Althea Stay Fresh Sparkling Body Mist, quick refresh before a date!

Althea Exclusives: Stay Fresh Sparkling Body Mist

And so, my weekday routine goes like this.....

7 am - Wake up (reluctantly), clean up
7.20am - Pat skin care 
7.40am - Ready to go out with fresh skin and mind
8.20 am - Reach office
8.30-6pm - Sitting in front of laptop, attending meeting, ad-hoc support...(work work work)
6.15pm - Off to leave office with tired mind and body

But occasionally...I have appointment after work!

My usual practice is to head for the destination right from workplace. I have a little struggle whenever I have appointment as I feel uneasy with my exhausted brain...

Althea Stay Fresh Sparkling Body Mist
Sometimes, it's just a little effort to make yourself out stand than others.
Heading straight for a date after work is no longer a problem with just a spritz!

Product: Stay Fresh Body Sparkling Mist (100 ml)
Brand: Althea Korea (in collaboration with Titi Kamal, Indonesian actress)
Price: RM 35 (More info
Key Ingredients: Damask rose water, orange flower extract, elder flower extract
Suitable for: Quick refresh and fresh scent before a date

Althea Stay Fresh Sparkling Body Mist

(Collaboration with Titi Kamal, Indonesian actress)

The Scent
At first try, I thought it'd be too sweet to my preference. However, same as perfume, I let it dissolve in the air for a few seconds, it then develops into a smooth, natural floral scent. I did asked my friends to feedback their comments, they're good to accept this new flavour too!. I think it would be generally accepted by the ladies! 

How to apply
On your body, put on the spritz layer according to your preference. However, for #MableTips, I put it on my wrist and armpit(covered by my clothes) as these two part of our body has the higher heat thus it could help to last the fragrance longer. Try this way with you own perfume! 

Perspective Changed!From being skeptical that it is a sweet flavoured (due to the flower extract ingredients) and it then further developed to a very thoroughly pleasant. Remember to spritz and let it dissolve in the air to get the feminine natural sweet and graceful rosy scent. Indeed, I enjoy within the surroundings like this!

Althea Stay Fresh Sparkling Body Mist
(RM 35/ 100ml)


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