Outdoor Portrait in Campus

I WOULDN'T BELIEVE ON MY DECISION UNTIL TODAY. Trust me, it's basically about the courage at the moment that I made up my mind to go beyond. Little challenge on myself, I suppose.

I'm still a socially-awkward one in an unfamiliar environment. The main reason to involve in an outdoor portrait is simply for the sake of myself. In other way round, counting down to leave campus life indicates that I shall maximize it while I can, be it to carry more activities in campus or do something that never done before.

I come across to know that there is a student in my university, Jeanie, is new in providing photoshoot service. I was thinking, why not we make out for a win-win situation where both parties have the opportunities to learn more? Then, I approached her for more details and yeah, the deal is successfully made up in a short time. Alright, photo time!

Six things you ought to know before photoshoot session
- Communicate with your photographer on the idea for the outcome. Like mine, I asked for feminine concept because it is what I actually lack of, I think.

- Refer to as many portraits as you could to seek for the pose. As recommended by Jeanie, we often get the idea from Cup A.

- Select the suitable coordinate that best fit your photoshoot concept.

- Discuss with your photographer about the coordinates including the accessories. 

- If possible, bring nothing (including mobile phone) but only essential items for photoshoot purpose. You wouldn't want your photographer to risk up the damage of your stuff just because he/she may perform in many possible posture just to get the best shoot of you

- Stay calm behind the camera lens. This is to make sure you don't sweat much to smudge off your make up.

My experience of photoshoot
Being passive and unassertive in front of the photographer and unfamiliar public place, Jeanie is able to guide me patiently throughout the photoshoot, be it the pose or the facial expression to get the outcomes turn well. It was a nice short break and I really enjoyed myself in the evening despite the schedule was so much packed for assignments at that time.

I realize that I shall work it out while I can for every possible idea or wish that branched out. All because we only live once, no longer sticking to the status quo.

So, the best time to live out your idea is right now. Never estimate your little/tiny idea because it may possibly turn into a great one. Never tried never know!

If you're interested for a wonderful experience, you may contact Jeanie for more information via
Facebook Page: Jeanie's Photography
Instagram: Jeanie's Photography
Wixsite: Jeanie's Photography
(Log on to view her portfolio!)

 Let me end this post with this ultimate (dreamy) effect of a portrait of mine.