The opportunity to learn

Most of the university students live nearby campus so that it's easier to reach classes except for those whose house are really just some distance to the campus. So, there's a Mandarin proverb saying that,  to be dependent to parents when we're home but to our friends when we're at outside. Ya, of course, not fully depend on them , here, it's referring that they're your partner to against the odds or to be with you for the joy and tears in your life.

I'm far away from my hometown,Penang so I have to stay here for sure
but fortunately, my university provides the students here hostels , we just need to pay some, mine one is MYR 365 each semester
So, I spend my living here with my friends who are mostly my course mates
When it comes to living, people feel comfortable to be themselves since the hostel is like their home or own kingdoms ,apart from home sweet home 

We're same AND one , as human ,homo sapiens ( LOL )
 yet we're different from each other in terms of personality and attitude towards something else
It's indeed an eye opener for us to see different kind of people through living at outside.
All thanks to my friend who once kept telling me to be self-protective from being hurt by friends, I was like being brain-washed that time and so I have some mental preparation since I come here. I'm still being nice to everyone , be myself.
But sometimes some hurting words come without prior notice, it happens at anytime,anywhere.
You can't stop it even though you're doing good to your friends
They have their own personality which differ from us either in good and bad ones
For example, when it comes to conflict, the real side of your friends will be shown up and ya same to you, you may take off the mask you've been wearing just to fight for your right.

Whatever it is, it's time to learn to be compromise with each other. Or maybe if the deal has not yet done, just bear with it, try to get another solution which to close the case soon. The outcome may be a little bit unfair to you but very good for the other side, as long as you're fine with it, then just speak out this alternative. This is one of the things I have discovered by myself in campus life.
You can just continue to fight for your own right, and to argue with them , you may win in the end and things go according to you but one thing you have to make sure is, you can be independent in everything in future or worse, you may lose this friendship or maybe circles of them

Stepping into campus life indicates that you're just one step closer to get into society, you will graduate and be a working adult just in a blink of eye.
Those friends you argue with may be your working partner or competitors , who knows? Everything is possible. So, I would say, it's better to have more friends than just some you'd conflict with, not enemy.
We have to look further, to consider every possible outcome we may face, so, being considerate to people is a bonus for yourself actually. If you're nice to people, your friends know and so people would promote you among friends and you'll get more friends from time to time.

Do you know the difference between promoting and advertising ?
Promoting is something or people being given testimonials and to share the goodness to the people around where as advertising means you do promoting by yourself ! Which one is better? Promoting, of course !

Being our own , do our personality well is just enough. Don't expect and look for good things in return because when you're doing good, you're already making good returns to yourself, it may not be in physical ones, but in something indirect like maybe you get into same group with your friends for assignment but others don't get it. Yeah, appreciate in every single thing .
Ya, another thing I have learnt in campus live .

L.O.P : Life is an endless learning process. Sorrow may strike when you get hurt by your friends but once tears down, hold on for few seconds and wipe it off, look up and moving forward. Tell yourself that this is never going to happen again and still, you have to be nice to them, but just in a little bit changes in the attitude, a little would be fine, just to protect yourself from being hurt.. How would you deal with the people outside if you don't learn it up in campus life? Remember, you are soon to step into the real society .


I spend my first day back to campus life for my second semester and I am freaking miss home right now.
Mentally, I'm not yet ready for classes
I feel a little bit disgusting to eat the famous Nasi Kandar in campus which was my favourite last semester , or perhaps the hot weather nowadays make me feel not very well and so I have no appetite for it
and frankly, I don't even crave for any food here, though some taste nice actually.
I see almost everything like nothing.
I shed tears when I'm in my room, and it's just for few seconds, I'm still strong and tough to face everything outside, shedding little tears is like an emotional expression, so okay.
My friends and I experienced the same thing.
We realized that it is mostly because of the short term we spent in hometown which actually drag us to stay our mood over there. Human is greedy, the longer we stay at the comfortable zone , the more we would like to stick to the status quo. Being our true selves is so much great that you put down something aside and relax like a boss.

L.O.P : You don't exactly understand one's situation if you don't been through it. Previously, I don't really understand how it feels when you are being outside for either work or studies. Only when I proceed into campus life , I know how much great sense of homesick the wanderers have. Always think about your family when you are down at outside, and I'm sure it will be your moral support in your heart.  



Never judge a book by it's cover, so never penalized my blog straight away !
But now, since u are here , you are advised to read through about this post in advance of your frequent visit and support in future ;)

I had been blogging since high school, on and off, blog just ANYTHING about me
When I read back the previous blog post I did, I feel funny that I made blogging as a tool to vent my emotions, I guess most teenagers did so since blogging was a hottest trend of media between 2006 till 2012.

What I see now about blogging is more to sponsored, commercialized ones like featuring food ( food blog ),  and some new launched products parties or events and the bloggers spread the awareness to the readers
However , there are also bloggers who really sharing their interest through blogging with amazing skills of photography or to discuss some social concerns with their abundantly rich vocabulary and great grammar,

I'm neither any of it ,frankly.
I may be as common as others yet I claim myself to be a little bit extraordinary than them.
So, after making my consideration for some times, I decided to back to blogging.
Reasons ?
1. I don't really read any blog of a local university student , which was actually a demand for myself that I'd experienced it before. I had no idea to discover more about local university through blogs besides listening the seniors' experience and advices. So I guess the juniors all would be exposed more through my sharing !
2. English English English ! Yeah, I want to improve my mastery of English as well.
3. To gain some pocket money through nuffnang ads HAHA !

Despite my sharing of a student's life , there are some highlights on this blog which are
1. L.O.P ( Lecture of the post )
    It sounds some formal but I will do some ending about the lesson I have got through every life events I have post about or just be in a casual way, my own thoughts on it

2. Freestyle in expressing
     I write what I exactly feel. From mainly English as medium to mandarin and sometimes some dialect words come out as well. It simply for the sake of a comprehensive and  sharing as well as provide a relaxable reading experience here.

My second semester starts soon, I will be going back to campus life this Saturday !
Time to be an independent one at outside, good thing tough .
Since this is just an intro to let my readers to understand what my blog is mostly about, so I don't do L.O.P this time