Althea Watercolour Cream Tint - Bold & Stunning

Aiya... just put a lipstick and you're good to go.
Well ladies, I'm not sure if your mum have said something similar as above to you before.. but for me living in a family with "less is more" concept, that's what my mum always tell me and sort of nag if she has seen me in full makeover. But... I'm always so nua that somehow I quite agree with my mum that just one lippy to settle one's image in a hurry, you know, enhancing lip colour for an overall charming look.

And for this feature post of lip tint does something extraordinary, it can be use for lip and cheeks tint

Product: Watercolour Cream Tint
Shades: #01 Plum, #02 Strawberry, #03 Peach, #04 Marron
Beauty Category: Colour tint on lip (up to apply on cheeks and eye lid)
Benefit: Hyaluronic acid
Brand: Althea Korea
Retail Price: RM 20 each (click here for 20% off storewide)

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer - Don't let them know!

So I'd like to dedicate my all-time favourite song (Let It Go) to Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer.
"Conceal, don't feel, don't let them know"
Althea Exclusives has come out this new product to conceal our flaws on face (or body as well) for a smooth makeover, so that everyone can be compatibly pretty like Elsa? (Alright, pardon me as I'm simply obsessed towards #PrincessElsa 😅) But I mean don't let people know we use the concealer in our makeover, we don't wish to have flaws too anyway.

Product: Flawless Creamy Concealer (6g)
Shades: #01 Vanilla, #02 Ginger, #03 Honey, #04 Mocha
Beauty Category: Make up concealer for flaws coverage
Benefit: Prevents hydration (Aquaxyl - birch tree sap extraction)
Brand: Althea Korea
Retail Price: RM 15 (click here for 20% off storewide)

Althea Flawless Creamy Concealer
Using #03 Honey for photo above

Pimples SOS: Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel

"OMG, you see I have another new pimple today"
"Aduiii...why pimples come out at this time, hard to put on make up leh"
" pimples over here you know liao lo my period coming soon (sigh)"
"Walao eh, I'm going to meet customer, don't prank me leh you pimples"

Any of the scenarios above sounds familiar to you? If you don't, congrats because you have a pretty good skin (envy 😭). But if you do, no worries I feel you because I had even worse acne nightmare (click here to read) than most of you and this post is dedicatedly shared with you, I recently found a quick and effective remedies to help soothing and treating acne spots!

Product: Skin Relief Spot Film Gel (15ml)
Beauty Category: Acne Spot Treatment
Benefit: - Antibacterial properties to soothe sensitivity & replenish moisture (Tea tree leaf oil)
              -  Brighten acne spot (Niacinamide)
Brand: Althea Korea 
Retail Price: RM 19 (click here for 20% off storewide)



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