20 REAL facts about me.

Thanks to my fellow friends for tagging me on Instagram about this little campaign which I don't know the rational of holding it. But it's a good approach to myself as I could write it out after spending some time to think who I really am. I decided to make it on blog instead of Instagram as this make senses for me to add another entry on my blog and it's more convenient to read.

So,without wasting time, HERE IT GOES :

20 REAL facts about Mable Seah

  1.  I don't like to comb my hair after showering.
  2.  I can be OTAKU all day long, the best record so far is one week.
  3.  Oatmeal lover, just simply mashed up with sliced apples. 
  4.  Selfie fever fan!
  5.  No one is allowed to simply touch my face. 
  6.  Money issue is sensitive. I don't really like to lend people money unless it's an urgent one.
  7.  I'm titled as 'Vegetables King' by my mum as I usually eat vegetables in a big portion.
  8.  Pissed off with two-faced people so I just ignore them most of the time.
  9.  Dancing is part of my living. I usually dance in the morning at home.
  10.  You would always listen me singing when we're getting closer.
  11.  Teaching is my interest. I love to share my knowledge to people.
  12.  Priority to family is my principle. I'm grateful to have few friends who I call them REAL FRIENDS.
  13.  Workout! Hitting the gym is also my hobby.
  14. I take balance in expenditure. I'm definitely okay starts from hawker food and cheap apparel from MYR 5 onwards.
  15. I used to dream to be a model.
  16. I used to speak like British when I was small 
  17. I don't go after new released drama,tv show or movie.
  18. Spa and massage maniac here!
  19. Observant. Anything observed would be link and related within minutes.
  20. Bangkok fan! Wish to master Siamese language well.