It comes at the right time, perfectly fated.

So, I'd ended my part time work as an English teacher at an elementary school. This also indicates the end of my semester break for two months. Again, I've got another discoveries in my life, and most importantly, I'm able to deliver my knowledge to the students and encourage them to be even more fun in learning English. Yeah, most of them are not that strange with English compared to my childhood time. Parents exposed them to English earlier than what our parents did in my childhood time.

I'd got a self reflection which surrounds my mind since yesterday.
I look at myself and what I have now, it's simply a bliss regarding to the right timing.
I'm proud to say that I'm lucky to have what I have at the appropriate time.
I was born in a family of rather average income level. I'm always thankful that my parents sent me to the kindergarten which fully English speaking. My mum told me I used to have that kind of British slant in speaking when I was small but I couldn't recall it, anyway, I think I was cool at that time!
Stepping into elementary school was another phase for me, I stayed with my grandma during weekdays and only back to my home during weekends. I was appointed to be class monitor at Standard One and prefect for Standard Two and Three. Those were the great times where I grew a lot. Yes, A LOT. I got the chance to be like friend with my class teacher, participated in costume ( I played the role of an old granny ), won prizes in story telling competition.
Then, I was just a normal student since Standard Four till I graduated. But, it didn't stop myself to have awesome schooling memories!
I started to be active in sports and games including 100m racing, 4x100m relay racing, tug of war and also Race Walk in MSSPP ( Penang Schools Sports Council )
Thanks that I had a very strict class teacher which disciplined us very well. Somehow she requested something we think is crazy at that time like her wants our class to conquer all the prizes in quizzes like Maths quiz, Essay Competition etc.
I met her in the elementary school that I taught. She can't recognize me as I'm just the 小咖, but thanks that I really emphasized on discipline of being a student.
I was then encouraged by a teacher to join English Choral Speaking Team.
In 2003,our team got champion in zone competition and third prize in state level.
The next year, we managed to get champion in zone and state level which then proceeded to national level!
It was another great experience I had. I got the chance to stay in serviced apartment with my friends and got the chance to discover more. One thing to be a little regret was the national level competition was held in Penang and the serviced apartment we stayed is actually 5 mins walking distance from my home LOL
I managed to maintain my academic though I didn't go for any tuition, but I dropped to be in second class in Year Six.
Still, I joined choral speaking team but we managed to get third prize in state level. I didn't perform very well in sports compared to the previous years. I think it's because I already in puberty phase and I really felt the weight! Haha, but all these are my memories.
Peer pressure in owning some cool stuff also led me to have such desire, too.
I saw my friends got their own computer,e-mail and even cell phone. I asked from my parents as well, for sure. But I didn't own any of them, so there led me to admire at those who own it.
Nokia 3315 was the good phone to me at that time! Haha, I also borrowed from my dad to send texts with friends to ' quench thirst ' for a while.
And this tally with the title of this post, I had computer when I was form one when it was the perfect time that I got to expose to IT stuff. Some folios need to be done in typing and M.Excel was used in geography as well. I learned how to register an email address for myself and discovered about MSN ( which was  top listed software each student had to have at that time after friendster )
So now I recall it back, it was simply nice to own the first desktop pc at the first year of high school.
And for mobile phone, yeah, I was rewarded for being nanny at home at the end of year 2006. My first cell phone was Motorola V360, the flip phone that was on trend at that time.

Coming to Form 3, I'd successfully scored straight A's and got interviewed which then featured on the newspapers! Yeah, this little big thing came at the right time upon my success in academic performance.
My schooling time after that was rather common one as I put effort in academic and grew up in friendship as well. I started to be cautious in manage my personality and attitude. Once again, thanks for all the teachers that taught me in Form Four and Form Five. They are best and awesome in delivering knowledge and guidance.

I entered another phase when I was in Sixth Form. I had my first love which it ended after one year. I got to exposed to different kind of personalities from the people there after joining activities. I learned and I grew a lot within. I suffered from illness and ought to be tough in handling my health as well as STPM trial exam and the real one. Most of the people enjoyed their sixth form schooling time very well yet I'm grateful over the unfortunate things I faced which I grew up very much in thoughts and mental. The Cantonese saying of '十八岁,卜卜脆' but then I'm grateful that I have rather different experience to mature myself. '十八岁,要生性'

Being youth is to discover more, learn more which then add value into oneself.
As a STPM graduate, I participated in different jobs. I worked in daycare centre and be tuition teacher on weekdays, and also earn pocket money from home tuition. I went for sampling promoters during weekends. I got to exposed and see the operations of hypermarket like Giant and Mydin. I saw the patterns of customers which then I took it as lecture to myself.

I was offered to Business Mathematics course at tertiary studies. It was out of my choice and I didn't regret for it. Recall it back now, it's another fated one as I have good coursemates now and of course some who don't practise the similar or appropriate habit in life. It's definitely okay as I reflect their behaviour to be the life lecture to myself. It's also a perfect time to learn to live independently at outside. I didn't enlisted in national service but it's okay as now I have the opportunity to be fully independent in my own living since 20. Ya, perfect timing once again. I also got myself a laptop before entering campus, thinking back now, I used to admire my friends who own a laptop and those who have those cool IT gadgets like iPad etc. But hell yeah, I was allowed to bring iPad to university as it's actually family-share item.

Personally, I think that it's not a problem to be single at this age though most of my high school buddies are already in a relationship. I would regard that an appropriate and true love is awaiting for me, it's just the matter of time. IT'S OKAY, let it be. Also, it's fine even if I'm still single in 10 more years. Somehow this stuff is destined. Whatever, it will come when it's time.

I regard my life is awesome, yes, greatly. I'd turned to be a positive thinking person ever since two years ago. It's imaginarily like SEE YOU NO MORE, DARK SKIES and WELCOME TO STAY, DEAR SUNNY DAYS.

I'm thankful for what I have at the present, the past and I'm looking forward to be even much better of me in future in every aspect.