Top 5 Food You Must Have @ Seven Skulls Bar Penang

Seven Skulls Bar @ Muntri Street, Penang

"I prefer bar over its cozy and chillax environment"
It's my personal thoughts and I get to know friends around me also share similar as mine. One drawback of going to bar is of the limited food menu, be it finger foods mostly to pair with alcoholic beverages.
Seven Skulls Bar at Georgetown, Penang has it to kill two birds (food and beer!) at a time, and here's my recommendations of what you should order spending the evening in the bar with all the great food. Personally, it's more to a fancy restaurant at a ease than a smelly and noisy bar. Better yet, kids (12 years old and below) eat free for every Sunday, 5pm - 9pm!

Seven Skulls Bar @ Muntri Street, Penang

Seven Skulls Bar 
Location: 46, Muntri Street, Georgetown, Penang
Opening Hour: 5pm till 1am (Open daily, closed on Mondays)
Enquiries & Booking: +6019 771 1387
Vehicle Parking: Street Parking

#5 Vasantham Shrimp
Vasantham Shrimp RM 19.90
Deep fried breaded shrimp paired with Thai sauce, sweet and sour savoury, great for a starter and best to have it warm!

#4 Salted Egg Chicken Bites
Salted Egg Chicken Bites RM 23.90

Everyone's all time favourite! The rich flavourful of salted egg conquer the molar in every bite, another must-have finger food best paired with beer, cheers!

#3 Creamy Truffle Mushroom
I fall for the strong earthy mushroom as it's served warm out of kitchen, so much tantalizing that I grab it fast to satisfy my taste buds! To all truffle lovers, no doubt you must not miss it 

Creamy Truffle Mushroom RM 17.90
#3 Chicken Lasagna

Chicken Lasagna RM 26.90

#2 Pan Seared Seabass with Seasonal Vegetables

Pan Seared Seabass with Seasonal Vegetables RM 58.90
I must say the fish is fresh and juicy, it sparks up the overall impression for the serving, selected sauteed green picks is served along as well.

#1  Indomie Burger

Indomie Burger, RM 7 (Available from Fridays to Sundays)

Not something fancy or of above average priced and no, I didn't spell wrong.
It's Indomie served with shredded burger patty. First impression to me is Jiao Sai signature maggie for supper but why not have it settled at Seven Skulls while enjoying sip of beer and live band every Friday and Saturday?

Other food selections including

✔️ Spinach soup (served with garlic custard)
✔️ Beef Bruschetta (Beef bolognese on fresh herb baguette)
✔️ Harissa Roasted Chicken (Marinated chicken breast with Mediterranean herbs and spices)
✔️ Meetball Pasta

Spinach soup, Beef Bruschetta, Salted Egg Chicken Bites

 Meetball Pasta

Meanwhile Seven Skulls also introduces supper promo for the public which is available from Fridays to Sunday, RM 7 nett for supper selections:

✔️ Beef or Chicken Burger
✔️ Wrap of the Day (Ask the friendly staff, they're glad to reveal to you!)
✔️ Indomie Burger
✔️ Nasi Goreng of the Day
✔️ Mix Asian Bites Platter
✔️ Cheesy Wedges
✔️ Ayam Goreng

It's not a right place to chill without great drinks and the cocktails here is superb!

Cocktails from left featuring Kao Sa Jit, The 180, Kelapa Martini

Kao Sa Jit
I fall for its infused local Penang taste. Tangy and tantalising mix of Kalamansi juice and asam boi body cooler 

Kelapa Martini 
If you're coconut lover then this is definitely your favourite pick. Another thirst quencher with the twist of a light aroma from the sliced raw coconut meat.

The 180 (My favourite pick!)It's perfect match with creamy food like salted egg chicken bites! Simply refreshing with crushed kaffir lime leaves, just nice over a hot weather.

The 180

Seven Skulls Bar @ Muntri Street, Penang

Other ongoing promotion include

Happy Hour Beer Bucket from RM 55 Nett
RM 60 nett for 3 Classic Cocktails or House Wine
RM 35 nett for 3 Half Pints Carlsberg or Connor's
RM 40 nett for 3 Half Pints Asahi

Private Room @ Seven Skulls Bar 

Thanks to Seven Skulls for the hosting!

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