Great Catch of the Day!

I'm neither a Pokemon fan since small nor even involved myself in Pokemon Go that was the hottest gaming app in the society months ago. However, the feminine characteristic within me would still spot some cute characters or what we called the Pokemons! 

To catch the pokemon is definitely not my thing since I'm not the so called trainer.
How about if I tell you I did it in another way? Hmm 
Proudly introduce to you, my GREAT CATCH ever, Vulpix and Ninetails!

They are now staying on my phone case forever!

Alright, to all those trainers, don't face palm over it. I'm actually introducing a great thing to all of you which is customized phone case. 

3 scenarios you might face in picking your phone case
1) Selecting a just right and nice phone case might be quite tricky sometimes especially to the ladies.
2) Some phone cases sold in rather higher and not reasonable price.
3) You don't want to see others own the same case model as yours.

So, why not you have your favourite photo to be a highlight on your phone case?
It's what we called limited edition or one and only case model you could own. 

This could straight away settle the scenarios as mentioned earlier because you only have to pay for one customized phone case at an absolutely reasonable and affordable price!

Pay RM 20 instead of RM 39
- Inclusive of GST 
- Save up to RM 19
- Free delivery within Peninsular Malaysia
(Promotion valid till 30 November 2016)

Here's the list of phone model available for the customization

Sounds interesting to have one for yourself or maybe a gift to your siblings and friends?

Place your order today through Miss Elaine, whatsapp her your photo and details at 019-9858151.
Let her know about your intention of sending text (eg: placing order for phone case) and don't forget to mention the exclusive code "SHM1001" in order to have your customized phone case at only RM 20.

You are now a few touches away to own your personalised phone case at an affordable price, hurry!

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you.

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