The Entertainer Malaysia deserve for this gratitude post.

I am pretty sure most of the bloggers wouldn't feel strange towards The Entertainer Malaysia 2016, or even some readers as well, as part of bloggers' giveaway.

This post contains no sponsorship at all. I decided to make it one dedicated to The Entertainer Malaysia as I had by far the best customer service experience with the team.

The story begins with the registration of claiming The Entertainer Malaysia Book Edition Year 2016 held by The Butterfly Project  last month. I was so much honoured to be one of the lucky butterflies ( But I regard myself as caterpillar ) to enjoy all the amazing BUY 1 FREE 1 DEALS from The Entertainer Malaysia.

With all the exciting and anticipating mode, I'd been waiting for the arrival of the book to be on my hands ever since I'd received e-mail notifications from Tammy Lim, the founder/mamasan of The Butterfly Project. Since then, there were gradually more bloggers friends shared online about the arrival of the book on their hands whereas I was still waiting for mine.......

until one day,

(unexpectedly) I'd got a reply from Entertainer Malaysia (@entertainermy) on Instagram:

Without hesitation, I had a direct message with The Entertainer Malaysia on Instagram and the conversation went on like this:

All this happened on weekend hence the following Monday, as early as 8 in the morning, I received a call from Miss Rio Ribaya from The Entertainer Malaysia. They had checked out with the courier service and found out that the courier service there had actually get lost with the book (wth how could it be seriously?)

While tracking with the book and The Entertainer Malaysia would not want me to wait any longer, hence, they decided to have me enjoy the BUY 1 FREE 1 DEALS on the app instead!( worth RM 145 as well) Omg, I am a lucky girl!!!

Late in the evening, on the same day, I was given a key code via email to instantly access to
 The Entertainer Malaysia App 2016 in order to enjoy the privilege. What makes me feel ever warmer towards them is that they don't forget about the book and that literally means that I still have The Entertainer Malaysia 2016 voucher book to be owned, I'm very blessed over it, honestly.

I'm yet to receive the book but it's okay because somehow a few touches on mobile is way easier and more convenient in redemption. Scrolling through the featured deals on the app is like discovering a lot of restaurants, leisure spots, beauty saloon and more...which some of them I never knew about before it! 

Shall I expose to you some amazing deals that featured on The Entertainer Malaysia?

 The home page of The Entertainer Malaysia App 2016

The deals are mostly occupied from Central Region like Kuala Lumpur and Subang Jaya. Since I'm from Penang, so I would like to check out what are the great deals in Penang are featured as well.

Select the deals category you would like to browse, here I select Food & Beverage.
In order to filter, I straight away type 'Penang' in the search bar and it comes out like this:

 Here's just a section of the list of restaurant/cafe that are collaborating with The Entertainer Malaysia for the BUY 1 FREE 1 deals.

Or more precise location, like Georgetown, there go two choices of restaurant
up for grab the deals as well.

These are under beauty and fitness category.
 If you wish to have some trial facial session or even personal training at fitness studio, this is a very good opportunity for you to pay less to discover, why not?

Psst... Junk cafe is already on my to-go list when I back to Penang end of this month, humble review of this cafe would be up blog after my visit, too. Can't wait to try out the famous and delicious burger in the house plus, the interior furnishing that is definitely Instagram-worthy!

Once again, I would like to express my gratitude towards The Entertainer Malaysia team over the best customer service I had so far, you guys deserve this post seriously. It's not about the free stuff that received but the effort to treat the users in order us to enjoy the great deals in town, to discover more exciting places or even just to spend less for more. Not to forget, another 'thank you' goes to The Butterfly Project  for shortlisting me to be one of the lucky ones despite I'm still a caterpillar. I will expand more to develop my blog, thank you The Entertainer Malaysia and The Butterfly Project!

To find out more, simply click here to The Entertainer Malaysia Facebook Page and here to The Butterfly Project Facebook Page.

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you. 


  1. All I can say is you are such lucky and we are so lucky as well being 'caterpillars' of Butterfly Project 😂 Anyway, really is time for me to enjoy The Entertainer Malaysia's deal as is too much to redeem. Let's enjoy together-gether 😆🖒

    1. Yes, Karen! We shall grow to be butterflies as well and wait no more for the irresistible deals, let's go!!

  2. Aww U r so lucky!! Wish I can get mine ASAP! Looks like a lots of great deals and vouchers inside! :D

  3. i am being using it. now i can have good money saving too

  4. I just got mine too. Well actually i got 2. the other one i won from a giveaway :D :D

  5. How to get dear? I would like to get one :D

  6. They are really kind enough to reply all of us in instagram! thumbs up for them!

  7. You're so lucky to be chosen! Congratulations! Enjoy the deal :)

  8. I've heard much about this book and app. However, am hesitant to get it because I spend most of my time in Ipoh. How many Ipoh outlets participate in it?

  9. Wow.. You so lucky for not bringing the heavy book around while enjoying the discount. I want to have the App too.

  10. i have the mobile version and I love it. Saves so much especially when out with the family.

  11. Wow~ It seem a great thing to save more! Thanks for sharing.

  12. Thanks for sharing your experience. You sure is one lucky gal.

  13. have been using it for 3 years now. good to save money and great deals

  14. Love their fast prompt service =D I love EntertainerMY too, the deals are no doubt the cheapest one!!

  15. It is always a good idea to save more and this is a great way to go about it as well. I know a few friends using EntertainerMY too and its lovely to see that it has been doing so well all these years too.

  16. nice. worth trying it out when i'm back to penang! :) thanks for the informative post.

  17. I love the Entertainer... will also use it when I am back in Penang... I use it a lot here in KL... saved over RM200 now...

  18. I'm also a caterpillar from the Butterfly project. Glad to hear that you had a great experience :)

  19. I am using this too and it is Super good deals inside!! I use a lot for dining!

  20. I have one copy too, like all the deals, just simply amazing :)

  21. I just received my books too ! Gonna try their apps too ^^

  22. Me and my friend has recently came to an agreement that this is our favourite book haha! So happy to have a few places I frequent visit in their vouchers too!