10 (& even more!) Things You Must Order @ Gravity Rooftop Bar, G Kelawai

Meet-ups, corporate event, mini function like birthday celebration, wedding proposal have become part of the routine in the urban city culture, and most of them usually settled in the cafes. To date in Penang, people have gradually shift the destination to hidden bars to indulge into 'the night is still young' late night activities. However, I don't find myself enjoy surrounded in a poor air ventilation (cigarette smoke), alcohol beverages or even poor live band.

I'd been to a rooftop dining bar, Gravity at G Kelawai last week and found that it's apparently a new spot for gatherings in Penang. The atmosphere is great to my own liking, the menu is another highlight you should put an attention as well. In fact, I had an enjoyable evening up on the 24th floor.

Venue: Gravity Rooftop Bar @ G Kelawai, 24th floor
Business Hour: 5pm - 1am daily
Best for: City view at night, cocktails event, corporate event, birthday celebration.
Average Spending: RM 40/pax

Gravity Charcuterie  RM 68

Gravity @ G Kelawai, Penang

Now everyone can save over thousand ringgit of travel cost for a rooftop dining experience in Bangkok. Here's my recommendations of ten things (and even more, too bad not to recommend good things) you ought to order whenever you're at Gravity.

Sichuan Dumpling RM 28
Homemade chicken dumpling dressed with sesame, scallions and chilli flakes.
Al dente and carrying a slight spiciness which is generally acceptable by everyone, I suppose.

Tuna Croquette RM 28 
Japanese breaded potato croquette, topped with tuna mayonnaise and (my favourite) quill egg.

Cured Salmon Carpaccio RM 38
Whet your appetite with cold cuts, shimmered with capers, baby arugula salad and yuzu vinaigrette
Those who had been to rooftop bar in Bangkok must be reminiscent of the sky bar there, thus, Gravity covers some bites with the touch of Thai cuisine.

Chiang Mai Sausage RM 28
Be ready to spice up the tip of your tongue as you cut the sausage in the molar.
The homemade chicken sausage itself is quite spicy to me,  spicy challenger may opt to dip for 'nam prik' sauce to test your spiciness tolerance.
Chilli Soft-Shell Crab RM 48
Served together with Kerabu salad, it's an appetising bites of seafood will leave you wanting for more!

Gravity Burger RM 38

Choices of beef or chicken patty

Look at the thick patty, so much tantalising that not to be missed!
Best for order if you would like to have a filling one.

Meat Fantasy Pizza RM 28
Pizza is somewhat the staple food when it comes to gatherings.
Ingredients include pepperoni, chicken sliced, beef sliced with mozzarella cheese.
Korean Style Chicken Drumlet RM 28
Bet that there'll be at least one or two who are die-hard Kpop fans among the group.
Marinated with Gochujang (Korean red chili paste) is the key to bring up the sensation of Korean taste, best to settle it with some beers!

Thirst-quenching drinks ya? Gravity have you covered. Here I recommend four.
Rainbow Margarita RM 38 (A set of 5)
Make a vivid evening with Rainbow Margarita especially under the dark sky full of stars.
My experience tells me that it's best to consume one shot when it's served cool.

Jameson Ginger Lime - RM 80/jug
Bubbly malt blend of Jameson Irish Whisky and ginger ale, spruced with fresh lime and ice cubes.
Grab the deal at BUY 2 FREE 1 now.

Another two favourites of mine which are also the in-house signature drinks.

Pomegranate Mojito RM 38
Classic mint and lime infused with pomegranate syrup, spice rum and soda water.
Get ready to be hooked on this!

Jk Jam RM 21
Harmonious craft drinks made from orange juice, mango juice a layer of grenadine syrup.
Better yet, it's blended with lemonade juice and lychee as the finishing touch.

If you happen to throw a surprise to your friend, consider Lamborghini to flare up the guests' excitement, especially the lucky one. 

Lamborghini RM 48
We had one for the birthday girl, Epril.
Wouldn't it a good destination for pre-wedding shooting at Gravity?
Let the lovely view like this to enhance the enviable romantic outcome.

Happy Hour everyday! You can enjoy the deals of BUY 1 FREE 1 on all house pours from 7pm - 9pm. If you prefer red or white wines, go for wine o'clock promotion at only RM 75 nett per pax per hour, better yet, it's on a bottomless glass!

For bookings, kindly reach +604 219 0000 
Or simply log on to G Hotel Official Website for more info.

Many Thanks to G Hotel marcom team
for hosting us in the pleasant evening