Pimples SOS: Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel

"OMG, you see I have another new pimple today"
"Aduiii...why pimples come out at this time, hard to put on make up leh"
"So..my pimples over here you know liao lo my period coming soon (sigh)"
"Walao eh, I'm going to meet customer, don't prank me leh you pimples"

Any of the scenarios above sounds familiar to you? If you don't, congrats because you have a pretty good skin (envy 😭). But if you do, no worries I feel you because I had even worse acne nightmare (click here to read) than most of you and this post is dedicatedly shared with you, I recently found a quick and effective remedies to help soothing and treating acne spots!

Product: Skin Relief Spot Film Gel (15ml)
Beauty Category: Acne Spot Treatment
Benefit: - Antibacterial properties to soothe sensitivity & replenish moisture (Tea tree leaf oil)
              -  Brighten acne spot (Niacinamide)
Brand: Althea Korea 
Retail Price: RM 19 (click here for 20% off storewide)

How to use

My usual skin care routine consists of 
cleanser > toner > serum > eye cream 
To add on this spot film gel, I would make it as last step right after eye cream.

Put a pea-size amount of the gel on your finger (make sure it's clean beforehand!)

Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel: Transparent colour

This is how the "film gel" name comes from
I mean, look at the thin transparent layer of finished look, agree?

Focus on the pimples spot and apply on it.
I usually rest it for like 10 seconds then massage a little to help for skin absorption

Does it work?

Yes to my test-wear experience that applicable to small blemishes on my face. I was on beach holiday and non-stop eating during CNY so that was the peak time for blemishes, simply thankfully to have this as SOS (rescue) to me, I also used it for soothing purpose before putting on make up. 

Prep with Althea Skin Relief Gel before putting on make up!

In overall, I'd rate 4/5 for this Althea Skin Relief Spot Film Gel, suitable for normal skin and acne-prone as well as sensitive skin, and reasonably priced at RM 19 only!


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