VLOG 05- We did it this way!

Hi all! If you've been following me on my social media platforms, you got to see some updates of a bunch of people on a weekend getaway early this month. In fact, it was the coursemates' pre-graduation trip!

A photo taken on our visit to paddy processing factory @ Sekinchan.

What is that about?
This pre-graduation trip is a 3-day-2-night weekend getaway to the state of Selangor in Malaysia, particularly Bandar Sunway, Klang, i-city, Sekinchan and Kuala Selangor.

Who are the participants?
This trip is made up of 12 students who are also the coursemates. All of them come from different hometown including Penang, Ipoh, Kuantan, Subang, Klang, Cameron Highlands and Pantai Remis.

The duration of the trip, please? 
It was held from 29th September till 2nd October 2016. 3-day-2-night as mentioned earlier is referred as the itinerary was carried on.

How long do you all do the planning? Tell us brief about the process?
We did it right on the first week of the semester! A lot of prompt suggestions from each of us are well received and then we did some filters on it. Some of us suggested Genting Highlands, Malacca and Bukit Tinggi. We even approached a travel agency to get quotation as to meet our itinerary. Due to time and budget constraints, at last, all of us made a pact to go Sunway Lagoon, Klang, Sekinchan, Kuala Selangor and i-City.

Brief Itinerary, please?
29th Sept - Evening bus to reach TBS the next morning
30th Sept - Sunway Lagoon Fun Day, Dinner @ Hungry Hog, Surprise B'day Celebration @ Han Bing
                   Check in accommodation booked via Airbnb
    1st Oct - Breakfast @ Klang, Sekinchan day tour, Dinner @ Kuala Selangor, i-City, bonding                               session at the house
   2nd Oct - Check Out from the accommodation, Breakfast @ Kwai Sun, self activities @ Sunway                        Pyramid, Dinner @ Sho Kushiage, bus back to university.

If you think that you know well with this simplified itinerary, YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY WRONG! I would strongly advise you to watch the video of the trip because there are a lot of funny moments happened throughout the trips! And we even met Minion and Cheng Sao! Not sure what is Cheng Sao? Then make sure you click to watch the video till the end.

Here to attach the video, trust me, this would make your day and perhaps brings you a reminiscing moment of your degree time!

Enjoy the video!

I welcome you to drop me any comments or suggestions regarding to the video or this overall post either, thank you for watching once again!

PS: A new post from 'My Acne Nightmare' would be next, be prepared to hold your breath XD