High Tea Buffet During Lunch Hour? Mind blowing.

Yes, you see it correct. It's the evolution of lunch, perhaps where high tea buffet is ready to serve as early as lunch hour. Anyhow, this is wholeheartedly prepared by the chefs and the crews in Flamingo Cafe of Flamingo Hotel by the beach, Penang.

Weekend Special is a series of buffet serving in both day time and evening hour, from every Friday (dinner buffet only) to Sunday.
I'll be highlighting on Saturday's buffet which is titled as 'High Tea Buffet', serving from 12.30pm to 2.30pm

Despite a Halal certified dining area, the food are suitable literally for all including the aged and the kids. If you were like me who was kinda doubt for a food experience on this buffet (because of the name "High Tea Buffet" that serving in lunch hour), you gonna be proven wrong over a range of food served, from the signature of Malaysian food like Nasi Lemak with Gulai Sotong, Chicken Feet Loh Mee to Kerabu Mango with dried shrimps and even Zaru Soba (Cold Soba Noodles) with Unagi to a variety of finger food and extensive range of local as well as western-styled desserts.

Bottomless lunch for two together with welcome drinks, Flamingo's mixed fruit beverages.

Variety of finger food including
Pulut Udang, Open Face Sandwich, Deep Fried Breaded Shrimps Bread Ball

Mixed fruits and/or Beet Root Salad, Pie Tee

Deep Fried Loh Bak (Chicken Roll) with seafood chili sauce
Potatoes au gratin
Teriyaki Chicken Skewer
Potatoes curry puff
Stir Fried Dried Seafood Hor Fun with green chili pickles

Nasi Lemak Gulai Sotong

Chicken Feet Loh Mee

Selection of cakes
 Dimsum and Chinese bun
Selections of cut fruits

Weekends' SpecialsFridays
 Meat and Poultry Feast - (7pm to 10.30pm) 
Adult - RM 85 nett ; Child (4 to 11 y/o) - RM 45 nett

High Tea Buffet (12.30pm to 2.30pm)
Adult - RM 53 nett ; Child - RM 29 nett

 Crustaceans and Shellfishes Night (7pm to 10.30pm)
Adult - RM 76 nett ; Child - RM 40 nett

Sundaymania (12.30pm to 2.30pm)
Adult - RM 39.90 nett ; Child - RM 29.90 nett ; Goldies - RM 29.90 nett

*Child - 4 to 11 y/o 
*Goldies - 60 y/o and above

It's considered one of the great spots for family's meal gathering or corporate celebration. 
for the sake of...
Halal certified food
Dining in Four-star hotel (and Free Parking! XD )
Relax and open atmosphere 
By-the beach photoshoot spots for the ladies (Hold on, whisper scream will do LOL )

To place your reservation, 
Call +604 - 892 7167 
Email: fbm@flamingo.com.my

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Thanks to Mr Zack, Assistant F&B Manager of Flamingo Hotel
Miss Racheal Loh, Founder of Foodilifecious
for the hosting and arrangement