The most common food among students in campus/hostel - TOP 5

I believe that almost everyone especially young people like us eat a lot from breakfast to supper, yeah, there're even more meals in between , I suppose !
So, as titled, I'm going to list out the top 5 most favourite food among students, I'm referring to students staying in hostel, like me .

NO 5 : Steamboat

Yeah, steamboat is always an ideal to gather your friends for a meal and normally we do for dinner.
But we only do it occasionally as we need to go to town to get the ingredients
So it's kind of time-consuming. Normally we do in for friend's birthday celebration or just a gathering among a bunch of friends.
Just like me, I'd had a steamboat gathering with my friends last week before heading to mid semester break.

Believe it or not, all these cost nearly rm50 only including the rental fee of rm5 for the kitchen!
Imagine there are total 103 fishballs, 3 types of vegetables , glass noodles, maggie noodles, eggs, sausages, mushrooms, crab filaments . ALL THESE FOR 5 PAX ACTUALLY BUT WE ENDED UP BY CALLING OTHER FRIENDS TO SETTLE IT !! hahaha
Yes, this time, we chose to dine at kitchen because we can enjoy the air-cond and it's convenient for us for washing dishes after it.
Ler me make it clear, steamboat would be top 1 in most favourite food for students but it's just at fifth place when we consider of the time of preparation.


Fast food is all people's favourite in terms of time and also it can be an alternative to steamboat since we don't need to prepare, just a call and wait for the food to be sent to doorstep.
Unfortunately, there're only Pizza Hut and KFC outlets in the nearest town to my university , no MCD !!
That's why sometimes I miss the burgers in MCD so much that I even planned to fix my craving when I back to hometown .
So far, my friends and I still not yet do any deliveries to our rooms.
But there's one Secret Recipe outlet here, at leas it comfort our tummy once in a blue moon.


I'm not sure with the hostels of other universities, but there's a rule stated in mine saying that no rice cooker is allowed. And you know, somehow rules are meant to break, I suppose? Haha, I'm a good student and so do my friends, we don't really mean to break it actually. We just illegally take small rice cookers or just like my friend take a multi purpose kettle. This really helps us a lot from scratching our heads for our meal since we're tired eating the same food all the time. We usually buy the ingredients at supermarket in the town and believe it or not , it costs us around RM 4 each person !
Bear in mind that this is the economic way of spaghetti with the limited resources and equipment, I'm satisfied with it seriously. Our spaghetti includes only the noodles and mushrooms, for students like us, it's already considered as HEAVENLY TASTEFUL meal.


Most of the students would take it as a meal at least once in a campus life, I suppose.
It's cost less compared to any food in cafeteria which can fill up the tummy
Or sometimes, we eat due to the lack of time to rush our works and of course, it's always the main choice for supper !
Anyway, we still have to take balanced diet to keep our bodies healthy.
Personally, I take oatmeal for my dinners.

It may look unpleasant or disgusting to you but I'm very fine with it, usually I mash it up with sliced apples or pork floss. Yeah, it's healthy and good to me.
I call it as a simple delicacy especially when I buy the crunchy and sweetly tasteful apples. HEAVEN !


There are a lot of Malay cuisine food stalls in cafeterias but this is would be everyone's favourite here !
It's named Yasmeen Restaurant.
yeah, it's like the mamak stall in any where in Malaysia but it's restaurant, air-conditioned !
There are variety of food including Nasi Kandar, Roti Canai, Mee Goreng etc.

It's never hard to see that most of the customers are Chinese students ! Haha, as my coach said before, Chinese really can't stand with heat, that's why we occupy 3/4 of the air-conditioned dining room, it's more obvious when it's dining peak hour !

The price is reasonable, I only pay rm2.60 for a plate of Nasi Kandar including rice and two different dishes of vegetables . If you take one dish of vegetables or bean curd ( Tau Gua ) together with one chicken meat, then it's only for rm3.90 ! I think they charge us reasonably, perhaps, for the sake of us being students ;)

L.O.P : These are the top 5 common food among students that I conclude, it may be not that correct though as I'm just a second semester student, maybe I have yet to discover more. But it's okay, it's just a matter of time. Students are also human , we need food too.Since we're students, we should spend wisely in everything especially we're far away from home, please don't waste the money from your parents or even the PTPTN loan.

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