Vlog 13 - 10 Seconds Detoxer For Dehydrated & Sensitive Skin!

It's been a while for a beauty-related coverage! This time I come out a very convenient wash-off mask that urban people shall own it in daily skin-care routine. Let's just be selfish for once, skip one IG story of your friends and pamper your skin a natural detoxer for a fresh complexion, only 10 seconds needed!

Brand: Althea Korea (Collaboration with Get It Beauty Korea)
Origin: Korea
Suitable for all skin type (My dehydrated, sensitive skin tested and approved!)

I would say a video of test wear is far effective to share with you guys about this good stuff, so here you go another little production from me. To clear some doubt for some of you, tested and proven by my sensitive, dehydrated skin, it works perfectly nice too. An approach to new stuff returns a smooth and return clear complexion for me.

I can't decide my favourite among these two because both flavours is just too good focussing different concern on my skin. Green tea is for soothing the tired skin after long day working whereas may rose is to balance skin's PH balance after a night of long rest.

I shared this stuff to my friends around, and most of them are actually surprise to discover over the golden 10-seconds for a clear skin! Skin Detoxer line is Althea Korea's second exclusive productions, after Petal Velvet Powder. Visit Althea Korea to get bargain deals of K-beauty as there're seasonal/limited time deals to grab!