Humble Review: Boat Noodles @ Noodle Doodle, New World Park, Penang.

Good food are meant and always deserve for further patronizing. I paid second visit to Noodle Doodle last Friday and my first visit was just 2 months ago. All thanks to the featured deal available in Groupon where I spotted it on one fine day.
I had a great dining experience in my last visit so why not give a try again since my friend has yet to try?

Boat noodle was a totally strange food to me before I'd turned into a Thailand mania. It is originated from Thailand which is known as kuai tiao ruea by the locals. You wouldn't be strange of it if you happened to visit any floating markets in Thailand. Since long, boat noodle is served in small portion with the stall set up on a boat along the riverside. It is for the convenience and safety of both patron and merchant where they make transaction with a long wooden stick. Boat noodle is still a famous food in Thailand to date and you may get it in standard portion one in normal restaurant.

There are few boat noodles restaurant opened in Kuala Lumpur few years ago and thanks to those enthusiastic entrepreneurs who made investments to bring this to Penang lately. Noodle Doodle is apparently one of them.

Let me show you what we got upon the voucher.
20 bowls of boat noodles for only RM 19 which mean each costs nearly RM 1 only. 

Noodle Doodle Restaurant is located at New World Park, beside Mizi Bistro.

 Kitchen is exposed to public where you could see the whole preparation.
 This three hashtags is essential to all of you, I suppose.
By check in to social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram and Foursquare with any of these hashtags, you are entitled for a bowl of boat noodle for FREE!

   Noodle Doodle provides simple dining environment to customers with cement floor and wooden chairs and tables.
Air ventilation is fairly good though. 

This is the list of menu.
Normal price for a boat noodle is RM1.90.
Two flavours to choose, Original and Tomyam, both available in soup or dry.
Side dishes and a variety of drinks are up to order to be satisfied as well.

Since we are the first customer who stepped in 15 minutes after its business hour, thus we did not wait long for ours.
5 bowls for each type, Original (soup and dry) and also Tomyam (soup and dry)

Tomyam boat noodle (Soup)
RM 1.90 (usual price)
A mild aroma of tom yam would be perfect for those spiciness seekers who can't really stand with it.
Suitable for children as well.

Tomyam boat noodle (Dry)

RM 1.90 (usual price)

 Spot the tom yam paste? That's the key where it works nicely after you mix it well.
Personally prefer dry version to soup one in tom yam flavour.

Original boat noodle (Dry)
RM 1.90 (usual price)
It comes with a slightly strong aroma of the Thai soy sauce with the helps of celery. Ho Chiak.

Original boat noodle (Soup)
RM 1.90 (usual price)
Soup version is even better than dry version because of its soup where I finished it all.
Tofu-tofu RM 5.50
 I've been reading many good comments about this side dish but somehow the taste buds of everyone varies but I didn't get disappointed with it this time.
The bean curd is fried wonderfully where the outer skin is crispy and soft, a little bit fluffy inside.
Eat it together with sliced cucumber and the thai-style chili sauce, perfect!
Again, the spiciness is rather mild. It comes with thai style of sweet and spicy sauce and I dare you to just scoop and eat the sauce alone, no problem at all.
So you think you can eat up to 36 bowls of boat noodle or even more?
There is a activity, kind of True of Dare game.
If you manage to break the record on the board by finish up bowl noodles by your own, Noodle Doodle pay for you and you will be rewarded RM 50 at the same time.
This is the record I'd captured last Friday, 35 bowls.
You could just visit Noodle Doodle Facebook Page for updated record.
P.S: Not sure it is because of the Groupon deal I bought up this time, the portion is smaller compared to my first visit (Groupon deal: RM 1 per bowl, usual: RM 1.90)

Scaling point: 0- lowest ; 5- highest
Price: 3.5/5 ( GST free )
Taste: 3.5/5 
Dining Ambience: 3/5
Vehicles Parking: 4/5 (Available in New World Park parking lot)
Business hour: 12pm to 4pm
                         6pm to 10pm (Closed on Mondays)

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