Diary - Back to the adolescence stage.

It's not any nostalgic blog entry but I have a little bit sense of reminiscence in completing this.
Oh well, I feel young after seeing all the photos that yet to post here.
What kind of activities teenagers do at this stage?
I bet, 'Hanging out' is the top hit term among all. Somehow the traits of the teenagers nowadays differ from what I'd been through at mine due to the advance technology that bombarded , which encouraging more teenagers to own a smartphone today.
But, hanging out with friends at shopping complex is still the so-called 'tradition'.

Since I'm now based in Kedah for studies, I manage to back hometown during mid-semester break and also after each semester end. Back to my lovely nest is to get sufficient rest and stay away from campus life for some time, to meet my family members and friends as well as for the sake of food!

This fella, Joo is so much honoured that I never failed to date her out everytime I back. This is like a habit I do and I feel happy everytime we manage to meet up.
Since I'm now backed for the Muslims' festive celebration of  Hari Raya Aidiladha ( aka Haji break), so we met up right after the day I'm home.

Our dating was around 10 hours this time.
First station, Route 9.

To be frank, I'm absolutely disappointed over the food served. Perhaps I expected too much. I ordered Route 9 Chicken Chop which is labelled as chef's recommended. Food serving is considered moderate as it was office lunch time, many people dined in during the time. Mushroom soup tastes fairly because I'm always go for thicker taste one (aha).
Okay, come to the chicken chop, I'm somehow surprised to see when it was served. Again, my expectation drove me to it. The sauce is lighter-brown which it taste similar like the gravy you take with Roti Canai in mamak stall. Oh my god, even Joo said so. Then, the mashed potato is slightly dry, not that favour to my taste buds. The deep fried boneless chicken is too oily!  I could see the oil 'pinched' out whenever I cut.
Alfredo Pasta is taste fair, not bad though.
Not much thing to shout over the ambiance as it does not really differ than other western cuisine restaurant.
Probably not going for another visit, I suppose.

It was raining but our energetic and young souls were not stopped from it. Next stop, Gurney Paragon.
Okay so this was my apparel of that day. And I never failed to put on hat each of my visit to H&M.

 Then we spotted the polka dots blouse in PDI and there goes our craze.

We put on like couple wear and hitting the fitting room is what we do during our teenager times.

Last but not least, full set like children's wear!

After hanging around the mall until time for dinner, we found out that it was pouring heavily outside. No choice but we had to settle our meal in the mall, we were waiting and wandering around in hoping the rain would stop earlier on. Lastly, thanks Joo for dropping me home.

Meeting your friends and family has becoming a trend for people who live abroad. Thanks God that I'm fortunate to have such opportunity in my life,too. Aww, how much I miss my high school times where my friends and I would go for outing at mall after each exam. We are now grown up and with a better personal financial support, somehow things wouldn't be the same, only one thing still remain or perhaps improving, the relationships between you and your friends ;)

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