Review: Fairy Trip Spa Hydrotherapy Mask - Chamomile 霏尔尼甘菊面膜套装

So I'm already on the board of regular facial service ever since last year I was exposed further into the line. It has become something I enjoy for better complexion and a short period of relaxation.

I was introduced by my friend, Fu Wei for a brand new spa-concept peeling mask. Being allergic to any alcohol ingredients skin care, I actually raised this concern and glad to know that they are alcohol free. For the time being, my expectations for new skin care products are always simply: hydration/ moisturizing (Dry skin sufferers must know me well! 😩)

Skin Concern: Hydration (Dry, sensitive)
Product: Chamomile Peeling Mask (Spa Hydrotherapy concept)
Brand: Fairy Trip 霏尔尼
Country of Origin: China
Ingredients: Solum Diatomae, Zea Mays(Corn), Starch, Silica, Algin, Calcium Sulfate, Pectin, Chrysanthemum Indicum Extract and Sodium Hyaluronate
Usual Price: RM 138

Fairy Trip Mask - Chamomile
Really like this outcome of little shooting, macam advertisement je 😎

Don't get confused, there are two different kind of sachet (each five sachets) in a box.
  1. 霏尔尼洋甘菊纯露 (Chamomile Liquid Essence)
  2. 霏尔尼洋甘菊面膜粉(Chamomile Powder)
Recommended usage for a box: 10 times of spa mask
Each session of spa mask requires only half sachet of liquid essence and powder. This also means one sachet each can be used by two people at a time!

3 easy steps to prepare Fairy Trip Mask:

Pour a spoonful of Chamomile Powder into a small container

Then, followed by a spoonful of Chamomile Liquid Essence

Use spatula stir to mix both ingredients to blend thoroughly.

Then, start apply the blended mixture on your face. I enjoy this step a lot as if I'm in the parlour (the blending sound of mixing both in a bowl like how the beautician does)

Enjoy the spa-mask moment for 10 to 15 minutes.
I always choose to lay on sofa or my bed!
The fragrance and the texture of mixture, especially, is the key to make myself feel as comfortable as I am in beauty parlour enjoying the last step of facial session. I still remember how I kept ranting about it to my sister on my first time using it.

Before proceed to the usual skincare routine, remember to get off the mask! It's not wash-off type, but rather, peel-off. Simply dab some water on the face and start to take off the peel.
Peel-off mask after using

Keep for next time!

My practice is like this. Since half sachet is needed for each time of mask session, thus, I keep the remaining half with clipper. Convenient for saving too.
Already use for nearly one month (despite irregular use, laziness you could tell.. LOL) but every session after use is a pleasant enjoyment for myself (my skin especially)

There are also rose flavour available. For more, you can approach Fu Wei (IG: @fuwei0403) for free consultation as well. Wish you like the mask as much as I do!

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