Joyous shopping at Zalora!

Hi everyone, I'm back on track after a hiatus of nearly six months. So I did my fifth semester for the past months and frankly, the heavy workloads really disciplines myself to stay on studies for a short duration. Imagine you have 1 or 2 quizzes/tests every week in average which assignments are not included yet. Okay, put aside that because I'm currently enjoying semester break which means blogging mood ON!

This post is not a sponsored one, it's just me mainly to share my online shopping experience at Zalora. To be honest, it is my first time shopping online, ever.

Shopping online has been one of the common ways of purchasing goods for people where transaction could be done within just some clicks. Yet, the risk of shopping online including fake product review and counterfeit goods is what I mind the most. Students like me are much wiser and cautious when it comes to money stuff. It is definitely a bless that the industry of online shopping (also knows as e-shopping) develops flourish in Malaysia. More competitors hence more great deals for consumers.

I've been looking for a pair of Keds sneakers since two or three years ago, no joke, I couldn't get myself one even though I tried to look at the major retail stores in Penang. I've noticed that there are super less new-arrival items up on shelves over years with the price remains on the existing pairs of sneakers. Still, none of them wins my heart.

This year, I'm very keen to get myself a pair of sneakers so I looked for it online. Having the minimal hope to scroll through the patterns at few websites, then I've found few pairs that are pretty decent. So after filtering, I decide to pick this

Keds Taylor Swift Champion Glitter Lace Sneaker, MYR 219.

The first time minds me a lot is the size of the shoes. I'd like to avoid the risk of selecting the inappropriate shoes size even though Zalora provides free return within 30 days of purchasing. I don' really trust the size chart provided anyhow hence this is a smart way of picking the right shoes size: Refer to your sport shoes where you could find the number of size labelled at the shoes box. You could select any as you prefer either UK or US size.

I came across to get a promo code which offers me 20% off storewide at Zalora, I applied this promo code instead of RM 25 off upon checkout for Zalora newsletter subscribers. Besides, the delivery fee is on Zalora for any items priced RM 75 and above, another bonus!

There are six payment methods available including Cash On Delivery, Credit/Debit Card, Online Banking, Paypal, Bank Transfer and the latest one, Installments up to 12 months which only applicable for checkout of RM 200 and above ( Eligible for Maybankard holders). Nonetheless, you could simply redeem the Zalora gift card if you happen to receive or purchase.

I made my online transaction on January 24, 2016 (Sunday) which is also Thaipusam celebration day. A replacement holiday placed on the next day is considered so I assume to get my sneakers by Thursday. At Zalora, for most of the items, the delivery takes 1 to 3 business days for West M'sia whereas extra 1 day for East Malaysia and Brunei.

I suppose that electronic generating system doesn't stop working even on weekends. I get an email notification about my order confirmation on the same day!

Another email received the next day! I was informed that my sneakers had left the warehouse and it was on the way to reach me soon. The courier service company for mine is Gdex. Spot the TRACK ORDER button? I could just click in to track it anytime.

Here's the complete tracking history of my order. My sneakers reached on my hand on Thursday, 12pm sharp. Yeah, within 3 business days as promised.

There goes the unboxing session.

Keds Taylor Swift Champion Glitter Lace Snekaer (Navy)

You are required to reuse the bag if you would like to do returns. just remove the transparent strip at the top and reseal it. Not to mention, fill up the forms as attached along as shown below:

Bear in mind that returns are free at POSLAJU branches only. Just drop the parcel off to the branches near you. Friendly reminder, this is only applicable for people who would like to return the purchased item.

A pair of black coloured flat nylon shoelaces is given. Also, a short note about the sneakers is printed on a little card.

A little bonus on this pair of Keds sneakers is the locket with the wording of 'Taylor Swift'. I don't think I will put it along during my wear, maybe I'll just keep it as a precious little thing.

In overall, I'm very satisfied with the service I'd ever got in the whole process of purchasing this pair of sneakers at Zalora. The customer service team has been doing pretty well where they concern on my satisfactory on the goods purchase and invite for writing preview if possible. No worries, I'll make it after my first wear in my Bangkok trip tomorrow!

I'd tried wearing it at home, yes, comfortable and soft-stepping on. Thanks God that I've finally found a right pair of sneakers for myself, so I hope the quality wouldn't be out of my expectations, too. Yes, another tick put on my wishlist. Lastly, shout out to people who are looking for more choices of goods and greater deals, Zalora would be an alternative  for you! 

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