There I go for 19 productive days

I had a quite productive time for the past eight days in 2017. From doing revision for last paper (so much struggling under Last Paper Syndrome), doing house chores (literally everyday), went to banks, dropping grandma for the checkups, morning market as well as grocery shopping. I'd thought it should not be a big deal but hell yeah, one should really get involved into it before saying it's easy. The frustrating time is when you are the midst of locating your car at a lot and leave halfway at the teller just to scratch a new parking coupon before get fined by the city councils. Deep inside, I'd never made any complaint on it because it's my responsibility after all. Okay, peacefully fine.

Ending the paper last Saturday simple means that I'm now totally a vacant one before enrolling into internship which is after Chinese New Year. So I call this period of time as the transition time and at the same time, the last chance of my freedom time. Exactly 19 days to go to CNY Eve and I'm now setting some challenges to myself, no it shouldn't label as challenges, overdue task, maybe? Haha, I've been dragging a lot of things previously, mostly because of procrastination and of course, laziness as well. There I make this post and I shall work it out, it's now or never.

#1 Me before you
Yes, the best selling novel and one of the hit in 2016. I watched the trailer and read also lots of friends' comment during its screening time, I don't know why but I was literally moved by the plot. Damn, blame to the little naive deep inside my heart. I'm truthfully appreciate the book voucher from the Government ever since my first time receiving back to sixth form time and last year, I used it to redeem the novel. I insisted to have myself entertained by the novel rather than movie though I may just settle it with maybe just 2 hours of watching time in front of laptop. To be true, I really miss those days I flip pages by pages and kept myself entertained by the plot (okay, it's young adult fiction). 'Those days' are quite a long time ago, during my high school time, to be exact, where my favourite novels including Meg Cabot's series and Mary Kate and Ashley. My obsession on that kind of young adult/teenage girls' kind of dream life are almost all plotted inside. Also, this is the time where I find it quite effective to improve my language too. Alright, one of my to-dos is to completed reading the left pages that are over than 450 pages.

#2 A fist within four walls 城寨英雄
Hahaha! Yes, you don't get it confused, it's the TVB drama that 'sapu' a lot in recent award ceremony. Acquaintances of mine know that I don't go after every new released tv show or drama unless I have the perfect timing to adapt it, the last one was '一屋老友记' House of Spirits as I had time to kill after my teaching at morning session. Over its great win and support from fans, this drama is undoubtedly a must watch and I always believe that it's never too late to watch any tv shows or drama as long as it's a good one. So, based on my previous experience, I believe that this can be settled easily and in shorter time (No need finger-crossed for this, haha!)

#3 Paper craft
I remember this is my last year's to-do around the month of January but I did freaking nothing in the end. I've been wanting to do some easy art craft despite my artistic skill in hands-on is very poor. I did poster colouring just like the primary school student do, I enjoyed throughout the process even though it's just purely colouring. In conjunction with upcoming Chinese New Year celebration, I would like to do some simple paper craft. I did watch the tutorial video and it's interesting! So, stay tuned for the outcomes.

#4 Perioral dermatitis
I uttered a big cry last night for the first time over this. Even I myself are shocked to know it's existence and why the heck it worsen blablabla? Okay, stop blaming but to face it. I'm now doing weekly follow up with dermatologist and sad to say that my pill intake routine has backed. All I want is to get it stabelised and the red mark/scar to fade. I'm taking good care on my food intake and lifestyle routine. Damn, I sleep as early as 10 as usual. God, please be good on my case.

#5 Helping hands
That's my responsibility to assist my mum and grandma as there will be some heavy grocery shopping (canned drinks and blablabla), prayers and spring cleaning. It's exhausting sometimes after been through the freaking traffic jam in the market, long queue at the counter, long wait for the empty lift.(Money, you come to me consistently in big amount in long run as well) But, it's one of the happiest moment I spend with them too actually.

I don't dare too big, five to-dos are right and nice to do within 19 days. Not to forget, the pending post to publish too. May your days be productive and stay hydrated!