Review: Fairy Trip Spa Hydrotherapy Mask - Chamomile 霏尔尼甘菊面膜套装

So I'm already on the board of regular facial service ever since last year I was exposed further into the line. It has become something I enjoy for better complexion and a short period of relaxation.

I was introduced by my friend, Fu Wei for a brand new spa-concept peeling mask. Being allergic to any alcohol ingredients skin care, I actually raised this concern and glad to know that they are alcohol free. For the time being, my expectations for new skin care products are always simply: hydration/ moisturizing (Dry skin sufferers must know me well! 😩)

Skin Concern: Hydration (Dry, sensitive)
Product: Chamomile Peeling Mask (Spa Hydrotherapy concept)
Brand: Fairy Trip 霏尔尼
Country of Origin: China
Ingredients: Solum Diatomae, Zea Mays(Corn), Starch, Silica, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Pectin, Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate
Usual Price: RM 138

Fairy Trip Mask - Chamomile
Really like this outcome of little shooting, macam advertisement je 😎




欲哭无泪的场景,我总算真正体验到了。我猜是因为力气消耗到不值得把所剩无几的给了泪珠。谈了整个傍晚,我一五一十把我的想法说了出来。比如我的next move等等。我家人很棒因为他们都不曾大大反对或阻扰我做的决定(虽然时不时念一下我是免不了的)

Friday's Flavours of 7 Continents @ Royale Chulan Penang

It's been a while for a buffet dinner. I really have the love-hate relationship on it because the desire to eat is always against with my diet limit. I tend to fall for the former, usually, all because of YOLO concept in my soul😝 A competitive caterer must be innovative in order to win people's attention first and foremost, thus, under the concept of global taste, I have "7 Continents Buffet Dinner" by Royale Chulan Penang.

7 Continents Buffet Dinner every Friday @ Sri Tanjung Cafe, Royale Chulan Penang

Activities: Seven Continents Buffet Dinner
Venue: Sri Tanjung Cafe, Royale Chulan Penang (Ground Floor)
Available: Every Friday, 6.30pm till 10pm
Price: RM 75 nett (Adult), RM 50 (6-12 y/o & 60 years and above)
Promo - Buy 3 Free 1 (Adult only)
Limited time - 20% off on total bill (adult and child price included) via promo code "RCPMABLE7C"

& DOLCE 🍰 Solaria Square, Bayan Lepas (2-minute Drive From Penang Airport)

Weekend meet-up is always an exciting activity to me, but occasionally...
I'm in dilemma because it seems like most of the great food are only available in downtown (In Penang, I'm referring to Georgetown).
Admittedly, I'd get turned off for driving long in the weekend (because I want to nua more).
Anyway, I'm so glad that Bayan Lepas region keep flourishing these days with the residential development which then F&B as well as regional office also come up after.
It means there might be more good food choices and I may not need to travel so far!
I got to discover about Solaria Square not long ago and searched out there're few dining spots that seems luring. And that was how I manage to drive short for meet up last weekend! 😝 We visited & DOLCE (AND DOLCE) for a sweet pamper, the confectionery is simply attempting!

Business Hour: 12pm - 7pm (Sunday - Thursday) / 12pm - 11pm (Friday, Saturday)
Best for: Sweet tooth / Ji mui gathering 姐妹下午茶聚会
Average Spending: RM 20 per pax

& DOLCE @ Solaria Square

Vivid presentation from the confectionary kills the ladies' heart


Get Right with Neubodi Malaysia For Perfect Bra Fitting 👙 @ Gurney Plaza

This would be an educational and informative post among the recents ones, hoping you all would spend about ten minutes to go thru, especially the ladies. Meanwhile, I'm reminding myself once more as I'm working out for this post, so it's about breast care with the correct way to put on bra(I was doing the INAPPROPRIATE way all these while damn)

Beep Beep, here'a a quick info to share, your attention needed!!

Just like some clothes, you must have some bras which you no longer find it fit on your needs, be it old or damaged or bra cup not fit, collect them and leave it to Neubodi to do the recycle work. Neubodi Bra Drive is highly demanding second-hand bras from you all ladies, happening nationwide till 4th November 2018 with the aim of eliminating wastage.
Neubodi Bra Drive happening now till 4th Nov 2018
I dropped mine at Neubodi store at Gurney Plaza, second floor.

Vlog 13 - 10 Seconds Detoxer For Dehydrated & Sensitive Skin!

It's been a while for a beauty-related coverage! This time I come out a very convenient wash-off mask that urban people shall own it in daily skin-care routine. Let's just be selfish for once, skip one IG story of your friends and pamper your skin a natural detoxer for a fresh complexion, only 10 seconds needed!

Brand: Althea Korea (Collaboration with Get It Beauty Korea)
Origin: Korea
Suitable for all skin type (My dehydrated, sensitive skin tested and approved!)

I would say a video of test wear is far effective to share with you guys about this good stuff, so here you go another little production from me. To clear some doubt for some of you, tested and proven by my sensitive, dehydrated skin, it works perfectly nice too. An approach to new stuff returns a smooth and return clear complexion for me.

I can't decide my favourite among these two because both flavours is just too good focussing different concern on my skin. Green tea is for soothing the tired skin after long day working whereas may rose is to balance skin's PH balance after a night of long rest.

I shared this stuff to my friends around, and most of them are actually surprise to discover over the golden 10-seconds for a clear skin! Skin Detoxer line is Althea Korea's second exclusive productions, after Petal Velvet Powder. Visit Althea Korea to get bargain deals of K-beauty as there're seasonal/limited time deals to grab!



那个好像要做报告的感觉越来越真实,不过,好,首先恭喜我自己终于做到了属于自己的domain然后也换了新面貌的 blog skin。把旅行回来后先呆在家里休息是没有错的,没啥大幅度的活动,我可是需要养神呢。刚过的工作日我都快无助因为一直打哈欠很困,然后也迟迟呆在 post travel syndrome, new zealand 真的很适合退休养老的好地方,很清静心情也自然畅快很多。我会再想去待更久也探索更多。



Akiyoshi (Izakaya Restaurant) @ Automall Penang

Automall as lepak destination is no longer a new thing to Penangites,  be it once a fame over hottest destination for Pokemon Go and to date, the development doesn't stop from flourishing with more tenants landing in. I guess this is partly why Penang Lang always love this place.

Akiyoshi Automall is something unusual than the rest I've been as it's nestled under Izakaya concept. A casual after-work dining place with the accompany of live band (available everyday from 9pm), better yet, they serve a variety of tummy-filling + satisfying Japanese food (apart from choices of skewer), best accompanied with some alcoholic beverages too.
Ebi Kakiage
(Mixed Sliced Vegetable Tempura) - RM 23

Restaurant: Akiyoshi @ Automall, Level 1
Serving: Japanese Cuisine (Alcholic beverages included) *Non Halal
Menu: Click ME!
Business Hour: 11.30am till 2.30 midnight, opens daily (Kitchen last call at 12.30am)

Live Band: Available daily from 9pm till 1.30am
Smoking area: Allowed in the restaurant from 9pm onward

Summer Afternoon Tea Party @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Life is about adding spices into the norm! Afternoon tea (also known as Hi-tea) is ladies' most-loved moment to indulge within, however, it could be extraordinarily joyous with little art workshop happening throughout. It's deco time on our favourite make up items, BB cushion! A smart Tai Tai in these modern days doesn't just indulge into the pastry but enjoy working on simple artwork too.

BB cushion deco and #TeaWithHilton at Axis Lounge
(Photo credit to Eros Si)

All thanks to the fruitful idea from The Butterfly Project(TBP) and DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang, BB Beauty Art Deco and #TeaWithHilton was held last Sunday in this summer. I attended this casual meet up with the butterflies(aka TBP community members). Participants are all Penang Lang (Penangites) while the host, Tammy (Mamasan) and the team as well as Jessica (National Marketing Content Manager of Hilton) came all the way from KL just for this meet up, much appreciated!
"Lenglui Lenglui everywhere"

Candid shot of Tammy and me

(Photo credit to Eros Si)
Event: BB Beauty Art Deco #TeaWithHilton
Host: The Butterfly Project & DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang

Venue: Axis Lounge @ DoubleTree Resort by Hilton Penang
Date: 19 August 2018, 3pm - 6pm
Sponsor: Althea Korea (Petal Velvet Powder & Goodies Bag) / The Butterfly Project (Deco kit)
(Photos from the community photographer, Eros Si will be indicated)

10 (& even more!) Things You Must Order @ Gravity Rooftop Bar, G Kelawai

Meet-ups, corporate event, mini function like birthday celebration, wedding proposal have become part of the routine in the urban city culture, and most of them usually settled in the cafes. To date in Penang, people have gradually shift the destination to hidden bars to indulge into 'the night is still young' late night activities. However, I don't find myself enjoy surrounded in a poor air ventilation (cigarette smoke), alcohol beverages or even poor live band.

I'd been to a rooftop dining bar, Gravity at G Kelawai last week and found that it's apparently a new spot for gatherings in Penang. The atmosphere is great to my own liking, the menu is another highlight you should put an attention as well. In fact, I had an enjoyable evening up on the 24th floor.

Venue: Gravity Rooftop Bar @ G Kelawai, 24th floor
Business Hour: 5pm - 1am daily
Best for: City view at night, cocktails event, corporate event, birthday celebration.
Average Spending: RM 40/pax

Gravity Charcuterie  RM 68

Gravity @ G Kelawai, Penang

Now everyone can save over thousand ringgit of travel cost for a rooftop dining experience in Bangkok. Here's my recommendations of ten things (and even more, too bad not to recommend good things) you ought to order whenever you're at Gravity.

Vlog 12 - Better Late than Never (Ipoh Day Trip)

Two more months to make it a year throwback for this Ipoh day trip.
So now consider shamelessly to make this overdue post.

Since Yijoo had never been to Ipoh before and we all urge for a weekend outing, thus, five foodies made it one. I miss Chooi Yue Dim Sum and 状元第及粉 the most!

"New Malaysia Sunday Buffet Lunch", dine at RM 24 nett

People love good surprises! (Or perhaps the ladies, mostly?)
Sometimes, things could just go possible which ended up with amazing outcome, for me, the latest one would be our nation's general election! I was actually suffering from toothache yet had to keep myself stay awake for the latest official results 🇲🇾

No more toothache after dental visit and it's none other than returning for food.
Not sure if you've noticed but there's a Sunday buffet lunch deal at only RM 24 nett for every adult in Penang recently. This rocking deal released by Flamingo Hotel by the Beach lasts for 100 days which means last day is on 23 September 2018. It has since become the rave topic among foodies, thus I decided to join the crowd to discover what's really going on with such low price on hotel buffet lunch.

Theme: New Malaysia Sunday Buffet Lunch
Available on: Every Sundays (till 23 September 2018), 12.30pm - 2.30pm
Location: Flamingo Cafe @ Flamingo Hotel by the Beach Penang
Dining Price: Adult - RM 48 nett ( BUY 1 FREE 1 @ RM24/adult)
                      Kids (4-11y/o) - RM 25 nett
Reservation: +604 8927 167

Vlog 11 - Whirlwind Trip to Hatyai, Budget & Pleased!

Got an impromptu family getaway to Hatyai on a weekend. Simply because we miss the good food there! This time, we took train to Hatyai city, a lil' bit unusual yet it was a fun discovery.

Here's some details which you may find it useful for your itinerary 
Trip: Hatyai City 2 Days 1 Night
Transportation: Train (Butterworth - Padang Besar - Hatyai)
Ticket Price: RM 11.40 (Butterworth - Padang Besar)
                      70 Baht (Padang Besar - Hatyai)
Ticketing Counter: Komuter - respective train station (Click ME for Komuter train schedule)
                               Siam train - To be spotted after alighted from Komuter train at Padang Besar                                        (Click ME for Siam train schedule)
Border Control: Padang Besar (Show passport + Siam train ticket in order to obtain Thai Arrival                                  Card Form)
Hotel: Be My Guest (600 baht per night, two single beds with bathroom)
*We made our room reservation via the hotel owner directly, email:

PS: You're welcome! 








负负得正所以这个是正面的了 哈哈哈
最近午餐都是meatless + real food meal。和一小群一起切切煮煮的,蛮解压的说。煮的方法就是烫熟还是煮汤,要不就做salad。吃的也很开心而且超级帮助消化的。从中也学到一些简单的,可以在家自己弄了!



六月皮肤状况也不乐观的。不单是脸颊,脚都过敏,而且双腿也时不时无缘故的出现淤青。上网查询说淤青是养分不够 (天!)最近就不常见了这个画面。过后自己也证实了我并不适合用moisturizer,网上报道说只有5巴仙的人需要而已,要不擦了也只是浪费钱。

台湾 DAY 5 | 台北自由行 Taipei Free & Easy (淡水Tamsui / 士林Shih Lin Night Market/西门町 Ximending)

This post covers about:
- 淡水老街 Tamsui Old Street (Attractions, Lunch)
- 源味本铺古早味传统蛋糕 Taiwan Original Cake
- 淡水小吃:阿给
- 黄色水岸 Tamsui Waterfront
- 士林夜市 Shih Lin Night Market
- 火锅の屋 @ 西门町商店 Personal Steamboat @ Ximending Night Market

MRT from Zhongshan to Tamsui

There's no direct MRT route from Ximen Station to Tamsui station. Under the guidance from customer service counter, we left Ximen station (西门站), transit via Zhongshan station(中山站) which took about 45 minutes to Tamsui as it is the terminal station of Tamsui Line.
The crowd at each station is unexpectedly larger than I thought as it is the peak hour for white-collars. We actually blended in since we already set our itinerary, not to forget, taking precautions with our belongings.


手头上的工作可以说是告一段落了!这个月份足够精彩,有上也有下。先是谢谢有份与我庆生的友人们。忘了什么时候开始就没有像样点的庆祝了。先有“生日温馨餐”,因为我之前的carpool mate都懂我对于在公众场所高唱生日歌还有吹蜡烛会起尴尬。也有生日当天的温馨餐,虽然他们最后还是应景的买了脏脏包点蜡烛,然后很低调的唱,哈哈很搞笑不过很开心。没想到的是,我竟然还有礼物收,而且每个都是自己很喜欢的呢。有些是迟迟不敢入手的因为自己有时候会吝啬,有些则是有在计划中但是现在出现在眼前作为礼物,其中手工艺品最珍贵。真的很开心有大家的爱戴!谢谢你们!


G Hotel 的两人份,净价50,食物和环境还蛮值的呢

再来就成为全国大选的首投族,继特别公假两天后(开心!)就真的是进入(已经有心理准备)要埋头苦干的日子了。一是要完成公假时的收到的客服工作还有就是接着下来SEMICON SEA 2018的准备比如展览品及手续文件等。所以我连续三天都加班,第四天的我更是连洗澡,刷牙涂脸都可以闭目养神的完成 我也服了我自己,IG里头有一黑白照片正是我当时的写照。 就连我妹妹事后抛了一句说,我这个星期几乎没看到你,就只有这两天(周六周末)。

紧接着赴了一趟为期5天的外坡公干真的收获不少,之前像疯了一样的工作如今小小的交换浮现在眼前,大的指的就是more leads还有不断上涨的业绩啦 。真的,那期间我就已默默跟自己说之前的幸苦不算什么,起码是值得于博览会中顺利的进行。





Japanese Semi Buffet for RM 39 Promo, Your Mum Sure Say JOM!

Mother's Day Promotion: RM 39 nett for Japanese Semi Buffet

Guess that the title above says it all but it's the end! I'm going to extent more about the value of this promotion in conjunction with Mother's Day. RM 39 nett per pax for Japanese semi buffet would be one of the best deals in town, I suppose.

It's been sometime The TOP at Komtar open its door to public back in year end 2016, expecting to bring out new face of good old days of Komtar to the Penangites. As far as we know, The TOP serve premium buffet at 59 Sixty Dining Room, Jurassic Research Centre, Rainbow Skywalk. In fact, there are some yet to widely known by the public, for instance, Japan Food Street.

Sentuhan Air Tangan Ibu @ Umi, The TOP Komtar

Just so you know Malaysians are always proud of the nation food that is famed worldwide, it's an all-time homesick factor to the those who're far away from the country. Let's just be true, how much do you really understand or tasted before the local cuisine other than your own ethnic? I'm none other than the most of the citizen where to me the most frequent is those on mamak stall.

The TOP @ Komtar Level 5 brings up an opportunity to the visitors for a taste of traditional Malay cuisine. It is outstanding with the dining atmosphere ala kampung under the roof of all-new amusement hall, expected to see some real-size figurine that definitely catch your attention as you pass by Umi.

Venue: Umi Melayu Restaurant
Location: The TOP, Komtar Level 5
Serving: Traditional Malay cuisine
On-going promotion: Ramadan Course Menu Dinner (Eat all you can)
Promotion Price: RM 48 nett (Adult), RM 35 nett (Child)

Vlog 10 - Weekend Getaway Like Finally! 🚗

Happy kid @ Sky Avenue 🤣

Only working people realise that there's no public holidays fall in between March and April, I don't like that though as if I can't have a short time for a breath of freedom. As the saying goes, when there's a will, there's a way, hmmm.. I firmly believe into it all the time, thus, here goes a wonderful weekend getaway for me like..finallyyyyyyyyy

Sharing my weekend getaway with a simple vlog would be much interesting 'cause I truly wanna share with you how fun it was! Here's a humble production from me and hope you could feel about what it was about two weeks back.

You must have spotted something big from the vlog and YES...
It's permanently here, world's first 20th Century Fox Studio Flagship Store at Sky Avenue, Genting Highlands!

Global Flagship Store: 20th Fox World Studio Store
It's one of my greatest honours to join for the opening ceremony of Fox World Studio Store. And now everyone's dream comes true to have cool merchandise from our most-loved movie from 20th Century Fox Studio. over 700 themed collectibles from Rio, Night at the Museum, Planets of the Apes, Alien vs Predators and more!

20th Century Fox World Studio Store @ Sky Avenue

The opening ceremony also included appearance of selected movie characters from Ice Age and Rio, including Sid (my favourite!), Crash and Eddie, Blu, Nico and Pedro.

Opening Ceremony for 20th Century Fox World Studio Store
Blu, Nico and Pedro from Rio

Yo Sid!

It's not just about merchandise store, I would say, but one-of-a-kind museum with free admission for everyone! There're various kind of merchandise that presented on the movie and now you could see them live.

Alien vs Predators Replicas
Xenomorph Action Figure

From the survival game -  Alien : Isolation

LV-426 Cage-free Eggs

It's not a surprise that I may not be as excited as those hardcore fans since I'm not a crazy movie kaki. However, I find that Fox World Studio Store is a great stop to have souvenirs and gift for people I love!

Note books for the girls

Blu and Luiz on the mugs.
Luiz looks so cheeky here!

The Golden Tablet of Ahkmenrah as a cover for notebook

Ice Age Coolest Merchandise 
Imagine hot water inside the mug scares off Sid 😂

No doubt that kids are simply contented and easily to make their days with their favourite stuff, examples, characters printed t-shirt, paper file, or even backpack. So if it's affordable, why not?

Various size of Ice Age characters printed t-shirts and selected stationeries.
Suitable for school kids: Backpack and Hand Carry

Ice Age Characters Hand Fans

Just in case you miss the cool breeze at Genting Highlands, then buy one printed hand fans for the kids as a souvenir 😅

Collect rewards points or redeem the merchandise!
Remember to present your Genting Rewards Card upon checkout. You may either collect points or redeem the chosen gadgets with your current reward points.

If you're still not a cardholder, go apply one for free, applicable for Muslims and/or 13 years old above as well.
You may log on here to understand more before involving to the world of rewards!

Thanks Jay and the team for extending the invitation on behalf Resort World Genting



这些时候身体基本上都不怎么舒服,从上个月末生病后就一直这样了。其中一个星期日醒了,肩膀简直酸痛到很幸苦。二话不说,我就真的去给人家按摩。过程真的痛死不过过后松了点就确实舒服。话说我很想念古方按摩!又话说还蛮想念泰国了。广场美食,街边小吃,便利商店的方便,女生最爱的首饰打扮,rooftop黄昏 。。。(虽然泰国的捷运收费确实比较贵)那我也来了佛系游泰国吗?不约不主动,缘分到了,自然就说走就走 哈哈!

四月初也参与了公司的recruitment roadshow。可以回到自己的大学给学弟妹们一些我的实习经验,真的很棒。同时间也回到我万万没想到会再回去的地方。很庆幸公司给予的这个宝贵机会。最重要是做着自己喜欢的东西,就算前一天很迟才睡觉导致当天会累,因为一直做准备而且也一直莫名紧张的。不过这样子的累是开心着的累。

臭脸于Talking Garden @ Theme Park Hotel

很开心第二支vlog上载了,小制作小满足。第三支下星期就上了,先放我的weekend getaway @ Genting 吧。想起来三月和四月还真的是没啥公共假期的,当了上班族就会对这些敏感了 哈哈


5 MUST-DOs at Ramadan Buffet 2018 (In order to stretch Ringgit)

Replacing "what" with "how" to make up "You are HOW you eat" which kicks start for the following....
Apart of (boring, I think) dining routine include rounds and rounds of food, do you really aware some new, fun and practical ways to indulge into an evening of buffet presentation wholeheartedly prepared by the chef and culinary arts team?

Assorted Kerabu including flavours like Ikan Bilis, Ikan Kembung, Ayam and Sotong

Here's my humble sharing on how to truly enjoy feasting for Ramadan buffet themed "Sajian Laut, Selera Kampung Nelayan" at Lexis Suites Penang,  maximizing the value of Ringgit which you deserve it. To date, Ramadan buffet is not skeptically about Malay dishes but also fusion and wonderful nostalgia that held throughout the evening at the dining hall. (Roselle Coffee House, Level 1)

Vlog 09 - More exposure

Another vlog is live to watch! Last upload was three weeks ago, thus this means that this new one is of three weeks' story highlights, there's indeed new exposure I got to involve. Exhausting (sometimes) but productive.

Not having sufficient and quality rest ever since recovered from sick last three week. But I'm glad that there's some happenings coming this week, very looking forward! The month of May is another gear up to go, all set for SEMICON SEA 2018.

台湾 DAY 4 | 台中转运站Taichung Bus Station - 台北转运站Taipei Bus Station - 西门町Ximending

This post covers about:
- 台中转运站Taichung Bus Station
- 国光客运 KuoKuang / King Bus
- 台北转运站Taipei Bus Station
- 台北捷运 Taipei Metro
- Hotel Check in @ 西门町Ximending
- Dinner at Kopitiam (西门町Ximending)
- Ah Zong (Ay Chung) Rice Noodle 阿宗面线 @ 西门町Ximending
- L'herboflore 蕾舒翠 Aqua Plus Skin Care

We got our last day buffet breakfast at Moon Lake Hotel before proceed for check out. It was nearly 12 noon when we were on our way to Taichung Bus Station. We spotted this Dorayaki-kind pancake at the junction, just a stone throw away from the bus station.
Matcha Red Bean pancake (NTD 10 each)



上星期就很自然的产生了第一部啦,出发点就是一个影片记录关于自己的生活毕竟文字有时候需要脑力来绞汁,我不否认哈哈 也可以同时训练自己的英语也不错。虽然不及别人的影片编辑那么强,不过我很享受也很开心的生产出来呢。

这个月还是一样忙工作到有时候会加班,谁不讨厌加班啊。可恶的ISO 9001:2015,我不懂翻了几万次白眼啊。或多或少也了解到人家周末就要去走街的心情了。五天的繁重工作日有时候真的需要找些东西来娱乐自己。对于一个extroverted introvert的我就学习履行平衡点。星期五静静的呆在家,老实说,是一份小愉快。简单是一件很幸福的事。




Vlog 08 - Still Alive Alright 🤫

I have been keeping an eye for this little space of mine especially this period of time where it's rather less focus from me to pour over lately.

So my plan for now is like this, record highlight of my daily life and compile into a video, short and simple one.  I think it's pretty good for me as flashback after some times and at the same time, make it a quick updates on my blog too.

Just in case you wander how would I've been lately ;)

I'm doing my best to upload once every week but it mainly depends on wifi speed (to be honest! hahaha) Video edit isn't a very big task to accomplish though.
Best time would be weekly (as I wish) or fortnightly or worse, monthly :(
I'm welcoming for more connections at IG
@mablemaeve , see ya!


二月份就是这样。比起其他月份少了几天没关系,问题是新春佳节也落在这个月份,所以工作上就比较忙碌些. Month-end closing 就是这样啊。

新年期间没什么大庆祝。初一去了外婆家拜年然后就去庙宇拜拜还有做布施 隔天就南下去首都走走吃喝了。谁说首都佳节时期没人的,他妈的人潮够力多到爆!吃了Isetan专设的日本餐档口,蛮不错的(连锁日本餐餐厅直接输了)。来自日本入驻的厨师都是现场烹调,上菜等等都是在进行在眼里。也许是个人喜好吧,吧台式的用餐我蛮喜欢的。


开始明显的少接收邀请出席活动帮忙做文章宣传了,不过心还在 。反之我发现自己更加活跃于instagram多过脸书了,所以当初电台讨论这个话题时我是极力点头赞成的呢。我比较喜欢前者发的notification少很多,电话也就宁静些😂


Real Homey Korean Dinner @ Park's Kitchen 박식당, Penang

I realised that it's quite some time I didn't get Korean cuisine and we decided to go for one after some chat with my girls. It was also for a meet up dinner which the last time like this is....hmm, last year when? Pardon my poor memory girls, I can't really recall back.
Homey Korean cuisine, not much fancy though.

We randomly discovered about Park's Kitchen on facebook, which has a rather low publicity, even on Instagram as well. Checking on the menu offered on facebook page, we think it's quite a decent one over a homey Korean dinner, hence, we made it a try.  Overall is fair and I stand for a possibility for return visit, too. Scroll down to read our little surprise discovery one-by-one!

台湾 DAY 3 | 台中自由行 Taichung Free & Easy

This post covers about:
- Breakfast @ Moon Lake Hotel
- Taichung Park
- 宝雅生活馆 Poya Living Mart
- 日曜天地精品折扣中心 Sunshine Plaza Outlet
- Lunch @ 继光街 Ji Guang Street Chinese Restaurant
- 台中转运站 Taichung Bus Station (Buying bus ticket to Taipei)
一中商街(夜市)Yi Zhong Night Market
- 光南大批发连锁店 Guang Nan Wholesale Mart

We woke up for breakfast! Haha sounds tamjiak but we never knew the breakfast provided is locally tasty and suit my family too. Not much variety but the choices is right enough to kick start the day. From the hearty warm white congee with preserved food like radish (up for you to select), toast bread with jam and butter spread provided, mantou (chinese steamed bun) and also some stir fried vegetables and noodle. For drinks, they serve coffee, warm soy milk (I didn't miss it both days)and prepacked cold wintermelon juice.

Buffet Breakfast @ Moon Lake Hotel, Taichung.

Our first destination is Taichung Park, only 6 minutes walking distance from our hotel and it's simply relaxing to have a short walk after breakfast in a windy morning at about 20 degree celsius. Taichung Park is claimed to be the oldest one in Taichung as it was built during Japanese ruling time. No entrance fee so it's more like a municipal park for everyone.

Taichung Park @ Taichung City

Again, I'm awed for the outcome, the blue skies especially!

This roller shoes playing point makes me recall of 我的少女时代
That scene of roller skates in the park with those hanging lights (ahh only if i'm not mistaken)

We got to know that all shops in Yi Zhong shopping area had yet to open as early as 8 or 9, thus we discovered a multi-level shoplot, it' a rather big scale mart that my family (especially the ladies) like the most. Searched online later on, Poya Living Mart is the local one-stop lifestyle store in Taiwan. It's located in Yi Zhong shopping district.
Poya Living Mart at Taichung.
Cosmetics and make up stuff occupies the most among all the goods sold here!
Others include house ware items and food.

As we had spent some time in both Taichung Park and Poya, thus we headed for our lunch. Before lunch stop, we actually dropped this outlet mall (for a toilet break LOL).
It's a shopping mall covering branded goods and few restaurant inside as well.

Lunch @ Ji Guang Street, Taichung

Braised Pork Rice 肉燥饭(瘦肉)
NTD 30

Braised Pork Rice 卤肉饭(较肥)
NTD 30

猪肉咖喱饭 (Japanese Curry Rice)
NTD 100

手工馄饨汤 (Homemade Dumpling Soup)
NTD 35

猪肝面汤 (Noodle Soup with Pork Liver)
NTD 50

We had a short break at hotel (bought some snacks from Family Mart) and headed to 台中转运站 (Taichung Bus Station) to purchase ticket to Taipei the next day.  Detail about Taichung bus station including bus ticket to Taipei will be disclosed in the next post.

We asked people around for public bus that transit at Yi Zhong night market, then we hopped on one. #MableTips Bus stop is located opposite VIP Hotel Taichung, near the bus station. The municipal do offer to public user where no fee is charges for journey within 8km, thus, our ride to Yi Zhong night marker is totally free of charge. Be sure to scan in and out with your Easy Card. Click here to read where to buy Easy Card.

Yi Zhong night market

Shop lots at Yi Zhong night market

Local snack skewer

We had our dinner from few stalls, one of them was this noodle stall.

Unable to recall the name of this heart bowl but it tastes not bad!

Not to my own liking as I'm 重口味 

Steamed bun with soup base 汤包 

Despite the dough slightly thick, it's tasty overall!

Free seating available but you must expect for table sharing with others.

Another must-have in Taiwan is fried chicken.
They serve in cutlet, with crispy skin outside.

The thickness is a plus point over the portion, yet it's juicy too!
The stall claims that they don't reuse the cooking oil, and it results in such light coloured of crispy skin, perhaps.

光南大批发连锁店 Guang Nan Wholesale Mart

We didn't know this stop till I googled it after we backed to hotel later on. 真的有眼不識泰山, this is also another big mart in the town. And ladies, promotion on sheet mask is such a great deal not to be missed. It's like 5 pcs for 88 taiwan dollar, cheap!

Great deal on sheet mask

One of the best decisions I've made was got myself data to surf. That's how we backed to our hotel through navigation, it was like 15 minutes walking distance. And we didn't feel strange to walk by the street at night as it was occupied by hawkers stalls, shop lots, temple and restaurant. Click here to read how I purchase one at Taiwan Taoyuan airport.


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