Never judge a book by it's cover, so never penalized my blog straight away !
But now, since u are here , you are advised to read through about this post in advance of your frequent visit and support in future ;)

I had been blogging since high school, on and off, blog just ANYTHING about me
When I read back the previous blog post I did, I feel funny that I made blogging as a tool to vent my emotions, I guess most teenagers did so since blogging was a hottest trend of media between 2006 till 2012.

What I see now about blogging is more to sponsored, commercialized ones like featuring food ( food blog ),  and some new launched products parties or events and the bloggers spread the awareness to the readers
However , there are also bloggers who really sharing their interest through blogging with amazing skills of photography or to discuss some social concerns with their abundantly rich vocabulary and great grammar,

I'm neither any of it ,frankly.
I may be as common as others yet I claim myself to be a little bit extraordinary than them.
So, after making my consideration for some times, I decided to back to blogging.
Reasons ?
1. I don't really read any blog of a local university student , which was actually a demand for myself that I'd experienced it before. I had no idea to discover more about local university through blogs besides listening the seniors' experience and advices. So I guess the juniors all would be exposed more through my sharing !
2. English English English ! Yeah, I want to improve my mastery of English as well.
3. To gain some pocket money through nuffnang ads HAHA !

Despite my sharing of a student's life , there are some highlights on this blog which are
1. L.O.P ( Lecture of the post )
    It sounds some formal but I will do some ending about the lesson I have got through every life events I have post about or just be in a casual way, my own thoughts on it

2. Freestyle in expressing
     I write what I exactly feel. From mainly English as medium to mandarin and sometimes some dialect words come out as well. It simply for the sake of a comprehensive and  sharing as well as provide a relaxable reading experience here.

My second semester starts soon, I will be going back to campus life this Saturday !
Time to be an independent one at outside, good thing tough .
Since this is just an intro to let my readers to understand what my blog is mostly about, so I don't do L.O.P this time

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