short, I would still look forward for my next visit to this cafe as I know there are some main dish receive quite good responds from the diners, for example Chicken Gordon Bleu and Bites Signature Black Pepper Udon. 

Name: Bites Cafe
Address: 155, Jalan Lagenda Heights 6, Sungai Petani, Kedah, Malaysia  
Business Hour: 12pm - 12am (Sundays - Thursdays) ; 12pm - 1am (Fridays and Saturdays)
Rate: 3/5

That's all about the 7 wonders of food upon a food day trip with my companions. There are a lot of mural arts (beatable with the ones in Penang!) which we discovered in between our food stops, stay tuned for the following post and if you are planning for a short escape with food pampering, you may consider to go any of seven food as stated which convenient to your itinerary.

Also, I welcome anyone of you who've been there or whoever would like to add on some info on any of the seven items, kindly comment below and I shall respond to you as soon as possible.

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you.