Tale As Old As The Ais - Georgetown, Penang

The citizen might not easily spot on this little store whereas it's apparently a favourite pit stop for the backpackers who are in their journey to explore or wander in the heart of Georgetown. Little did you know that there's a tale - difficult to believe over its little yet warming story created continuously along the operation of The Ais, a homemade ice cream store run by Oong's family.

Admittedly, I just can't help but being hooked at Tale As Old As Time where it's apparently, part of a little contribution to the title of this post. But, The Ais truly deserves for such a unique title, simply because this entry is more to spreading awareness instead of purely my humble review on the homemade ice cream.

The life-long mission in the core of The Ais, Make Children Smile blessings project. This is to help the helpless land and children in Isan, northeastern region of Thailand, bordering Laos and Cambodia. The Ais operates beyond than selling ice cream, not to mention, they invest their time to prepare it wholeheartedly to bring hope to the children, based on their resources.

I bet many of you, deep down understanding that a great production is simply an assembly of passion/huge interest, relentless of failure and re-attempt plus discovering and not to forget, long term of perseverance.

Partnering with The Ais, you can also make a so called win-win contribution to help the unfortunates too. Simply a scoop of ice cream, not a big deal to you right? Better yet, there are up to 16 unique flavours of ice cream available, I'm confident that your satisfaction and surprise guaranteed!
PS: Buy 2 Free 1 scoops is happening from time to time, make sure you follow The Ais Facebook Page to get the real-time updates from them.

Here's some of my recommendations for you in order to create good deeds for the sake of your tummy and most importantly, the children's happiness.

Double & Waffle (RM 15.90)
Two scoops up of your choice among 16 flavours of ice cream and freshly made waffle.

Ice cream flavour: Banana + Green Tea
Simply a wonderful tea break choice for me! The big highlight, certainly, goes to the homemade ice cream. Frankly, it is the purest flavour I've ever tasted in Penang (Despite being a big fans of New Zealand Natural Ice Cream). 

  • Banana flavoured ice cream contains a faint taste of lemon as the latter one is added to avoid oxidization happens in banana flavoured ice cream.
  • Green Tea flavoured ice cream is at the right level of bitterness which is to my own liking (No additonal sugar added though)
  • Waffle itself is smaller in serving as compared to that of others. Moderately crispy outside and fluffy. We don't get to the starchy taste, simply just the fragrance of leavened batter. 

Nutella Guinness (Single Scoop / RM 8.90)
A scoop portion is relatively larger at The Ais (which excites us the most)
We love this alcohol-based where it unleashes at the back of throat, giving us sort of refreshing tasting experience.

Promising to be a natural and fresh ice cream store, no stabilizer is added during the preparation of the ice cream. That's simply explains on its melting starts so much quick (shortly after it is served and we start to take photo). In other words, this also means that you are safe from plant, bacteria and animal-by products in consuming it.

Water Kefir (RM 8.90)
Available in Roselle, Coconut, Pineapple, Lemon, Passion Fruit and Nutmeg
Not our go-to sipping choices despite it has a number of healthy benefits. Carrying a tiny bits of burnt and sour vinegar at times.

More about the ice cream
  • Grab your favourite unique flavour such as Horlicks, Cinnamon Plum, Butterly Pea, Charcoal Cheese
  • Vegan ice cream are coconut, mango, avocado and Gula Melaka
  • Time-consuming in the preparation - from cooking the custard, chill overnight, churn till smooth and freeze till harden. All these prepared at the premise, and only serve customer 2 days after. 
Save the location for your driving convenience now!

 (Scaling Point: 0 - Lowest; 5 - Highest)
Price: 3.5/5 (Compatible with franchise ice cream outlet, even, more valued)
Taste: 3 + 0.5 / 5 (Another 0.5 denoted by "homemade" - no chemical fertiliser/ artificial colour/ MSG)
Cleanliness: 4/5 (One of the few cafes which is clean and in neat arrangement)
Dining Ambience: 3 + 0.5 / 5 (Air-conditioned indoor seating +  interior mural paintings by Oong's children)
Vehicle Parking: 2.5/5 (Street parking, might be tricky during peak lunch hour)
Business Hour:  2pm - 10pm (Closed on Mondays)
Address: 473, Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, Penang. 
Contact: +605 261 0427 (Jonathan Oong)
Facebook Page: The Ais (click me)
Possible for return visit? YES

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Deepest gratitude to Mr Jon and his family for extending the invitation and hosting us

惊。喜 五月


我指的是生日惊喜。在此我再次向大家说声 谢谢。

从生日前几天有点cacat surprise的晚餐(虽然按耐不住自己硬是要说破你们的tactic haha!),到鱼扒晚餐,到carpool的两位boss生日当天一大早的低调庆生,到友人不经意之下才知道当天是我的生日然后请吃的鸡饭,还有同事事后的蛋糕以及大家的祝福。(他妈的全都是食物呢)。当然也忘不了朋友们的私讯祝福。我太爱你们了!







惊喜的月份也快到了尾声,紧接着下来就是gear up for academic report了。心中多么不愿意也得硬着头皮面对(不然老娘毕业不了)。很快啦,我会迈进下一个生活阶段,那 才是真正挑战的起头。

High Tea Buffet During Lunch Hour? Mind blowing.

Yes, you see it correct. It's the evolution of lunch, perhaps where high tea buffet is ready to serve as early as lunch hour. Anyhow, this is wholeheartedly prepared by the chefs and the crews in Flamingo Cafe of Flamingo Hotel by the beach, Penang.

Weekend Special is a series of buffet serving in both day time and evening hour, from every Friday (dinner buffet only) to Sunday.
I'll be highlighting on Saturday's buffet which is titled as 'High Tea Buffet', serving from 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Despite a Halal certified dining area, the food are suitable literally for all including the aged and the kids. If you were like me who was kinda doubt for a food experience on this buffet (because of the name "High Tea Buffet" that serving in lunch hour), you gonna be proven wrong over a range of food served, from the signature of Malaysian food like Nasi Lemak with Gulai Sotong, Chicken Feet Loh Mee to Kerabu Mango with dried shrimps and even Zaru Soba (Cold Soba Noodles) with Unagi to a variety of finger food and extensive range of local as well as western-styled desserts.

Bottomless lunch for two together with welcome drinks, Flamingo's mixed fruit beverages.

Variety of finger food including
Pulut Udang, Open Face Sandwich, Deep Fried Breaded Shrimps Bread Ball

Mixed fruits and/or Beet Root Salad, Pie Tee

Deep Fried Loh Bak (Chicken Roll) with seafood chili sauce
Potatoes au gratin
Teriyaki Chicken Skewer
Potatoes curry puff
Stir Fried Dried Seafood Hor Fun with green chili pickles

Nasi Lemak Gulai Sotong

Chicken Feet Loh Mee

Selection of cakes
 Dimsum and Chinese bun
Selections of cut fruits

Weekends' SpecialsFridays
 Meat and Poultry Feast - (7pm to 10.30pm) 
Adult - RM 85 nett ; Child (4 to 11 y/o) - RM 45 nett

High Tea Buffet (12.30pm to 2.30pm)
Adult - RM 53 nett ; Child - RM 29 nett

 Crustaceans and Shellfishes Night (7pm to 10.30pm)
Adult - RM 76 nett ; Child - RM 40 nett

Sundaymania (12.30pm to 2.30pm)
Adult - RM 39.90 nett ; Child - RM 29.90 nett ; Goldies - RM 29.90 nett

*Child - 4 to 11 y/o 
*Goldies - 60 y/o and above

It's considered one of the great spots for family's meal gathering or corporate celebration. 
for the sake of...
Halal certified food
Dining in Four-star hotel (and Free Parking! XD )
Relax and open atmosphere 
By-the beach photoshoot spots for the ladies (Hold on, whisper scream will do LOL )

To place your reservation, 
Call +604 - 892 7167 
Email: fbm@flamingo.com.my

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Thanks to Mr Zack, Assistant F&B Manager of Flamingo Hotel
Miss Racheal Loh, Founder of Foodilifecious
for the hosting and arrangement

"Royal High Tea" Onboard Superstar Libra, You Deserve It.

Eliminate yourself from being stereotype that you could only spend an utmost quality of high tea serving in five-stars hotels or premium restaurants, all thanks to Hwajing Travel and Tours Sdn Bhd, you are now exclusively invited for Royal High Tea onboard. And ladies, ready for a looonnggg scream because it's all about free flow of high tea serving!!!
In line with Royal High Tea:
Steward attendants clad in traditional steward outfit, white gloves and white napkins.

It's rather common (or maybe cliche) for a vacation via flight nowadays. What about Now Everyone Can Try the extraordinary cruise holiday experience. The travel packages offered are absolutely unique yet affordable for a idyllic escape from the hustle and bustle from daily life. Here's the reasons why.

1. Exceptionally dedicated "Royal High Tea".

Enjoy the good times by rewarding yourself a majestic and distinctive afternoon tea, certainly a taste of unique experience in lifetime. Hwajing sincerely endeavours to offer "Royal High Tea" onboard which follows the authentic style of the British's, best guaranteed via the elegant drinking atmosphere and professional steward service.

An afternoon tea wouldn't be complete without free flow of delicious selections (Pure Peppermint/ Earl Grey/ English Breakfast/ Pure Green Tea) from Twinings Tea USA.

2. Comfort in the cabin.

 Oceanview Stateroom with Window (2 single beds)
Introducing you one of eight cabins available,  Oceanview Stateroom with Window.
It is approximate up to 130 square feet where you have the options to choose: 2 single beds or 2 single beds and 2 pullman beds or 2 single beds and 1 pullman bed.

3. Perfect moment to unwind in the evening.
If you were like me who is an extreme UV ray anti people or in mandarin we call it  见光死, don't you worry as the onboard time opens at 5pm and it just right and perfect to go to the top deck for a spectacular view of sunset!

4. Bed time? What? 
I bet you'd never regretted to delay your bed time when you're onboard. It's simple, have a stroll or lay on the lounge chairs (available at Deck 10), small talk with your partners, or maybe silently enjoy the wide sight of dark sky (might be full of stars, if you are lucky enough) while unleashing yourself with the windy breeze.
Also, if you think some alcoholic beverages might be an awesome add-on, you could just place order at Coconut Willy's (at Deck 10) till late into the night.

5. Exciting moment begins as early as sunrise moment.

Sunrise at 7.15am 
Pardon me to have an exaggerating morning call to get you up from the magnetic bed. Leaving the cares of the world behind and go for the glorious sunset view, happening live in front of you!

Look up for the magnificient sky view, so close yet so far.

Ready to be spoiled for International Mariners Buffet where breakfast starts serving as early as 6.30 in the morning. Isn't it simply revelling to have some distinctive dining experience like this? I wish for second time!

Others including Chinese and Asian cuisine (Spices Restaurant), Western culinary art (Four Seasons Restaurant), family-styled Chinese restaurant (Ocean Palace) and exclusive Chinese dining (Taipan).

"Royal High Tea" is an exclusive royal hospitality for cruise travellers who sign up for 4 Days 3 Nights package (Penang-Phuket-Krabi-Penang) via Hwajing Travel & Tours. If you are staying at KL region, free shuttle bus will be arranged to ferry you to Swettenham Pier Cruise Terminal, Penang.

PS: There's an ongoing BUY 1 FREE 1 promotion in launching Royal High Tea by Hwajing Travel & Tours, as low as RM 1998 which ends on 30 July 2017, so you now have another very good consideration for your upcoming vacation holiday!

For more, call up to Hwajing Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd.
KL (Headquarter) - 03 - 9200 2929 (Phone) / 03-9283 6566 (Fax)
Penang branch - 04 - 2293566 (Phone) / 04 - 2290566 (Fax)

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Million thanks to HwaJing Travel & Tours Sdn Bhd for extending the invitation.
Not to forget, Miss Clachel and the team for the fantastic arrangement  onboard.