Get Right with Neubodi Malaysia For Perfect Bra Fitting 👙 @ Gurney Plaza

This would be an educational and informative post among the recents ones, hoping you all would spend about ten minutes to go thru, especially the ladies. Meanwhile, I'm reminding myself once more as I'm working out for this post, so it's about breast care with the correct way to put on bra(I was doing the INAPPROPRIATE way all these while damn)

Beep Beep, here'a a quick info to share, your attention needed!!

Just like some clothes, you must have some bras which you no longer find it fit on your needs, be it old or damaged or bra cup not fit, collect them and leave it to Neubodi to do the recycle work. Neubodi Bra Drive is highly demanding second-hand bras from you all ladies, happening nationwide till 4th November 2018 with the aim of eliminating wastage.
Neubodi Bra Drive happening now till 4th Nov 2018
I dropped mine at Neubodi store at Gurney Plaza, second floor.

Two ways of recycle the team behind practise:
Good ones will be passed to women in rural area in East Malaysia
Unusable bras will be undergo fibre and bio-fuel conversion

I got to aware of Neubodi from The Butterfly Project Malaysia as there was a workshop held in KL to educate as well as spread awareness to public months ago. And good things is that Neubodi store has just open one in Penang (Gurney Plaza second floor) now!

Photo Source: Neubodi Malaysia

Claims as the leading bra specialist, Neubodi aims to guide the ladies taking good care of the ladies' breasts with the right and suitable bras for support. Personally I think the confidence of a woman also comes from the right fit of beauty, too. Little did I know that Neubodi exists in the market for already ten years!
Photo Source: Neubodi Malaysia
I have totally no idea what kind of bra to try on (since there're lots of design), thus, I let the consultant, Tiffany to choose few for me. But before that, in-house measurement is compulsory but a little bit extraordinary as it is BARE-HAND MEASUREMENT!

Neubodi consultants are all professionally well-trained to measure our breast size with just bare handsno measurement tape needed and it takes less than ten seconds for the accurate size! A rather surprise and unique discovery indeed.

Neubodi in-house practice: The friendly consultants measure our breast size with bare hand

Three steps in one-to-one bra-fitting session:
  1. Change into Neubodi bra with your usual practise (Neubodi consultant is waiting outside)
  2. The consultant come in politely shortly after, adjust your bra and guide you:
    - Draw "back fatty acids" and "upper under arm" to front part of your breast
    - Circulate the underband and shoulder straps with two fingers of both hands
             (A smooth draw throughout means you're wearing at comfortable level)
  3.  Practise on your own to determine a good bra that fits on you
    #MableTips - Bring out your concerns and questions, the consultant would get your doubt cleared. Gain more healthcare knowledge for yourself!
Instant and natural result from Neubodi bra: Gorgeous cleavage and uplifted breasts
No doubt, I'm impressed over the instant result supported by Neubodi bras that I'm wearing on. It helps to actualise the volume without the need of extra sponge. Moreover, Neubodi bra acts as a corrective tool to support your breast into the ideal position, results can be visibly seen in three to six months time with daily consistent wear.

Neubodi Bra ranges up to I cup, fits women all around the globe (plus size included).
They ship internationally as well.

Neubodi Outlet @ Gurney Plaza, Level 2.

Took home two pieces of Neubodi bra, hoping to see the result in 3 to 6 months time!

If you're keen, look for Tiffany to consult, ask anything about bra topic, her killing friendly smile is something I fall for her service, simply professional to guide on each customer.

So, jot down on your schedule about Neubodi Bra Drive that happening now till 4th November 2018. If you're new to Neubodi, you can get 25% off on your first bra purchase, simply donate your unused bras, scan the QR code (available on bra bin) to get the discount code.

Ladies, discover more for your precious ones at Neubodi Online Store today!

Thanks to Neubodi Malaysia and The Butterfly Project
for the chance to experience and help spreading awareness!