Roost for Reunion at G Hotel

Feast. Revel. Bustle. These are how people involve themselves in every festive celebration including the upcoming Chinese New Year. If you are one of those who is still in the midst of selecting the best servings for family or even relatives, fret not, here's a good one for your consideration. In conjunction with the Year of Rooster or what Chinese believe it to be a Golden Chicken Year, G Hotel, as annual, wouldn't miss to provide a great platform for people to reunite in tables, simply means preparing tantalizing meal in an evening.

As shown above, there are three packages namely Happiness (RM 1388 nett), Prosperity (RM 1488 nett) and Longevity (RM 1588 nett). Each of them is inclusive of 8 dishes with free flow of selected Chinese Tea. All served Halal except for additional order on alcoholic drinks.

We were in the bliss to have both red and white wine as a companion in our dinner.

Being privileged for a review, I would like to focus on Longevity Package. It is simply an ideal one for seafood lover as the treasures of the sea are served in almost every dish. The first one, without a doubt, is led by the serving of Yee Sang as a symbolic of all things auspicious.

New Year Fresh Salmon Yee Sang
*Personal Favourite

This flavoursome Yee Sang kicked off my taste buds and I truly enjoyed myself eating it. Also, the crispness of the crackers and the plum sauce is sweet, just right to be a fantastic dressing. Not to mention, fresh raw salmon slice with a little bit of buttery from its fat plays an essential role in a whole. Better yet, it's all about naturally-colourful presentation in front of the diners.

Next, what about soup to warm your stomach?

Braised Shark's Fin Soup with Crab Meat and Dried Scallops

Nothing big for a shoutout for this. Personally, the broth is slightly diluted for my preference. I suppose it's due to the frequency of scooping or stirring . Just my two-cents, I'd always be indulged over a rather thicker texture of the broth.

Not to forget, it's the turn for some protein intake.

Steamed Whole Chicken with Dried Oyster and Sea Moss in aluminium foil

The broth is exactly my kind of favourite texture! It is apparently thicker with little flavoursome of Chinese herb. Chicken breast would be a perfect one for diners with diet-conscious. Did I forget to mention that it is kampung chicken? In fact, the meat is more succulent and contains less fats as compared to farm chicken.

And you know festive season is always a great excuse to savour some high cholesterol food. 

Fried Shell-less Prawn in Milk Curry Sauce

Despite the shell-less servings, the mild milky curry sauce managed to unleash in molar as the prawn is marinated overnight. Not too spicy though, suitable even for children.

Next, vege lovers' favourite.

Braised Sea Cucumber and Sea Asparagus with Broccoli
*Personal Favourite

A big thumb up for this fantastic combination. Crunchiness from broccoli and also appropriate braise that lead to the softness from sea asparagus. Plus, braised sea cucumber that comes with gelatinous texture is simply mouth-watering.

The chef wouldn't want you to miss out fish dish as well.

Steamed Cod Fish in Spicy Crispy Bean
*Personal Favourite

Another favourite dish from me over its Chinese style soy sauce. Not too salty and good to go with the unstoppable dipping with the fish. Make sure you have it while it is served warm to be guaranteed with consistent softness and balanced tender of the fish as well as the fragrance from the soy sauce.

As usual, rice is served to make sure the diners to be full.

Fried Rice with Fresh Scallops and Prawn topped with Shredded Crispy Dhafa Fish

A big highlight to fried rice as it is served less oily which definitely sounds great to the diners. The scallops that imported from Hokkaido are claimed to be more tender and sweeter. The children, especially, would love to grab more on the crispy dhafa fish, guaranteed!

Last, dessert served to have the diners leave with satisfaction.

Double Boiled Sea Coconut with Fresh Ginseng, served with Sesame Sweet Potato Bun
*Personal Favourite

A warm dessert is just right to end the dinner over the harmonic flavour of sweetness and bitterness, perfectly paired with a small bun.

 Moreover, the in-house sesame sweet potato bun deserves a big shout out. I like the natural fragrance from sweet potato and the bun contains no yeast smell, too.

That's all of the eight courses from Longevity Package at G Hotel. In a whole, it was a delightful dinner to have, with the integral of diversified colour (especially Yee Sang), aromatic flavour as well as the excellent taste of the eight courses. It's truly a great place to have friends and family roost for a reunion dinner with exceptional service provided too.

All three packages (Happiness, Prosperity & Longevity) are available in both G Hotel Gurney and G Hotel Kelawai, with a minimum of three tables (of ten persons) that make up for a private function room. Valid from 15 January till 15 February 2017.

Calling out the buffet lovers! Worry no more if you are not likely to have course dinner. Here's the buffet packages from both Taste Cafe (G Hotel Gurney) and Spoon (G Hotel Kelawai), serving for brunch and dinner from Chinese New Year Eve (Dinner only) till Second Day of Chinese New Year. If you are keen, kindly place your reservation by 20 Jan 2017 to be entitled for 15% off early birds discount.

A great dinner spent with fellow bloggers, together with Christina Tan (6th from right), Director of Communication of G Hotel and Annie Wong (1st from left), Marketing Communications Executive of G Hotel.

Feel free to make your inquiry regarding to the course dinner or buffet via
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G Hotel Kelawai: +604 2190000 (Telephone) / +604 219 0101 (Fax)

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Perhaps the love birds would glad to know about the valentine's packages provided by G Hotel.

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Many thanks to G Hotel for extending the invitation and Christina Tan for hosting us as well as Annie Wong for the arrangement.