8 Exciting Reasons to Attend #PFNT Spring Festival 2019 @ Design Village, Batu Kawan

Happy Birthday #PFNT! This year 2019 marks the second anniversary of the publications of Penang Food and Travel (#PFNT), a Penang-based free magazine featuring Penang's latest deals for food, travel and happenings. To mark it a day to be remembered, #PFNT team is making a big crowd inviting your friends, family and yourself to spend the weekend together!

Not sure if you've seen numbers of sharing about the posters for workshops, live bands and other activities to be held in the event, or if you're somewhat confused, let me compose to you  8 exciting reasons (event highlights) to attend #PFNT Spring Festival 2019 in this March!

Activity: #PFNT Spring Festival 2019

Venue: The Food Street @ Design Village Outlet Mall, Batu Kawan, Penang
Nearest Landmark: KFC Design Village

Date/Time: 29 March 2019 (Friday) 5pm - 10pm
                    30 & 31 March 2019 (Saturday & Sunday) 11am - 10pm

Hotel Review: 2D1N in G Suite, G Hotel Gurney, Penang

Surprising Christmas gift I have ever had! If you have been sticking with me on IG (@mablemaeve), I'd attended G Hotel Media Appreciation Evening back in July and won the prize for 2 days 1 night at G Suite, G Hotel Gurney!!

The event brought up all attendee (media members) to participate into games, rewards including buffet vouchers and hotel room stay. So I managed to beat the rest in a game and got the first prize which is a stay of 2 days 1 Night at G Hotel Gurney, G Suite!

The best getaway for me totally carefree! No work stress, no make up, no rules to obey...all simply follow our heart to go. How long have you missed such relaxation?

Venue: G Hotel Gurney, Penang
Room Type: G Suite (Executive Lounge access for guests)
Official Website: G Hotel - Penang

Qipao in the town

Despite my weekends in January is scheduled earlier (getaway for twice), I managed to get a slot for an outdoor portrait photoshoot. This time I worked with a colleague of mine, Nick. He is a freelance photographer for portrait photography (mostly), and just recently he challenges himself in videography.

We two had been talking about this since beginning of January (in conjunction with Chinese New Year that coming the next month). I only own the black qipao (bought at RM 10, brand new piece). We also thought it'd be great to have a vintage style qipao at the heritage area so the pink-coloured checker qipao belongs to my friend's mum (yes, over 50-year-old auntie damn chio ok)

Theme: Qipao in the town (CNY 2019 edition)
Venue: (1) Beach Street, Penang银行街 
            (2) Clan Jetty Penang 姓氏桥
            (3) Kuan Yin Temple观音亭
Shooting Time: 4pm - 9pm  

Here's some highlight of the activities spent in the last Sunday of January.

4pm - Beach Street

Shine Your Way In Your Eyes ft Althea Korea

Still, it's a make up topic again. Sorry guys for keeping you all updated within the same topic consecutively because they deserve for a standalone post over its performance!
(okay, this is the last one, next blog post is travel related one like G Hotel review as well as my Bangkok trip back in January)

So, today's focus goes to eye make up featuring Althea Korea, the Althea Exclusive product line. This round it falls on the eye shadow palette "BCL X Althea Sunrise & Moonrise". BCL stands for Bunga Citra Lestari who is an Indonesian pop singer and also actress. With eight perfect shades for day and evening, you're set to shine under sunrise and moonrise!

Product: Sunrise Moonrise Eye Shadow Palette BCL X Althea
Beauty Category: Eye shadow applicator 
Benefit: Pigmented application, easy blendability 
Brand: Althea Korea
Retail Price: RM 140 (Limited code "BCL30" for 30% off + free shipping)