Humble Review : Spade's Burger at i-Avenue, Bayan Lepas, Penang.

I wouldn't call my mid-sem break as one without hunting for food with friends.
So last week, a random dinner outing was carried out with my ex-classmate ( primary school one ! )
And we satisfied our stomach at Spade's Burger restaurant.

Spade's Burger initially started its business at Pekaka Square at Sungai Dua, it extended its business which then moved to i-Avenue. It is absolutely a good thing that they set up a restaurant in Bayan Lepas area where weekdays customers are mainly factory workers from Bayan Lepas industrial site. But from my observation of twice visitings, it is still an attraction to all walks of life, even elder ones also dine in there with families. The seats are usually fully occupied anyway.

This big chalk board would be caught on your right hand side once you enter the restaurant.
It's the menu they serve in conjunction of go-green concept and also an effective way while making order, less time-consuming !

There are a variety of burgers which mainly consist of pork, beef, chicken, fish and good news to vegetarian or non-meat diner, there are 3 choices to choose from as well.

The price is set as low as RM 10 for A la carte. You could also add RM 5.50 to get into a set meal which include refillable soft drinks and fries.
Personal experience : I ordered only A la carte for two times and I really feel very full after managed to finish the burger for a medium eater like me. Perhaps you could order set meal for maybe one or two among your friends and share it together since the drinks is refillable.

It took us roughly 20 minutes to get our burger served as it was dinner time at 7p.m.

Baconizer ( Pork )
RM 15.70 ( A la Carte )
Bacon lover would favourite this for sure! There are two thick layered bacons placed between the charcoal buns, Bacons are prepared in soft tender with some juicy within. Awesome! Another bonus goes to the crispy cheese, a mild salty taste of cheese would  lead you to eat it separately from the burger.

Closer view of Baconizer, simply tantalizing!

My friend ordered Baconizer of beef version.

See the thick layer of beef, nom nom
Beef Baconizer, rm 12.70 ( A La Carte )
The beef was slightly fried but the juicy taste still remain within. Lettuce was freshly served on both of our servings.

In my two-cents review, Spade's Burger really do their best to serve burger lover, particularly the locals to a higher level of satisfactory. The price is slightly higher but you would realise that it has been paid off when you are continuously having big bites on your burger later.

There is another outlets at Pulau Tikus and good news to mainland people, Spade's Burger will have an outlet at Butterworth in May later, as announced on Facebook lately.

SummaryScaling point : 0- lowest ; 5- highest
Price: 3/5 ( Price is inclusive of GST )
Taste : 4/5
Dining Ambience: 2.5/5 ( More seats on demand )
Vehicles Parking: 2/5 ( Especially lunch and dinner hour )
Business hour: Tuesday - Sunday ( Closed on Monday )
                         Lunch hour : 11.30am - 2.30pm
                         Dinner hour : 5.30pm - 10.30pm

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