📎 5 Steps (of Hygienic Way) in Handling Contact Lens

I'd shared about the happiness of getting the right contact lens to improve vision and also adjust my eye colour vividly (click ME for quick read if you haven't), then I realise that the maintenance behind is crucial, in order to have continuously bling bling eyes.

Here's my personal practice to take good care on the lens as well as my eyes. Important for newbies because I believe this serves as a simple yet hygienic method to handle contact lens.

📍 Step 1 - Wash hands thoroughly
First step yet also the most important concern. It's essential to clean your hand in order to remove the invisible dirt/dust/bacteria that accumulated. Eyes irritation may occur if you ignore this step. Don't forget to dry your hands with towel after washing.

📍 Step 2 - Peels off the pack carefully
Hang in there!
As contact lens are immersed with solution and tightly sealed to prevent leakage (keeping the moisture), it requires some strength to peel it off patiently.

📍 Step 3 - Cleanse with solution 
Despite the lens is pre-packed with solution, I would still rinse it with my own bottle of solution.
Usually I have five drops then massage it for thorough cleansing (Another round of 7-8 drops to store in the case for monthly disposable ones).
This is due to hygiene purpose as they are packed with the solution since its manufacturing time.
At the same time, it also ensures a rich moisture-binding contact lens are attached on my eyes.

📍 Step 4 - Precise and careful pick
For my own best practice, I use index finger to point the central region of contact lens.
Ensure the circular edges of contact lens is bowl-shaped, else, it is considered inside out with the flare-out edge. I'd push it back with another side of index finger in that case.

📍 Step 5 - Insert patiently
Use the other hand (without holding contact lens) to widen and hold your eyelids.
Personally, I utilize both hands with non-dominant hand (without contact lens) widen and hold the upper lid whereas the dominant one do on lower lid. At the same time, I place contact lens over my eyes carefully.

Close your eyes slowly after placing and voila, here you go!
It's just that simple to have a pair of dazzle eyes with 5 easy steps!

I'm using Lacelle Diamond Daily from Bausch + Lomb. One thing I love the most over its daily disposable. This simply means I could switch the colour of contact lens according to my outlook and also, need not bring along solution with me especially during holiday occasion, so much convenient!

Let's see how colour variant works on my eyes.
Pink Rose 

No joke but I was very excited to see the instant result! The pink sheen successfully trigger the sense of distinctively feminine.
At least I own a little 女人味 in my eyes now, undoubtedly, this is my favourite pick of colour
(Despite I was quite reluctant to the colour initially).
Aqua Glacier

Despite my top love goes to pink colour earlier on, this is not a bad choice too.

The vibrant colour looks much attractive when it is exposed to sunlight, ice-blue sheen reflects refreshing and fun characteristics from my eyes!

I enjoy how Lacelle Diamond Daily series contact lens works gorgeously to spice up my eyes and overall outlook. With that, there's no need for #meituxiuxiu because the soul of window is readily rule for a great side of yours, guaranteed!

I'm glad to experience wearing the contact lens with utmost comfort. Frankly, I don't feel any 'strange' object inside my eyes throughout the time, plus, I don't feel any dryness, too.

Oh ya, did I mentioned about the solution I used for my contact lens? 

I'm using re-nu fresh from Bausch + Lomb. It works as a multi-purpose solution specially for cosmetic lens users (like the lens I'd shared as above), including silicone hydrogel ones.
I use it to for cleansing, rinsing as well as storage for monthly disposable contact lens.
Quite convenient to have all the needs in one bottle of solution!

For more info, log on to
✅ Lacelle Diamond Daily contact lens (click ME)
✅ Bausch + Lomb Malaysia Facebook Page (click ME)
PS: Lots of on-going contest to walk-away the products!
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