Hai Koay Teow Soup 👋 Fisherman's Wharf Penang, Karpal Singh Drive.

Finally, another affordable food is available at Karpal Singh Drive! Just so you know, a variety of foreign cuisine restaurant are kind of flourishly developing at Automall, and to be honest, sometimes I don't have the craving for any of them (probably tight budget/don't find any great highlights that keen to try out).

Overload of ho liao has be to balanced with the common food or in Mandarin we call them 平民美食, I bet many wouldn't go against with this saying, too.

One of the local's favourite, Koay Teow Soup from Hai has recently opened a stall and coincidentally, we were there during the grand opening!


🏢 Hai Koay Teow Soup @ Fisherman's Wharf Penang, Karpal Singh Drive.

🕑 Business Hour: 11am - 2am (Opens daily)

🚗 Parking: Parking lot (FOC)

💸Payment: Cash.

*Hai Koay Teow Soup owns a restuarant at Relau since 2013 where I'd been dining there from time to time.

There're up to seven options of noodles up to select including Koay Teow, Yellow Noodle, Bee Tai Bak, Maggie, Chor Bee Hun, Mee Sua and Koay Teow Mee.

Koay Teow Soup (RM 5-Small / RM 6-Large)
*Served with minced pork, pork fillet and fish ball
Add on: Egg RM 0.90 and Minced Pork RM 1.60
High five to anyone who like minced meat like I do! I had add-on that whereas egg..uhmm, it was my PIC added it when placing order. Not really obsessed for having egg in Koay Teow Soup, but since it has been order so I'll just take it.

Soup base is apparently a little bit darker but I'm fine on the taste. Not overly salty yet not very refreshing, too.

Yellow Noodle- Dry (RM 5-Small / RM 6-Large)
*Served with minced pork, pork fillet and fish ball
My PIC got this without any negative comment, so I assume it goes well to those who wanna try on dry version. A small bowl of soup is served, so worries-free that it will be dry to chew.

Steamed Chicken (RM 5-Small / RM 7-Medium / RM 9-Large)
It's became a must to add on steamed chicken when we're having Koay Teow Soup.
Must be inspired from Ipoh's Tau Geh chicken where diner couldeat with koay teow or rice, I suppose LOL

The chicken looks slightly pinkish, might not be comfortable for some of the diners. But we're okay with it as we believe colour doesn't indicate doneness (happen also at a fully cooked poultry). The essential oil makes our dining even better with a hearty bowl of Koay Teow Soup.

It's hard to recall the menu but probably it won't differ much from my previous visit at Relau outlet.

Spot the stall beside one selling asam laksa, just a short distance after drinks corner.

Taste: 3/5
Possible for return visit?
50% - if I wish to have some hawker food at Automall neighbourhood
50% - I could visit Relau outlet (near to my house) whenever I'm craving for it




所以最近就开始吃多了,还有点小失控呢 哈哈。凡事重口味的都来,酸辣食物,快餐都不放过。



Soothing Facial Treatment 🌟 Medi Beaute Bukit Mertajam, Penang

I'd been struggling with acne since teenager times (read more on My Acne Nightmare) which eventually limit myself a lot on cosmetics stuff like make up and facial treatments. I had only treatment cream and oral medicine to heal back then.

Thank God it's much stable now and I thought a simple facial treatment would be nice on my skin, provided that there's no harmful ingredients.

My face is prone to mild redness as the side effect of overload use of Dalacin T topical solution few years back. It's mainly because of the excessive alcohol contained which primarily to kill bacteria infection but then it caused severe skin damage in a long run. NOTE to those who are suffering with bacteria infection and wish to apply Dalacin T solution, use it in appropriate amount. So consequences? My skin is allergic to alcohol since then.

Dull, bigger size of pores and a little dehydrated, ahh... best describe my current skin condition.

I given myself a chance to step forward to go for facial treatment (in other ways, it literally means taking risk LOL) To be honest, I was very anxious deep down where I keep confirming with the beauty therapist no alcohol ingredients to be applied to my face, I may sound "cheong hei"  (exaggerating) to you, Nico but sorry I didn't mean to annoy you in that way also😬


🏢  Medi Beaute @ Pusat Perniagaan Gemilang, Bukit Mertajam (~10 mins driving from Auto City) 

🕑  10.30am - 8.30pm. Opens daily.

🚗 Street parking (required MPSP parking coupon)

💸 Visa, Master, Cash

I had a 90-minute soothing facial treatment as recommended by Nico as a way to penetrate moisture into my skin in order to sooth the redness. 

The facial treatment started with double cleansing on whole face consist of cleansing milk and cleansing gel. The first one works as a magnet to 'absorb' the make up and dust that leaves on our skin (epidermis layer) followed by the latter to remove those in pore as rinsing off with water. It is a crucial step to ensure a thorough cleansing to be performed for a more effective application later on.

Both cleansing agent works pretty well on me and I enjoyed how the hand technique applied that include the appropriate gesture and strength. Simply comfortable, I can just fall into sleep I guess!

I didn't just pampered by Nico in one-way output, instead, she guided me on my skin condition after the cleansing step. Moreover, she was readily to answer my doubt whenever I ask, that's some little part of services which I quite like. A gentle scrub applied on my face to remove the dead skin later on.
Next, she applied thick aloe vera soothing gel on my face and left it for about 15 minutes. All worked pretty good on me though. 

My most favourite goes to the third step! Cold compression machine was performed circularly on my whole face that with the gel on. It is to penetrate the moisture and cooling agent into dermis layer. What's more exciting is, it helps in face lifting instantly, look at the photo, instant result ain't it?Tell me who don't like it huh?! I miss it a lot!!!

Just as I was still revelling in the previous step, Nico helped in trimming my messy eye brow.

Another round of thick aloe vera gel was applied on my whole face again, shortly after. This time round, it works as a primer for hydration rose treatment mask that is on the fifth as well as the last step.

Be prepared on the following photo because I myself get shocked on it also! LOL
A very mild fragrance from the rose extraction is calming, not to mention, it was applied on whole face. And I have to stay still for 20 minutes.

Last but not least, the mask was removed with luke water and applied with toner as well as moisturizer. Upon request, Nico didn't apply sunscreen to because I didn't see the need to apply at late evening on 5 something (LOL, what a logic)

The whole facial treatment is a relaxing one and to my own great surprise, it is rather a fabulous. This solved my anxiety just before the treatment, I suppose.

Pore minimized, hydrated and more radiant skin. 

Got this candid photo during the dinner right after treatment. Well-pampered skin enhance my confidence to be in public place even with bare face!
And most importantly, I really could feel that my skin-care cream are now absorbed more easily into my skin after the treatment.

Another highlights
There's no hard selling which I was very comfortable with. Rather, it was like a consulting session for me to understand my skin more before any possible further transaction were performed. I'd been to quite a renowned one in Gurney Paragon few years back, no way. People from Medi Beaute are more customer-centralized rather than hitting sales target. I believe consulting session like this would attract more returning clients.

For my personal recommendation, you may look for Nico if you're keen to experience once. I enjoyed a lot from her skillful hand throughout the facial.

Service: 4/5 (So far so good on my first visit)
Possible for return visit?
PS: I'll be glad to assist you or your friend with further inquires on skin issues. Just drop me an email (mableseah@hotmail.com) or simply pm me via my facebook. Don't be shy! 😊

Oh My Wagyu 💋 Sango Japanese Restaurant, PJ

Stuffing up some greens right now? Beg you to put them away for this time, just once. Because I've got an awesome luscious recommendations at a Japanese restaurant! 

Gui Tataki


🏢 Sango Japanese Restaurant @ Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya, Level 2.

🕑 Business Hour: 11am - 2pm ; 5pm - 10.30pm (Opens daily)

🚗 Parking: Parking lot , Valet Parking.

💸Payment: Cash, Visa, Master, AMEX.

You are entitled for 15% off on total bill upon showcasing my food review to the outlet supervisor. Valid till 16 November 2017.
(But first, let's quick read about my honest review before you make a patronage ya!)

Real Japanese food lover wouldn't deny over wagyu beef at the utmost quality. Share with you three kinds of serving with wagyu beef, ready?

Gyu Tataki (Raw Beef in Special Sauce) RM 38 *My Top Picks
This baru deserves the title of "Eating fresh" than the sandwich chain restaurant LOL
I'm totally never a fan of raw food but this, I approve, simply because it doesn't taste strongly like it is! Shimmered with citrus sauce, apparently it's a great kick start for a meal.

Wagyu Kushiyaki (Beef Skewer) RM 18 *My Top Picks
Bet you wouldn't let it go after your first try!
 That few slices of garlic is so much essential that it further enhances the overall charcoal grilled taste. Bonus is, it is from Grade 7 wagyu meat (Grading Standard as Good for 5 -7, according to Japanese Meat Grading Association) 

Wagyu Toban Yaki (Beef on Hot Plates) RM 65
Some would prefer DIY though
A small ceramic griddle, essential for one pax to grill the meet and enjoy the piping hot slices.
Tips for ladies: Stay your bag away from it during the quick-cooking.

I believe there're some diners don't go along with beef, fret not, I do have other great recommendations to share, too!

Caterpillar Maki RM 32*My Top Picks
No Japanese No Sushi
This awesome roll is made up of unagi, cucumber and my favourite avocado. Delicacy is just a mouthful away!

Salmon Carpaccio RM 35*My Top Picks
I broke my own record to eat raw once more that evening.
Salmon mania, hunt it with spicy truffle vinaigrette, freshness is the key man. Noms!

Signature Sango Bento RM 51
It's like a treasure box, featuring sashimi, maki roll, salmon teriyaki, tori karaage and Zaru Soba (Chilled soba)

Kaisen Teppanyaki (Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki) RM 160
The treasure of sea are all in one, highlights goes to the omelette-kind top with prawn head.
Scrambled prawn meat with seasoning sauce is something everything would go for, especially the kids.

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Tempura) RM 33
Does it look like baby's-breath?
Put the fried stuff into dipping sauce for a slight salty pleasure, perfect!

Omakase Yakitori RM 45
Sharing platter is simply perfect, agree?
Dip the skewer into the raw egg like the Japanese! Make sure you beat mix them first.

Perhaps Jay Chou's duet song helps you to remember the restaurant more easily, yay?

Taste Review: 4/5 
Cleanliness: 3.5/5 
Possible to return?
YES please, set lunch next visit, from only RM 15.90 hehe

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Vlog 07 - 小心!Tuna的热辣随时让你招架不住😝

通常只要有机会我都不放过ASAM LAKSA还有TOMYUM汤之类的。当然,极限是拿来突破的(妈的哪来那么自信的一句话),我就来挑战看看是否我适应得了CHILLI TUNA。这老招牌AYAM BRAND的新产品来头不简单,它是有5个辣椒指数且带着的使命很简单,就要你飙泪


爱吃辣的你们,这个CHILLI TUNA值得尝试!OMEGA 3还是高蛋白质也好,可以边挑战边吸取其营养。感觉味蕾开始作怪了吗? 不如就到supermarket买下conquer 它,看谁先飙泪,加油!

No Cheese No Talk 😵 Omaya Korean Spiced Chicken @ Queensbay Mall, Penang

Cheese lovers wouldn't be unaware of this cheese-dominant Korean cuisine restaurant. With high anticipation from the cheese mania (some even travel down to the central of Malaysia to eat it), Omaya has launched the first outlet in Penang. You can now allocate the transport fee for Omaya instead 😤

Your saliva gland gonna be activated even more over the tantalizing food photos! 

Lee Kwang-Soo Cheese Dakgalbi
We had one of the four choices, 10oz Pork Chop Cheese Dakgalbi (RM 82)

Free flow of Ban Chan creatively served in a tool box. 
That's apparently one of the elements set up in conjunction of the interior design.

As there's an attendant ready to cook for diners, be sure to sit back and watch live (or record short videos) which the Dakgalbi is ready to serve after around 20-30 minutes.
Personally, this big hot plate is slightly spicy, not to my personal preference.

From my tasting experience, there's no allowance of time delayed over non-stop taking photos on the fascinating food presentation, else, it's hard to get the long and stretching cheese from the hot plate.

Honey Mustard Boneless Chicken Cube served with fries (RM 30) could be one of the top popular food in the house, I suppose.
Without much ingredients needed, only chicken and cheese that ready to satisfy your cravings over the cheeesssee.

Deep Fried Squid Cheese Tokpokki Stew (RM 58)
The crispy squid itself is quity delicious, not too salty though.

Anyone has siblings/cousins/ children that is around 120cm? Here's a height-compatible food in the house, featuring 1200mm Korean BBQ Skewer (RM 138)
Instant grill BBQ chicken (plus seafood!) are cooked on the spot by the waiters

meat to be cooked first,

followed by seafood.

Not to forget, grilled egg, taste good as it is warm!

To enjoy it solely or with rice, it's all up to you.

Complementary of refillable lettuce.

Pair up your meaty meal together with some alcoholic drinks, some studies suggest that it helps in reducing blood cholesterol. Featuring one of popular cocktails during summer time in Korea, Subak Soju (Watermelon Soju), RM 36.90.

This must have caught your attention over the colourful and tall serving of Rainbow Siush (RM 11.90)
Don't be shocked to see people carrying it strolling in the mall, it's a complementary container for every order. 

The beverage choices simply manage to trigger excitement to the diners.
Another highlight goes to Cotton Candy Fizzy Drink (RM 9.90 for each flavour), this is orange passion fruit yogurt flavour by the way.

 As expected to be sweet at the end of sipping, a slight taste of  sourish (from the yogurt I think) could be an addictive one!

If you wouldn't wanna overloaded with all the devil cheese, you may opt for this Busan Giant Seafood Platter (RM 148), perfect for a group of foodies!
Spot the steam? Holy... Isn't it a perfect sign of  a warming meal especially during rainy days?

Omaya Queensbay Mall (Daily, 10.30am till 10.30pm)

Official Website: Omaya Malaysia (click ME)
Facebook Page: Omaya Queensbay Mall (click ME)
Instagram: Omaya Malaysia (click ME)

Inquiry or reservations (strongly advisable), kindly ring
+604 618 0009