7 Highlights: Japanese Buffet Dinner 🍴 SPOON, G Hotel Kelawai

With the wide acceptance of foreign cuisine by the community, it has becoming one of the common choices to select for a meal. For instance, Korean cuisine, especially, is flooded with buffet style BBQ promotion from time to time. Just my two-cents, Japanese cuisine buffet is mostly served in hotel with a relatively lower publicity and not to mention, the not-so strategic dining location to the locals especially.

Here to present 7 highlights that I found in Japanese themed buffet that is simply convincing toward your dine-in moment spent at Spoon Cafe (G Hotel Kelawai, Level 2).

1. Elimination of Monosodium Glutamate (MSG) and Alcohol 
In the practice of healthy diet concept, there is no any flavour enhancers (commonly known as MSG) added in the food preparation. It's purely the art work of Executive Sous Chef, Ong Ban Khoon and the team to bring out the real taste of food that is compatible to the authentic Japanese cuisine. Another highlight goes to the absence of alcohol used in making out a Muslim-friendly dining hall. This is definitely a great space for diners including the Muslims to enjoy Japanese food with a peace of mind.

Allow Sake No To-nyu Jiru (Creamy salmon miso soup) as the entree before the main dish.

Get some finger food, kids must be like it very much.

What about the traditional Japanese appetizer?
Don't forget to grab the smooth and creamy Chawanmushi (steamed egg custard) as well.

2. Assorted Sushi
As sushi is a staple of Japanese cuisine, it is a must to pick up at least one or two for a refreshing savore too. They are freshly prepared and replenished from time to time to ensure your continuous satisfaction in terms of great taste and freshness.

Sushi fans, get it all you can!

Nicely presented tako (octopus).

Hira-zukuri cuts (rectangular slice) of salmon sashimi.

3. Seafood Galore 
Here's some abundant source of minerals to keep you in good reproductive health. Treasure of the sea are freshly lay for your pick and also cold cuts, too.

Eat them fresh.

You could also opt for salad for the sake of balanced diet.

4. Marvellous Cheese Corner
If you were a Japanese food mania, you must've known that Japanese are really brilliant in innovate and infuse cheese (beside matcha) into food and beverage (despite it's diary production by the westerns). At Spoon Cafe, you have the opportunity of unlimited tasting more than simply biting into it.

Gouda Cheese.

Edam Cheese.

Brie Cheese.

Emmental Cheese.
(My top pick!)

5. Mouth-watering Dessert
This is normally served at the end as a completion of your meal yet ironically, it's the climax to the sweet-tooths and ladies, especially. G Hotel's in-house dessert has always been a great anticipation over its variety and most importantly, the wonderful taste to fly you high! (Stop screaming, girls! XD)

Creative art piece including selected pastries and confectioneries.

Chocolate fountain with assorted fruits and tidbits. 

Glutinous ball with sesame fillings in thick red bean soup (Zenzai soup).

Spot your favourite pick?
Some features include purin, green tea red bean mousse, Hokkaido cup cake and Japanese cheese cake.

6. Strategic location between shopping malls and comfortable dining space
It's no longer a big issue to you as Spoon Cafe at G Hotel Kelawai is strategically situated between Gurney Plaza and Gurney Paragon Mall. Just a minute or two of walking distance, you've already stepped into either one of the one-stops to do grocery shopping after that or get into limited sales or even a lovely movie date.

Being a old-school people, I was pleasant to step into the dining space floored with Peranakan-inspired cement tile.

Extensive simple interior including wooden dining tables and chairs, not to forget, aesthetic circus pendant lights leads to the sophisticated ambience. 

Moreover, the overlooking of Kelawai road that is always lively with relentless traffic flow adds up some captivating scene to stimulate your appetite too. Simply perfect for a casual dinner with your loved ones or even a corporate engagement.

7. G Signature drinks
Despite complimentary free flow of sky juice, you may opt something special to spark thru your beverage. Introducing some in-house signature drinks to skyrocket your food enjoyment at Spoon Cafe.

From left to right of three cocktails:
Pomegranate Mojito
Lychee Smash
Cili Lada
(Each RM 38)

I chose Watermelon Pudina (RM 21) which is under mocktails category.
Every refreshing sip is smoothly infused by the blended fresh mint leaves.

And of course, there're more for you discover besides these highlights as mentioned. Others include Action Station where the chef skillfully showcase you via all the Teriyaki food. Ice cream and fruits are another great choices to bottom up your satisfaction.

Spoon Cafe (Daily, 6pm till 11pm)

Japanese Buffet Dinner (Fridays and Saturdays)

RM 105 per person
RM 78 (Children below 12 y/o & senior citizens 60 y/o and above)

Also served
International Buffer Dinner (Sundays till Thursdays)
RM 75 per persom
RM 60 (Children below 12 y/o & senior citizens 60 y/o and above)

Free flow of house beer and wine at only RM 65 per diner

Inquiry or Reservations, kindly contact
+604 - 219 0000
G Hotel official website (click ME)

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