Humble Review: Kaffe Factory PLT @ Kuala Perlis, Perlis

Before proceeding to the food review, I would like to say that I'm once again pleasantly surprised on the cafes/coffee shops in Perlis. They are compatible with that of in Penang, I would say.
Perlis is the smallest state in Malaysia, and it takes around 20 minutes of driving distance from my university. There's a local university set up in Perlis which actually helps in boosting the development and economic of the state in overall.

Kuala Perlis is familiar to students here as there is a jetty where we get to take ferry service to Pulau Langkawi. Kaffe Factory PLT doesn't set up its business nearby the jetty yet in the town of Kuala Perlis.

Make sure you keep an eye to spot on Kaffe Factory PLT when you are about to reach. It is rather dim lighting and the word is rather small plus a long,thin and dark coloured
 metal roofing as background.   

As many do, Kaffe Factory PLT provides both al-fresco and indoor air-cond area for patrons. 

 There are 7 tables in indoor and around 3 at al-fresco area. The interior has a simple design. Due to the effect of light reflection, the silver big piece of metal roofing caught my sight when I first stepped into the cafe. It is actually the entrance to washroom anyway.
Besides, the tables and chairs are also the highlights where they are finished partly
 with the use of wood. 

Here's the menu of Kaffe Factory PLT.

Nasi Lemak set is recommended by my friends who had been here before, only available
 for brunch hour.

Good news for vegan! There are up to four choices of vegetarian meals to choose.

For caffeine drinks, the coffee is distributed by Roast to Perfection Sdn Bhd who claimed to be an expert of coffee distributor in Kuala Lumpur.

Apparently, Kaffe Factory PLT serves a variety of food, ranging from starters, main course to a variety of beverages. 
The food that stamped with little yellow crown indicates that they are highly rated and most favourable by the patrons.
My friends and I went to the cafe after our meal, thus we just ordered drinks and cakes.
Kiwi + Apple Smoothie ( RM 7.50 )
A blend of kiwi, green apple and ice cube.
Fruits smoothies is perfect for those who would like to have refreshing sips on their beverages.
The green apple has a rather stronger flavour that covers kiwi's which we hardly tasted it out. 
Perhaps this is a nice one for green apples lovers.

 From the photo above, I would say that the proportion of kiwi and apple does not equally prepared into the smoothie. However, we suppose that there was no additional syrup in the smoothie as we didn't get to taste it out, it is actually more healthy and natural in consuming.

Lotus Hot Tea ( RM 8.90 )
It is served with one pot with refillable hot water. 
Syrup is provided if you would like to add a little bit of sweetness into your cup of tea.
I am not able to describe exactly the taste but it is absolutely not to my own liking.
With its clean taste of the tea alone, we agreed that it has a similar taste
 with some kind of medicine syrup.
I prefer the common Chinese tea after all.
Chocolate Oreo Blended ( RM 8.90 )
A smoothie of  blended chocolate, crushed oreos and crushed ice cubes topped with fresh cream and chocolate syrup, sprinkled with a little amount of chocolate chip.
Since oreos alone are also finished with the use of chocolate, so this smoothie is just a chocolate smoothie with the helps of oreo flavour. Nice one for chocolate and oreo lovers.

Favourite Oreo Blended ( RM 8.90 )
A mixture of crushed oreos, coffee powder and crushed ice cubes. It is topped with fresh cream with the dressing of chocolate syrup and chocolate chip.

I didn't expect to have caffeine in my order of this smoothie until I asked the waitress after a few sipping. The caffeine had greatly covered up oreos which is not preferable but I guess the waitress understand my concern so she added some crushed oreos on top of the smoothie for me.

We initially planed to have drinks on our visits. Then, the waitress approached and informed us that the cake was on half price. There were only two flavours to choose from and we picked each one. Not sure if it's the happy hour but it was around 9.30pm that time.

 Blueberry Cheese sliced cake - RM 11.00 (usual price)
We had this slice of cake at only RM 5.50. The portion of the cake here is a little bit smaller.
I love this as the flavour of cheese is not too thick, very nice to have non-stop cuts on the sliced cake.

 Chocolate Mousse sliced cake - RM 8.90 (usual price)
We had this at only RM 4.45
It has too much cream which is not to my liking.
A view of the cafe from our table.
Despite it is a wooden table, it is paired with small wheels that allows it to be mobile.
Besides wooden chair, there are two sofa seating with couple of pillows, perfect for us to chill and discuss our things with some relaxation of body gesture as we lay on the sofa.

Students are granted to have 10% off on bill, just present only one student ID upon making payment for each table. The ambience of the cafe is comfortable with the aid of air-cond to keep the environment cool, not to forget, a playlist of mandarin pop songs were played during our visit. The staff are also friendly to provide service in our dining. In short, I'm looking forward for the second visit. I would try on waffle burger that is strongly recommended by my friend who had tried before.

You are welcomed to save the location for your convenience.

Summary: (Scaling point: 0 - lowest; 5-highest)
Price: 4/5 (Affordable pricing to students)
Taste:  3/5 (Mainly contributed by the cake in our visit)
Dining Ambience: 3/5
Vehicle Parking: 4/5 ( Ample of parking space )
Business Hour: 11.00a.m. to 11.00p.m. daily
Facebook Page: Kaffe Factory PLT

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