Oh My Wagyu ๐Ÿ’‹ Sango Japanese Restaurant, PJ

Stuffing up some greens right now? Beg you to put them away for this time, just once. Because I've got an awesome luscious recommendations at a Japanese restaurant! 

Gui Tataki


๐Ÿข Sango Japanese Restaurant @ Crystal Crown Hotel Petaling Jaya, Level 2.

๐Ÿ•‘ Business Hour: 11am - 2pm ; 5pm - 10.30pm (Opens daily)

๐Ÿš— Parking: Parking lot , Valet Parking.

๐Ÿ’ธPayment: Cash, Visa, Master, AMEX.

You are entitled for 15% off on total bill upon showcasing my food review to the outlet supervisor. Valid till 16 November 2017.
(But first, let's quick read about my honest review before you make a patronage ya!)

Real Japanese food lover wouldn't deny over wagyu beef at the utmost quality. Share with you three kinds of serving with wagyu beef, ready?

Gyu Tataki (Raw Beef in Special Sauce) RM 38 *My Top Picks
This baru deserves the title of "Eating fresh" than the sandwich chain restaurant LOL
I'm totally never a fan of raw food but this, I approve, simply because it doesn't taste strongly like it is! Shimmered with citrus sauce, apparently it's a great kick start for a meal.

Wagyu Kushiyaki (Beef Skewer) RM 18 *My Top Picks
Bet you wouldn't let it go after your first try!
 That few slices of garlic is so much essential that it further enhances the overall charcoal grilled taste. Bonus is, it is from Grade 7 wagyu meat (Grading Standard as Good for 5 -7, according to Japanese Meat Grading Association) 

Wagyu Toban Yaki (Beef on Hot Plates) RM 65
Some would prefer DIY though
A small ceramic griddle, essential for one pax to grill the meet and enjoy the piping hot slices.
Tips for ladies: Stay your bag away from it during the quick-cooking.

I believe there're some diners don't go along with beef, fret not, I do have other great recommendations to share, too!

Caterpillar Maki RM 32*My Top Picks
No Japanese No Sushi
This awesome roll is made up of unagi, cucumber and my favourite avocado. Delicacy is just a mouthful away!

Salmon Carpaccio RM 35*My Top Picks
I broke my own record to eat raw once more that evening.
Salmon mania, hunt it with spicy truffle vinaigrette, freshness is the key man. Noms!

Signature Sango Bento RM 51
It's like a treasure box, featuring sashimi, maki roll, salmon teriyaki, tori karaage and Zaru Soba (Chilled soba)

Kaisen Teppanyaki (Mixed Seafood Teppanyaki) RM 160
The treasure of sea are all in one, highlights goes to the omelette-kind top with prawn head.
Scrambled prawn meat with seasoning sauce is something everything would go for, especially the kids.

Tempura Moriawase (Assorted Tempura) RM 33
Does it look like baby's-breath?
Put the fried stuff into dipping sauce for a slight salty pleasure, perfect!

Omakase Yakitori RM 45
Sharing platter is simply perfect, agree?
Dip the skewer into the raw egg like the Japanese! Make sure you beat mix them first.

Perhaps Jay Chou's duet song helps you to remember the restaurant more easily, yay?

Taste Review: 4/5 
Cleanliness: 3.5/5 
Possible to return?
YES please, set lunch next visit, from only RM 15.90 hehe

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