I spend my first day back to campus life for my second semester and I am freaking miss home right now.
Mentally, I'm not yet ready for classes
I feel a little bit disgusting to eat the famous Nasi Kandar in campus which was my favourite last semester , or perhaps the hot weather nowadays make me feel not very well and so I have no appetite for it
and frankly, I don't even crave for any food here, though some taste nice actually.
I see almost everything like nothing.
I shed tears when I'm in my room, and it's just for few seconds, I'm still strong and tough to face everything outside, shedding little tears is like an emotional expression, so okay.
My friends and I experienced the same thing.
We realized that it is mostly because of the short term we spent in hometown which actually drag us to stay our mood over there. Human is greedy, the longer we stay at the comfortable zone , the more we would like to stick to the status quo. Being our true selves is so much great that you put down something aside and relax like a boss.

L.O.P : You don't exactly understand one's situation if you don't been through it. Previously, I don't really understand how it feels when you are being outside for either work or studies. Only when I proceed into campus life , I know how much great sense of homesick the wanderers have. Always think about your family when you are down at outside, and I'm sure it will be your moral support in your heart.  

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