Humble Review: Arang Coffee @ Jalan Mahsuri, Bayan Lepas, Penang

'Charcoal','black' and 'darkness' are what I perceived in my mind when I first came across to Arang Coffee. This is simply because 'arang' in Malay vocabulary means charcoal. Thus, I pictured in my mind that the coffee place to be some kind of brown coloured or dark paintings that comes with some charcoal-related decorative items. I was proven not that exactly correct when I browsed about the cafe online.

Arang coffee has set up its business about 7 months ago at the new commercial site behind Olive Tree Hotel. The location is slightly tricky, I would say.
As at this post published, here's the direction to Arang Coffee: After turning into the main entrance towards hotel, kindly slow down your speed, spot a alley (reachable by vehicles) on your left hand side, there's a one-way route that drive through Olive Tree Hotel (on your right hand side). Spot Olive Tree Residence on your right hand side at the end of the alley then follow the direction to turn left, you will see Arang Coffee is at 50m ahead.
Alternatively, you could also reach Arang Coffee from Sunway Tunas residential area. Remember there's a cross junction with traffic lights in the huge residential and commercial area?  If you are entering from the main entrance of Sunway Tunas residential area, then remain at your lane till you reach to the junction. Keep yourself at the right lane, and right turns on green lights. Heading towards the lane and you will spot Arang Coffee at your left hand side.

Located at the corner side, Arang Coffee is on your sight with black and white coloured signboard. 

You will be welcomed by the warm greetings from the staff upon step in the cafe. The interior of the cafe is black in theme, perhaps a sign to illustrate the name, Arang (charcoal). The table setting is neatly arranged too. The sign for a list of beverages is putting up and a variety of sliced crepe cakes is presenting neatly at the patisserie display. The cafe runs self-service policy in taking order by the way. 

There are about 11 to 12 tables with a combination of a bar dining table that only accommodates 3 diners, tables for 2 to 6 pax are available as well. If you opt for al-fresco dining area or for smoking convenience, there are around 5 tables to be served at the corridor.

Here's the complete food menu for your reference with the servings of only western cuisine. The price is ranged between RM 9 to RM 24.
They do have set meal promotion from 12pm to 3pm.
This is the set meal offered during my visit: RM 29.50 inclusive of either spaghetti carbonara or fish and chips, soup of the day and selected drinks.
Try to spot on the chalkboard placed beside patisserie display that listing their limited-time on-going promotion.
Upon paying for your order, you will be given a wooden cube block with the labeling of the Arang coffee. Personally, I think it's their marketing strategy not only to be Instagram-worthy but also a way to be infused in the local industry, thumbs up for this effort.
Let's move on to the food.

Peppermint Tea (RM 8)
There are couples of non-caffeine beverages like peppermint tea. The aroma of peppermint is quite decongestant and has restorative effect to your head whereas it tastes rather mild which ensures a smooth flow through your throat.

No worries, a glass-bottled of plain water is served if you don't order any
drinks like me. Lemon slices are putting into the bottle as practised
commonly by others, too.

Lunch for two.
Bottom : Fish and Chips
Top: Grilled Chicken and Cheese Sandwich
Both are served on wooden chopper board.
( Details about the food are as followed)

Fish and Chips (RM 18)
A generous portion of deep-fried cornflake crumbed tilapia fish fillet comes together with fries, salad and homemade tartar sauce.
Squeezing some lemon juice on the fish fillet is always a routine for me before starts eating.
The creamy texture of homemade tartar sauce is a highlight. In my two-cents, it is rather thin texture and I'm sated to put on more sauce on the cut fillet, not to forget, it's less sweet compared to that of provided in other places. 

A close-up to the fillet.
To my own liking, it is prepared well with less oil, moist and tender for chewing.
One drawback is on the fries, they are not served warm. (Deduct marks!!!)

Grilled Chicken and Cheese Sandwich (RM17)
Two half-cut sandwiches made up with a compile of chicken slices that paired up with layers of baked cheese  and caramalised onion, together with homemade BBQ sauce. A small bucket of fries and salad are served up along as well.
The tenderness of the meat is the key and the chef has successfully made it out.

The tangy BBQ sauce helps in putting a delectable taste to chew the meat together with the wholesome bread.
I love to see the  blend-up of baked cheese and the chicken slice, it's visibly tantalizing.
PS: This is not crocodile's mouth! LOL

The crepe cakes have attracted us since we stepped in the cafe, hence we got one slice as dessert. 
During our visit, seven different flavours of crepe cakes  (RM 11/slice)and a jar of yogurt oats topped with fruits (RM 13.50/jar) are available to choose.

The flavours of crepe cake include Chocolate Twin ( Combination of chocolate and vanilla ), Blackcurrant yogurt (Slightly sour), Tiramisu, Cocoa Loco (Combination of two types of chocolate), Matcha, Hokkaido Chocolate and Raspberry yogurt.

We were in the blank of choosing for ourselves but the friendly waiter and waitress tried their best in giving their advice on which flavour to choose.
They asked our taste preference and gave suggestions, in the end, we picked Cocoa Loco.

Cocoa Loco ( RM 11)
A sliced crepe cake with the combination of two types of chocolate. I don't know much about chocolate hence I am not able to tell out which kind of chocolate used.
And I suppose that these crepe cakes are outsourced because the waitress is also not sure which kind of chocolate used for this flavour.
If you have a sweet tooth, Cocoa Loco would be your favourite to be indulged. It is slightly sweet if you have a mouthful amount, not to my own liking though.

In overall, the food and cakes we had is decent with its acceptable pricing. The lighting is not as dim as I thought (due to the name of the cafe), natural sunlight from the outside balances the dining environment as the main colour is dark in colour or black inside the cafe.
As observed, the customers are mainly white-collar workers and college students during our visit.
In short, I believe that Arang Coffee is a new chilling place for people in Bayan Lepas, we no longer have to drive to town for a cup of coffee or a short meet-up with friends.

  You are welcomed to save the location for your own convenience.

Summary: (Scaling point: 0- lowest ; 5- highest)
Price: 3/5 ( No additional charge or GST )
Taste: 3/5
Dining Ambience: 2/5 ( Lower temperature of air-cond on demand )
Vehicles Parking: 4/5 ( Less shop lots opened at the moment)
Business Hour: 9am - 12am. Opens daily.
Contact Number: 017-3696202 ( You may call for reservation )
Facebook Page: Arang Coffee

Here to attach a short video of us while having the crepe cake, it's our first attempt of recording short video anyway.

I hope you enjoy reading, thank you.


  1. Wow nice! I want to try the Grilled Chicken and Cheese Sandwich but then I couldn't eat cheese. I think they can change to other thing for me. Also, I want to try Cocoa Loco cake too. Both of them look so delicious!! <3


    1. Yea, worth to try I would say. Let them know and I guess the kitchen would do the best to serve upon your request! Let me know or perhaps make a blog entry after you have tried them out!

      Thanks for reading yo!

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