Jom, Iftar Feast with Tok Wan 101 Recipes

I really agree as the saying goes, when there's a will, there's a way. True to say that food hunting is already the life-long mission to everyone.
Sometimes we may get bored of the meal routine and you gotta put aside this little worries aside, simply because it's Bulan Ramadan now! Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul has just launched the popular Tok Wan 101 Recipes dinner buffet, open to public from 29th May to 24th June 2017.

Here I have the food highlights among 101 dishes. First, some starters to tantalize your taste buds

Buah Kurma (Date Palm)

The Prophet said: “Break your fast by eating dates as it is purifying,”
Despite the religious belif, personally I enjoy its naturally optimum sweetness, nice one to kick off our meal, ain't it?

 *whispering* "Yusuf Taiyoob"
You know it's Ramadan time when the advertisement is back on radio broadcast! 😂


Not to missed the traditional malay food.

Hainan Chicken Rice

The mains

Few different servings of cockles and balitung

Left: Ikan Cencaru 
Right: Ikan Keli

Both are my favourite, yum!

Chinese fusion

(bean curd) and taugua with cili berempah, simply warming complemented with white rice.
 Next, the most-anticipated, Bakar-bakar corner!
Kambing Panggang.

Freshly grilled satay.

Personally, it outstands a lot as compared to that served by others

Ulam corner
 More to ala kampung

Dried fish

Another ala kampung dish, best serving with complimentary sauce.
(翻身翻身 咸鱼都会翻身 😜

Starts feeling full? 😮 No way, you gotta regret for saying so. 😏


 Selection flavour of keropok, suitable for all ages!
"Uncle, roti kosong satu,"

It's pretty amazing to see Roti Canai stall set up in hotel, you can have the best taste of Roti Canai as it is serve upon your request!
Chicken Murtabak, best consumed with pickled onion, personal favourite as well as my high school after-school makan memory!

Time for Pencuci mulut!

Jeruk Buah-buahan(Pickled tropical fruits)

You no longer need to travel to Balik Pulau or even the famous Jeruk Madu Pak Ali franchise store to fix your craving, grab them all as you wish!

Left: Ais Kacang
Right: AisKrim Sumi

Some great remedies to cool you down in this sweltering evening, better yet, it's about childhood memories! Remember how we used to wait for a specific time, be it 6pm and wait for the uncle come with his bike? 😋

Fresh Cut Fruits

What about obtain some natural sweetness from the fruits? Nangka, my all-time favourite available,too!
Aneka kuih-muih
(Assorted cakes)

This is one of the signatures of Malaysian food. You don't have to choose wisely among a wide variety of them because there's no such rule of 4 ketul 2 ringgit anymore. 😍 So c'mon guys, ambik je apa-apa yang you suka makan! 

Selections of pudding. I found out they are quite laku, blame on sweet tooth I know right.

Assorted dessert. Another ladies' exclusively corner, I suppose?

Lastly, the buffet feast will be held in ground floor ballroom where the hotel is complete with ample parking spaces, providing you the convenience to gather even with a large group of attendees.

Price: RM 70 nett (Adult) ; RM 30 nett (Children 4 to 12 y/o)
To place your reservation,
Whatsapp 018-6880010 (24/7 service)
Fixed Line +60 4 646 8000

Thanks to Vistana Penang Bukit Jambul for the hospitality
not to forget, Rachael Imm for tagging me along.