CNY 2015 IN BANGKOK : Day 1 and Day 2 Itineraries ( Part 3 )

We settled our lunch at Big C food court, top floor in the building. As usual, we need to get a transaction card with the value of money we pay. There are two counters set up separately at the food court. I prefer to eat at food court because I get to try the local delight. There are other franchise restaurant available as well, for instance, KFC, McDonald's, Oishii Shabu-shabu buffet restaurant and MK steamboat restaurant.

There are three section including International Food section which is more to western and korean cuisine
Noodle section
Rice section
Beverages and Dessert section
 The price is set up fairly and reasonably. One more thing to confess about, it's even more worth than in Hatyai! 

We did some grocery shopping at Big C after that. If you are a fruit lover like me, then I would strongly recommend you to get yourself some fruits at Big C. My favourite goes to the local fruits like jackfruit and pineapples. They are sold at super low prices with great taste guaranteed! Then, we headed back to hotel for a short nap and somehow the weather and crowd plus lack of sleeping hour made us feel some exhausted.

Try out the chicken rice is a must-do whenever you visit to Bangkok. It's well known for its fragant rice and of course the soft tender chicken meat. FYI, all chicken rice in Thailand are served boneless! Yes, super convenient for eaters, I suppose. The famous one in Pratunam would be Kuang Heng and Kaiton.  One more, Midnight Kaiton.

All these three chicken rice shops are located along the shop lots opposite Palladium Walking Street. If you are coming all the way from Central World or Big C, then consider Big C on your right hand side, walk towards north where you would pass by the Pratunam Pier. Then the corner shop lot is just located not longer after it ( don't cross over traffic light )

We chose Midnight Kaiton after we were guided by the hotel staff. I'd read through some info from Thailand fans forum , Midnight Kaiton has no much difference than Kaiton. It's actually another branch of Kaiton chicken rice shop. It starts its business from 7pm to 4am at the local time. Well, it didn't disappoint my taste buds once again.

The night at the first day of CNY in Bangkok was bustling and crowded with people everywhere. We didn't explore much after dinner. Just wandered around the Pratunam Pier and The Palladium Walking Street ( decent and fashionable blouse sold at 100 Baht only ! ). Lastly, we did some tidbits shopping at 7-11 and got on bed and all prepared for Chinatown ( Yaowarat ) for the next morning.

That's all for the first and second day my family and I spent in Bangkok.
Again, keep an eye for the following updates about my third day itinerary in Bangkok which including Chinatown, Famous Wan Ton Mee in Pratunam and more.

Amazing Thailand is simply AMAZING !

BTS : Bangkok Mass Transit System ( as known as SkyTrain)

Bangkok Airport Rail Link System ( as known as Airport Train )

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