Bubble Milk Tea Hot Pot 芋圆火锅 @ Galaxy Tea Bar 星空撞奶铺, Georgetown, Penang

Oh, you're still queuing for boba milk tea? Sorry guys that one is rather common nowadays, currently adding to the latest hits of dessert trend in Penang is none other than Bubble Milk Tea Hot Pot!
Now it comes in bigger portion than just a regular cup, besides your favourite boba, this sweet pot contains also taro balls, mango cubes, red beans, grass jelly all floated in the small pool of milk tea.

It's time to be challenged over your taste buds and stomach, haha!

Business Hour: 12pm - 12am (Monday till Thursday) / 12pm - 1am (Friday till Sunday)
Location: No 22, Nagore Square Commercial Lot, Georgetown, Penang
Serving: Dessert and Handcrafted Beverages 
Average spending per pax: RM 10 +
Vehicle Parking: Street Parking

The shop has a minimal of deco with only some retro Chinese classic poster to spread around on the walls, no signage board of the shop name. You may just walk away this 'hidden' dessert shop if you don't put an eye to look out. 

Outlook of Galaxy Tea Bar Penang @ Nagore Square
PS: While taking this photo, I heard some China tourist who passed by behind me and wondering if it's a night club? "啥这夜店吗"

Galaxy Tea Bar @ Nagore Square
PS: 我倒觉得它的布置相似于早前台湾轰动一时的电玩【还愿】

Galaxy Tea Bar Dining Area @ Nagore Square
Upon entering the premise, be expected to walk in the dark. The minimal lighting coming from the decoration lights including on the ceiling itself makes you wonder in the night space of the dessert shop. Despite it's open from 12 noon everyday, I would recommend to visit in evening onward for the sake of prettier interior deco effect (not to forget, lower temperature after sun sets haha)

Ceiling deco @ Galaxy Tea Bar
Dining table @ Galaxy Tea Bar
Another thing to my surprise is the mini dining table. I guess it's part of effort to bring out the vintage environment of the dessert shop.

Bubble Milk Tea Hot Pot @ Galaxy Tea Bar
RM 29.90 nett (serves 2 - 3 pax)
The 'soup base' is available in milk tea or fresh milk flavour. I approached the cashier and they claim many go for milk tea flavour though.
They also take in the concern of your IG feed, thus you can make a remark to the cashier either the hot pot to be served in dry ice or flame (solo for deco purpose).
Don't be confused, this 'hot pot' is served in cold anyway (after confirmed once again at the cashier).

Beverages Menu @ Galaxy Tea Bar
There're also a list of handcrafted chilled beverages available in addition to the signature hot pot. Price starts from RM 7.50 each.

Due to great response perhaps (full house upon our visit), it takes us about 15 minutes of waiting time before it is served.
Bubble Milk Tea @ Galaxy Tea Bar
RM 29.90 (serving 2 - 3 pax)
The waiter will pour the 'soup base' of your choice into the pot right after it is served. It's a good time for IG feed with videos for the effect!

Bubble Milk Tea Hot Pot with dry ice deco 

Bubble Milk Tea Hot Pot @ Galaxy Tea Bar
Okay, so it's not served chilled (and not warm too)! It is served in room temperature, unlike taro ball shaved ice dessert others served (personally I prefer it chilled). One of my friends claims that mango plus milk tea is a big NO (perhaps both are of sweet taste category).
Nothing major to draw up my excitement anyway, the only unique is the serving style and that's all.
(Guess that I will back to my favourite taro ball dessert shop to fix back my craving!)

Galaxy Tea Bar @ Nagore Square
The overall deco including the LED lighting and retro wall poster simply relates me to the one in Cubopark, SYST 深夜食糖 .

Taste: 2/5

Dining Environment: 3/5
Worth for a new try? Not really

Second visit? No thanks.

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