My life during the treatment period

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With the mental and financial support from my family, I also kept giving myself positive vibes to against all odds. Let me share with you some of the scenarios I'd faced during that time.

Spot me in face mask, that was my usual look that time, whenever I was out of my room.

Coursemates' approach...

They are the first group of acquaintances of mine that saw me in such new outlook after my new roommate. They did ask about it for sure and my steady reply was just, 'oh, it's sensitive'. They merely knew about it through my words but didn't know the truth actually.

Puzzled faces all thrown on to me...

...since the first day I stepped into lecture class. Human are all-time curious creature, so it's hard for anyone of us not to look for second times when something odd is caught into our sights. I took out the courage to walk pass them as if I was a common one. What I did since then was ignoring it. I just looked on my way to have a seat and there I scrolled facebook or simply kept myself occupied with something till the lecturer came in.

Lecturer asked me in front of big group of students...

...not for once but two times, in the lecture hall occupied with nearly 100 students. He jokingly asked me for the first time whether I am having any infections or not. I gave him a nice respond by replying him with a pair of eyes smile. For the second time, he deliberately asked me because he was fed up with my coursemate doing her personal stuff with a laptop putting on the desk. I remembered he added that why couldn't I take off my face mask? To be honest, I really had that kind of impulse to show him my real situation but I didn't, at last. Hell yeah, I shed tears for the very first time in lecture hall, in my life ever. Perhaps I was sensitive over it which I felt myself like being toyed with his tone of voice for that total two times. However, I managed to calm myself shortly after.

I was since to be more a little more courageous...

Don't get it wrong, it's has nothing to do with the incident as mentioned above. I could feel the changes happened on me ever since I had the face mask to put on. I think that was due to its acting as a covering so I was quite courageous to approach lecturer regularly to ask some questions. Hence this is what I realised within myself: When you feel that you have nothing left, there you would go to reach anything just to get your things. All thanks to the face mask that act as a catalyst, I suppose? Haha!

Oh no, I switched to baby hair shampoo...

In order to reduce the irritations of chemical substances in shampoo to my skin, I switched to baby hair shampoo and I skipped conditioner as well. It was kind of disgusting to see my dyed hair especially the bottom part of my long hair turned drier day by day, I didn't bother to go for a hair cut as my full concern was about my skin.

I was extra cautious on my food intake...

There were pretty much restrictions of food that doctor advised and I really obeyed all of them! Say bye bye to dairy products ( milk, cheese, cream, cake etc ), spicy food ( tomyam and curry ), sweet food and also hot served food ( not to face my face with the heat). I even prepared diluted Milo to myself as Milo itself contains milk solid, sugar and more harmful ingredients to my skin that time. My meals were all light taste and some of my best companion were oatmeal, wheat crackers, white bread, fruits, vegetables and not to forget, plenty of water and pills. As many do, I love to eat oreo cookies as well but due to the cream that is sandwiched between, I removed it everytime and ate only the cookies, how sad it is, goodbye my lovely orea cream.

Hi to self-cooked meals...

My life routine was leaving my room just for lecture class and spending the rest of my time in the hostel. Therefore, I ought to prepare meals for myself. Shall I say it was another opportunity to advance my cooking skill? Oh well, it couldn't be extended much further with just a rice cooker anyway. I shall present to you some of my art piece, you could expect something like patients' meal.

Clear soup glass noodle with vegetable ver 1
Clear soup glass noodle with vegetable ver 2
White porridge with canned lettuce

White porridge with pork floss

Don't be surprised that I didn't add any soy sauce in my meal as well because there is a saying in Chinese that consuming something dark would leave the scar a mark, I doubt on its validity yet I just believe in whatever it comes to my mind at that time. However, thanks again to my dearest mum. She sometimes bought me pasta as she claimed that it was fine to consume the bolognese sauce occasionally. So yeah, there I made it out with my little rice cooker.

Fettucine with plain bolognese sauce

But frankly speaking, I only dare to consume pasta only when I observed the improvement occurred on my face. I think that's all about my brief sharing on my daily food intake at that treatment duration.

I slapped on bed as early as 10...

I did it almost everyday! This is to ensure that I have sufficient rest hour for myself and my biological clock works pretty efficient as I usually woke up at around 6 the next morning. And you know, avoiding from the light side was part of my role and I felt nice to wake up at six at a slightly dark surroundings where the sun rise had yet to occur at my place here. Call me weirdo.

I discovered more on youtube...

It doesn't make sense in watching a lot of skin care related tutorial videos to make myself be positive but I did that anyway. Perhaps the flawless skin appeared on the model leads me to stay firm on my role to take good care of my skin in hoping one day I can look nice too. Also, I started to watch and learn some basic make up as well. I shall express my gratitude to the nightmare once again, else, I wouldn't master some basic make up skill now. From this, I perceive that I shall really live with no regrets, follow my heart to do what I want but of course, with my brain along, too.

That's all from me on this topic. There would be another new post on this series if I recall back anything that I should add on. However, I also welcome you to drop me a comment here or perhaps an email. I would do my best to answer whatever doubt that came across your mind during your reading in this post. 

Thank you for reading once again.

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