CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK : Day 1 and Day 2 itineraries ( Part 1 )

It took us around 1 hour From Don Muaeng International Airport to Bangkok City , specifically our hotel at Pratunam area.
Pratunam in Thailand means Watergate. 'Pratu' means gate whereas 'nam' means water.

Check-in settled and we headed to Platinum Fashion Mall Level 6 Food Court to have our dinner.
The way to Platinum Fashion Mall is just so crowded with locals and the tourists walking, stalls set up along the street.
Platinum Fashion Mall is a biggest wholesale fashion mall in Bangkok City or rather, the indoor version of Pratunam Morning Market with a slightly higher wholesale price.
Okay, back to the food court. I'd been reading a lot of good reviews about the food at this food court, but then it turns me down with my own dining experience.
I ordered Yellow Egg Noodle with Gravy Pork ( 45 Baht ) and it was not served in hot or warm but rather room temperature one! So I didn't enjoy my food like this, and same goes to my family members who ordered other food like chicken rice, bee hoon soup and 'koay chiap'. All of them said it tastes just purely fair.

We hanging around inside the mall after dinner and also the temporary mini China Town set up outside the mall in conjunction with Chinese New Year celebration. With only two minutes across the pedestrain bridge, we also payed a visit at The Palladium Walking Street, it's basically a night market selling mostly fashion apparels and some food stalls.
Here's a simple map taken from

The Palladium Walking Street is just located outside the Palladium Mall which is nearby Amari Water Gate. There are less people knowing this mall as it has lower publicity compared to other malls.

We got on bed shortly after that as we'd spent a day at outside and it ends our Day 1 in Bangkok.

I started my second day in Bangkok ( also CNY Day 1 ) to Pratunam Morning Market with my mum, as early as 4 a.m. in the local time. With only three minutes walking distance, we could see the people flow is getting saturated gradually. The landmark is the Baiyoke Tower, it's a 85-storey skyscraper tower set up in the Pratunam area.

Pratunam Morning Market is basically an assemble point for all fashion apparels wholesalers and the wholesale price is the lowest in Bangkok City, according to many people who had been there. The stalls set up as early as 4 in the morning at the local time and closed at 11a.m. The market area is simply wide located ranging along in front of Baiyoke Tower, Indra Square, Indra Regent Hotel, B. Gallery Mall and also some hidden alleys.

Wholesale price would be given if you buy 3 items and above for a same model of apparels, different colour. So it's not hard to see many retailers go there early in the morning with a trolley bag walking from one stall to another. And they make deals within minutes! Just simply look at the apparels you like and you get the new one (packed) and deal is done.

However, tourists like us wouldn't go same way as them and a mix of other apparels is offered, with only a bit higher price of 10 to 20 Baht each.
For instance, a blouse is sold at 150 Baht each and we got 120 Baht each as we mix up with 2 other design of blouses.
Long trousers set up at 150 Baht each and we get 100 Baht each for a minimun of 3 items.
(Photos will be uploaded soon)

We spent only 2 hours there and backed to hotel while my dad and siblings had gone to have their buffet breakfast. Frankly, the weather in Bangkok is windy and even much better than in Malaysia. We feel kind of relaxing walking there.
So we walked along Ratchaprarop Road, passing through the Pratunam Pier and reached Central World.
Photo taken at the pedestrain bridge between Central World and Gaysorn Plaza.
You could see that Central World is at the left hand side and Big C Supermarket is just right opposite.
Spot the skyscraper tower? Yes, it's Baiyoke Tower and Pratunam Morning Market is there!
Also, Platinum Fashion Mall is easily reached by walking north from Central World.

 Standing outside of the Cental World.

Since it was not yet 11a.m. in the local time, so the malls are all closed, but it's okay because Erawan Shrine is nearby. Erawan Shrine is at the opposite street of Gaysorn Plaza.

It was still early by the time we visited so there are less people do praying as you can see.
It is a gated compound where everyone is welcomed to enter and pay a visit. 

Erawan means four-faced buddha.
So there are four sides where the prayers respect and they go clockwise when praying.
The praying kit are available for selling there.

At the other side, you could see there is a team of Siamese wearing the traditional costumes chanting, singing and dancing along with the instruments played beside them.
It's a votive offerings from the religious prayer to the four-faced buddha. 
The people sitting in front are those who wish to do the votive offerings.

Part 2 is coming up soon, stay tuned.

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