Humble Review: Tiffz Coffee Gallery @ Simpang Kuala, Alor Setar, Kedah

Needless to say much about it, Tiffz Coffee Gallery is already a well-known place by the people here for brunch to supper in Alor Setar. It was my first time visiting after I'd been viewing all those Instagram-worthy food of this cafe for quite some time.

 A friendly reminder to those who have yet to visit, Tiffz Coffee Gallery is located at the first floor of the three storey commercial building, exactly above Bank Rakyat branch. If you use GPS to reach the destination, kindly spot it on the first floor despite you are informed by GPS that you have reached the destination.

I kid you not, this is the way to reach the entrance of Tiffz Coffee Gallery.
It looks familiar to me back to Sixth Form time where I had to get into the tuition class with first walk up the stairs.

The entrance of Tiffz Coffee Gallery

The interior of the cafe is more to minimalism, as you could observe from the photo on the furniture as well as the cement floor. No fancy one added, everything goes simple.

We were lucky to reach the cafe at around 6.10p.m., a little bit earlier than dinner hour.
The tables were all occupied by people shortly after this snapshot had been taken.

Barista corner as well as the cashier.
Tiffz Coffee Gallery runs self-service payment, hence no service charge included in the bills.

Menu was passed to us upon our seating.
There were two different kind of menu including a booklet and a laminated one which is all about one of the signatures of the cafe, waffle.

 The booklet menu
I would like to share the snapshots of the menu if you are keen to know what is served in the cafe.
All food are served Halal.
'Black' here means black-coloured pasta.
This is another specialty found in this cafe.
As you could see, black pasta costs RM 1 more than white.

The naming of the food is quite interesting, somehow it draws the patrons' curiosity especially the ladies to try out those that is interesting to them, The price stated alone is considered standard but to be frank, the serving portion is not equivalent to the price of the food, just my two cents.

Super Fruit (RM 8/cup ; RM 13/pot)
We had one pot of Super Fruit as our drinks.
It is a fruit tea that infused with hibiscus, elderberry, blackcurrant,
 raisin, natural flowers, ligonberry and blueberry.
It contains a light scent of the mixture of the berries and flowers, what hit my taste buds and thoughts most would be the taste of raisin and blackcurrant.
I'm not a tea lover so my description might just based on my own tasting. Quite refreshing and suitable to pair with our food which to balance our taste buds.

Elsa (RM 12)
You ought to have at least one waffle when you have your food here, no doubt, waffle is the top signature of Tiffz Coffee Gallery.
Elsa is top with a scoop of coffee-flavoured ice cream and a piece of pretzel-look cookie at the center, each loop of waffle is dressed with fresh cream and a thin strawberry slices. it is also sprinkled with a small amount of icing sugar in whole.

No more ' Let It Go' from the movie, Frozen.
But I would highly recommend this to 'let it go' into your mouth!
The waffle alone is so much awesome that it is crispy at outside yet soft texture inside, it is already tasted nice if you eat it alone.
To have a mouthful heaven, have an appropriate cut of waffle together with a small paste of ice cream, simply superb!

BBQ Chicken Cheese Baked Rice ( RM 13)
Topped with sliced mushroom, broccoli and crabsticks with a generous surface of baked cheese,
the rice is buttered a little and chicken meat is seasoned with BBQ flavour.

It does not stand out as others and rather, it's quite disappointing to me.
The strong flavour of cheese that should have was absent which it has already pull down the taste in overall. Thus, this caused the rice at the bottom carried only an extremely thin fragrance of cheese.
Anyway, you may consider to have this if you are not strong flavor like me.

Say Cheese (RM 13 black)
It is served with a 63 degree celsius of poached egg,
dried bonito flakes (commonly seen on Takoyaki), chicken strips and home recipe cheese sauce.
We suppose that the black pasta is black bean pasta.

It turn our fairly average as we all agreed that the mild taste pepper had actually triggered a lot on taste buds, perhaps it is to associate with the poached egg.
Friendly reminder here, it is most advised to managed to eat it when it is still warm, it is to avoid the stinky smell of the egg yolk.

Maleficient (RM 12)
Our last order which is also another must-eat signature waffle in the house.
This waffle tower is a combination of two flavours of ice cream that sandwhiched in between black-coloured waffle,
Some Koko crunch and the choco flakes were shimmered at the bottom.

To be true, the naming of the food is very interesting and worth for a short discussion.
For example this, I suppose it is named after the movie 'Maleficient' where Angelina Jolie is dreessed in blank.

And so you know ice cream would melt which caused the bottom of the waffle unstable , our waffle tower collapsed before we ate it.

A little highlight goes to the tea cup as well as pasta plates as they were all tile designed, quite Japanese-dining inspired which is to my own liking.

It's also not hard to see that they are a range of Japanese cuisine inspired food served in Tiffz Coffee Gallery plus the minimalism concept in the dining place. A little drawback would be a little bit smaller portion. You could ask for recommendations from the waiters and waitresses as they are ready to assist all the time.

You are welcomed to save the location for your convenience.

Summary: ( 0-lowest ; 5-highest)
Price: 3/5
Taste: 3/5 ( Mainly contributed by the waffle in our orders )
Dining Ambience: 2.5/5
Vehicle Parking: 2.5/5
Business Hour: 2.00pm to 12am ( Closed on Mondays )
Facebook Page:Tiffz Coffee Gallery
Instagram: Tiffz Coffee Gallery

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